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Favorite Book

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I'm rereading them right now. First time around I was thinking






but now i just finished aSoS (which will always be the best book) and I actually really enjoyed aCoK. Ill see how the others stack up.

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1.ASoS- no explanation necessary

2.ACoK- Blackwater, Stannis, Everything basicly

3.AGoT- Song of Dragons

4.AFFC- The Climax of Cersei's story was amazing, i really did love this book

5.ADwD- Dany was unbearable, penny was like jar jar binks, but theon was incredible

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The definitive order is:

1. A Storm of Swords

2. A Game of Thrones

3. A Clash of Kings

4. A Dance with Dragons

5. A Feast for Crows

Obviously there is a huge dropoff after A Clash of Kings on this list. Dance beats Feast only because of the Reek chapters, otherwise the Essos stuff in it is unbearable. I rate AGOT higher than ACOK just barely, with its tight and focused storyline. Most of the wow-shock big moments come in the third and first books. By the time the fifth book rolls around, the cliffhangers and attempted shocks grew tiresome.

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A storm of swords, one of my favorite books of all time. You have the best story arc in the series with arya in this one. The heart breaking red wedding, Jon really shines too I loved his arc as well, plus getting to see Joffrey claw his own throat out, I literally started cheering at this point. I love the whole series equally, but this book stands out for me

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ASOS was my favorite. Then I rank AGOT, ACOK, ADWD as my second favorite. Finally comes AFFC.

I feel the same about the books. My clear favourite is ASOS, but I like AGOT, ACOK and ADWD equally. I don't think that AFFC was bad, but it took me longest to read and did drag at times. While the other books sucked me in to the point where I almost could not stop reading, with AFFC I took several breaks.

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I didn't enjoy affc or adwd as much as the previous three. But I like tyrion in adwd as well as arianne and melisandre. affc just left me hating cersei even more, and didn't make me feel any different about sansa (still dislike her)

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