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Arya and Varys DWD

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First post, completely avoided this site until I was finished with all the books. I avoid spoilers like the plaque or pale mare.

OK so in the epilogue when Varys show up with children assassins was I the only one who thought maybe for a second that one of them would be Arya. After thinking about it for a day or two i figured that it wouldn't be possible but wanted to get thoughts on the subject.

These are the reasons why I thought it might not be possible.

1. Not sure where Varys has been since ASOS, I would guess not in westeros but who knows.

2. Doesn't Varys not like the Starks since he's a Targaryen supporter. But then I think back to GOT and he was "good" to Ned stark.

So then I'm thinking does Varys hate the Starks.

Anyway sorry for the ramble just want to talk all this out.

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1. I would say GRRM made it clear that Varys was continuing to hide out in the castle during the events of ASOS. No doubt he remained in contact with his spy network and Ilyrio, but I believe he remained in King's Landing in the castle's network of secret tunnels.

2. Varys is neutral towards individual dynasties and houses. Obviously, in the first book he makes no effort to save Ned Stark's life by freeing him from the Red Keep's dungeons. Doing so would have allowed Ned to return home and command the army mustered by Robb, while allying with the Tyrells, Baratheons, and Freys. If Stannis had been installed as king, then he would have ensured House Lannister's demise in a bloody campaign Varys wanted to prevent.

3. In ASOS, Varys kills Kevan Lannister because he is aware of Kevan's competency as an administrator, unusual for a member of House Lannister, and understands that Kevin's regency could bring about permanent control of the Iron Throne under the auspices of House Lannister.

Having great personal wealth and numerous connections back in the Free Cities, Varys has no need to further his own affluence. Though it is questionable whether he initially accepted Robert's offering of a position as spymaster because he wanted to serve Westeros, and not solely for the Lordship, I think Varys has transcended the avarice of his colleagues. He only wants to work towards long-term prosperity for the realm, and he is willing to make any necessary sacrifice to make that a reality.

I don't think GRRM would have kept Varys around this long only to leave him sweltering in the Red Keep tunnels. He has a greater purpose, and I think that will become apparent once Daenerys leaves Essos.

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