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The Best imaginable Scenes from the Winds of Winter

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All the spearwives have been captured, killed and flayed and Mance Rayder is captured in a cage at Winterfell. Stannis has burned Theon instead of beheading him in front of a weirwood tree. As a result, Jon Snow is and stays dead (Theon's blood would have been needed to resurrect him). The Freys ride into Stannis' trap and get killed, but a battle starts between Stannis' forces and the Manderleys. Stannis gets killed by a stray arrow early on. The Manderleys return to Winterfell with Stannis' sword.

All houses bend their knee to Aegon while the wall comes down. The Others deal with what is left of the Nightwatch first, then with the Boltons at Winterfell.

Dany gets her act together with the help of Tyrion and Victarion and travels to Westeros. All three parties meet at the Trident and a huge battle starts. Time for another cliffhanger.

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Manderly crying about how fat he is, and making a pathetic yet hilarious attempt at throwing himself out of one of Winterfell's thinner windows.

Manderly pathetically crying about how fat he is, then meeting a stonehearted but skinny lady of his dreams who inspires him to embrace a new lifestyle and an all Frey diet.

Bonus points for Manderly on Uncat sex scene.

Jon meets Howland Reed only to have Howland tell him he knows nothing of Jon's birth or origins whatsoever, sorry. Also Holwand informs him was never really friends with Ned, just hung out with him during the war cause Ned was kind of a dork and he felt sorry for him.

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Melisandre never sleeps with Jon at any point, ever.

Shireen is never at any point burned by her father after being convinced by the evil (read: female) influence of Melisandre and Selyse.

Danerys somehow recovers from the power induced 60 plus IQ point loss that all women in these books seem to suffer from, and actually start acting like the girl we met in the first three books.

Danys sex life (like Cersei's) being obsessed over and detailed to a (Please god, please) only even slightly lesser extent.

Dany not joyfully giving over all power to Tyrion, who proceeds to rule wonderfully and solve everything, because to rule you need a man.

Dany refusing to listen to Tyrion, and throwing him out of her presence on sight due to the horrible things he's done and his shitty, creepy attitude.

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Battle for Mereen, Danny wins, Tyrion and second sons join Danny but Mereen is burnt and while the Yunkai are defeated there is no city to rule. Daenerys decides having lost all to go to Westeros. Unless the Tatered prince plot comes up.

LF continues his advances and emotional manipulation until Sansa starts to plan to get him, LF also plans to join with Aegon

Bran makes an appearance

The Battle for Winterfell is a victory for Stannis but Ramsay gets away. Roose on the other hand dies in the battle. Manderly pulls a trap and other Northmen join Stannis.

Mellisandre kills Ghost, Theon is sacrificed and Jon is resurrected.

Cersei wins the battle with Robert Strong beating the enemy of the faith. She becomes even more crazy and evil than before and successfully gets Mace Tyrell killed.

Dorne is to ally itself with Aegon while Tyrell armies will try to fight against Aegon. Then Aegon either wins a battle against the Tyrell forces or they join him.

A war happens in the wall and Mellisandre with Un-Jon escape from it, deciding that there is no other way to handle this. The Others attack at the some point of the book and overrun the Wall, Bran learns of this and plays a role in the events.We also learn that Bran had indeed eaten Jojen. Maybe this is the book that Jon learns of his heritage.

Brienne dies in the book, lady stoneheart plans a red wedding for Lannisters. Sir Illyn and Sandor also reappear in that plot line.

Euron attacks oldtown and tries to get something very important from the maesters

Daenerys lands in Westeros and her eventual plot has her attacking Aegon who has many successes and the best hope for a relatively unified southern realm. Through advice from Tyrion she is to visit the Vale of Arryn.

Jon actually is dead he is living on borrowed time through magic and in a years time he will die permanently.

Not sure how exactly to handle/imagine the Victarion/Euron plotline. Maybe Victarion manages to steal one Dragon

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Daenerys flies across the Narrow sea on Drogon's back, then a kraken rises from the water and eats them both :wub: the other two dragons devastated by the death of their brother kill themselves.

mehehe you bad! But I like it. I don't like the concept of the dragons as some superweapon that swoops in and saves the realm.

@ Revan Baratheon - I believe the point of the dragons was to bring magic back into this world, or to show that the magic is returning because Dany was able to hatch them.

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mehehe you bad! But I like it. I don't like the concept of the dragons as some superweapon that swoops in and saves the realm.

@ Revan Baratheon - I believe the point of the dragons was to bring magic back into this world, or to show that the magic is returning because Dany was able to hatch them.

yes, but why does most people think of dragons like they are some good thing? I mean, what if Dany actually gets back to Westeros and sits on the Iron Throne? What would the dragons do? How would she feed them? they would devastate the 7 kingdoms, burning villages and eating people. She may ride one, but she cant control all three of them.......i mean, they were killed with a reason in the past and someone should kill them again.

The best possible scene would be they and Others get killed among themselves. And Dany with them, cause to tell you the truth, she aint good ruler at all. But that wont happen in Winds. Maybe in last book.

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Jon survives his wounds and gets the Boltons and liberates Winterfell for Rickon.

Dany and Jon meet and fall in love.

Somehow Cersei is brutalized by Ramsay Bolton, they deserve each other. Then Ramsay dies.

Tyrion once again comes into power somewhere, somehow.

Arya and Nymeria are reunited. I want Arya to get back to Westeros and become a part of the action!

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The Starks reunite, save the North, then gets revenge on the houses that:

killed Ned

Killed Rob, Catlyn

Sansa poisons LF leaving her hands clean

Rickon or Bran become Lord of WF

Sansa sits the Iron Throne with someone worthy of her

Arya kills Varys and


Jon 1000th LC of the NW

Through my rose colored glasses :)

ETA: spelling

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yes I would love that scene where Jon,Sansa,Arya,Bran and Rickon marching together

I have visions of them walking ala the 3 muskateers in the Man in the Iron Mask Movie, with the Dire Wolves leading the group. :)

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Stannis sending Roose to R'hllor, via bonfire (I wouldn't mind more traditional methods either: sword, axe etc). Sadly, I think Ramsay's gonna hang around until ADoS.

Dany finally lands in Westeros. (i doubt it will happen)

Daario Naharis takes a ride on the trebuchet.

Jon survives without becoming a dubious zombie or a dubious messiah.

Cersei decides on her own to join the silent sisters.

Tyrion's luck runs out.

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The reveal of what really happened at Winterfell - whether Ramsay actually defeated Stannis, or if Stannis smartened up and tricked Ramsay (I would dearly, dearly prefer the second option).

The Wall cracking at Castle Black, and a horde of walkers shambling through the gap.

The hulls of Dany's ships grinding against the gravel beaches of Westeros.

Arya meeting any other POV (like someone else said)

Jaime killing Lady Stoneheart

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Somebody visits Howland Reed and we finally get to meet him! And he reveals what happened at the Tower of Joy.

Sansa murders Cersei, or anyone kills Cersei really (maybe Jaime, since he's the younger brother)

Jon wargs into ghost and goes on a killing spree, starting with those who betrayed him in the Night's Watch, and ending with the Boltons and the Freys.

Tyrion takes over Casterly Rock.

Arya learns the tools of the trade from the faceless men, then leaves them and goes to Westeros to exact her revenge.

Davos brings Rickon back to Winterfell, where Rickon rules as King in the North with Davos as his hand.

Dany comes to Westeros, where Aegon Blackfyre is the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Drogon roasts him alive and Dany takes over.

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