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What was the "Storm of Swords"? *Spoilers*


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Guys, I'm on Feast right now and reading this thread reminds me of the sheer blood bath that was aSoS. A friend who only watches the series was asking me who survives the next two seasons, I told him any given character has about a 42% chance of surviving through to season 5.


so many deaths guys, Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, Joffrey Lannister, Balon Greyjoy, Oberyn Martell, Tywin Lannister, Shae and many many more, among them Smalljon Umber, which really pissed me off

OH NOOOOO SMALLJON UMBERRRRR!!!! Ugh, that made me so upset... so many characters I liked killed in one scene alone! Such a sad, sad time.

It doesn't refer to a single event as much as it refers to all the important plot violence that basically change the story quite drastically.

I agree. I don't think that Storm of Swords is referencing ONE particular event in the books, so much as the fact that if you look at the book in it's entirety there were a lot of violent scenes, and a lot of deaths, many of which were in part due to deaths from combat of some sort. There are many examples that would back this up.

I think that AFFC's title is good for it's own book. If you think about it, it's the aftermath of all of the previous book's events. The aftermath of everything has left a feast for those who wish to capitalize on it.

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Not nearly as much clashing between kings as one would be led to believe. There's really only one battle directly between kings.

But, all of the battles were basically clashes between the kings, regardless of whether the kings were going head-to-head on the same field of battle or not. That's my take on it anyway.

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For Clash, I took it meaning the War of the Five Kings. For Storm of Swords I do think it's about the overall tone of the book but you could point to the Wedding since it's such a defining moment in the series. In Feast for Crows they seem to mention that phrase like 15 times so that was a little easier to decipher :)

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Is it clear to everyone that the "storm of swords" was StannisĀ“ arrival to aid the nightswatch as they fought the wildlings beyond the wall?

No. The idea never occurred to me, and I don't see it as all that fitting even now. I always assumed it to be a reference to the whole WO5K.

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Here is my take on it:

A book's title is used to represent the work as a whole. Therefore, it would be quite boring if the work could be represented by any one scene in the book.... therefore it cannot represent any one scene or a series of scenes.

I think titles are chose to both capture the prospective reader but also catch the main idea in the books:

Game of Thrones...... the whole book consisted of a series of events and encounters that introduced us to the "game of thrones"... "you either win, or you die"

Clash of Kings...... Likely isn't referring to the clash of any two kings in particular. Given that the old king Robert will no longer sit the throne you now emerge on a new playing field, where technically anyone is open to win the Iron throne. The book consists of many individuals having an influence on kings and how these conflict of interests are resolved. It's like the silence before a storm, where everything is played out privately to conclude the fate of one king.

A storm of swords.... a book where these hidden conspiracies are blown up into a series of wars for the kingdom...

The pattern goes on.... I hope I've made myself clear....

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I too believe that they only offer a rough description of the general content in a catchy form. During the first book there was no warfare until the end, and the sides were still scheming, playing their Game of Thrones.

The second book was all about the different Kings, as the title reflects.

During the third book, the number of kings get smaller while the factions are still engaged in heavy fighting.

By the beginning of book four, the War of the Five Kings seems to be drawing closer to its end, and the different groups trying to make a bargain of the ruinous state of the kingdom (like crows) becomes one the big issue.

Something that the title "A Storm of Swords" always reminds me of

is the duel of Brienne and Jamie in the woods, however.
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No specific moment but the entire book I guess. There's war going on all over westeros, but true, not BIG battle apart from Stannis army helping the Crows in the Wall against the Wildlings. But there is also small fights taking place.

I was actually expecting a huge fight before I started the aSoS book, but the biggest battle so far is the one that takes place at the Blackwater between Lannisters vs. Baratheon, on second book aCoK and Im reading now aFfC.

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The book titles are all perfect. However, I think "A Game of Thrones" would give a better title for the series than "A Song of Ice and Fire" but who knows what is out there in the two remaining books?

A Game of Thrones introduces us to the game, with everybody scheming.

A Clash of Kings shows kings-to-be popping out everywhere and fighting.

A Storm of Swords has intense fighting and wars everywere through Westeros and beyond.

A Feast for Crows

is the aftermath of the wars in the third book. After the war, the crows feast on the dead.

A Dance with Dragons

I've not finished yet :dunce:. As far as I've read, I think it is Dany book, and that her dragons will finally do something

The Winds of Winter: the Others kill them all? I really hope GRRM will change the title into the "A something something" format, for elegance.

A Dream of Spring: bittersweet ending?

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