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Favorite POV Character

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Eddard was easily my favorite, in this book at least. I may be a bit bias since 'A Game Of Thrones' is the only book to feature chapters in his perspective, but I just love Ned. He is one of only about a handful of perfectly good, decent people in these books with no ulterior motives. It was interesting to see how his mind worked, and how at the end of the day all he wanted was to go back to Winterfell with his family. I mean, how sweet is that? It's a crying shame that he got swept up in all the political intrigue and mischief of King's Landing--Tyrion was right, it wasn't his kind of game.

Oh Ned... :crying:

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Ned's chapters at King's Landing are some of the best in the whole series. You can tell he feels uncomfortable there; which is fun to read.

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My favorite chapters had always been those of Dany's POV, because they were so fascinating and because she was written in such a great way that I felt unable to dislike any sentence of her chapters. Well, my favourite chapter of Dany's was the last one - I don't have to explain, have I? :) - but they were all great, an own little story in a big saga.

I also liked Eddard's chapters, but more because of the people around him (Varys, Littlefinger, Cersei, ...) and not because of himself. He had so many chapters that I began to be bugged by his ... well, is over-presence the right word? At the beginning of the second half of the book I would say it is the right word.

Catelyn and Tyrion had chapters I really enjoyed and I also liked all those characters around them and their great stories. Also, I liked Arya's, Sansa's and Bran's chapters, while I sometimes felt kind of ennoyed by Jon's chapters, which changed in the second half where I liked the story of the NW more than at the beginning, but Jon isn't my favourite character and won't be anyway. ;)

Did I forget anyone? I don't think so.

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Theon- fascinating and breath-taking storyline

Davos- represented the Baratheons POV in a good way, well written

Cersei- Fun to see her start new storylines and conflicts

Er... These aren't POV characters in AGOT (the first book of the series) that this subforum is about. Theon and Cersei are in AGOT as seen by the POV characters in that book but not POV characters themselves, and Davos isn't introduced until ACOK (the second book in the series).

Sorry to be arsey but I thought this thread was meant for people who're reading the first book for the first time and we're not supposed to spoil things.

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My favourite POV character in AGOT is Tyrion.

I like his repartee but also his inner musings, an interesting, conflicted character. One of my favourites is Tyrion's and Jon's interaction and their unlikely friendship.

Jon... He is one of my favourite characters but his transition from an aloof, resentful, angry young boy to a leader amongst his peers was a bit unconvincing and quick... Glad it happend, of course, and his subsequent chapters, especially the interaction with father-figure Old Bear are great.

I also like Eddard. A good man completely out of his depth, I want to scram at the pages, NOOOO! DON'T DO THAT! His chapters also give lots of important background info.

I liked the Cat POV chapters though I don't like the character that much. She's highborn and supposedly au fait with how ASOIAF feudal society works but she makes one bad decision after another and is sort of (covertly) hysterical lots of times (though nowhere near as bad as her sister Lysa Arryn!)

In AGOT, I found Arya really annoying. OK, she's a child, and children tend to think very black and white and hold silly grudges and not see the big picture but still... That said, I like her tomboyishness and the contrast with Sansa.

Sansa is also mildly annoying in her pre-teen romatic fluffy world of knights and songs etc. but totally believable. "She didn't really know Joffrey but she was already in love with him"... It's tragic how she's brought down from pink cloud cockoo land to the real world. Then she's afraid, very afraid, and tries to survive the best she can.

I didn't so much like Bran's POV chapters but they showed a lot of promise of what might come next...

Oh, and Dany... From a timid girl to khaleesi to mother of dragons. WOW!

Of the non-POV characters, I took an instant liking to Sam :-) I also, strangely, perhaps, liked Littlefinger and Varys. Never liked King Robert. Cersei and Joff are of course these characters you love to hate. Benjen Stark vanished too early but maybe he'll make a comeback...

And a special mention to Mormont's raven. The first time or two when he was seen/heard I liked him as some sort of demonstration of the Old Bear's soft side (keeping a pet) but now I'm not so sure... He apparently repeats a word he's heard in human conversation but that bird is sounding way too canny... quork.

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