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[TWoW Spoilers] Tyrion I

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"Tini" already addresses Archmaester Marwin, so I will address the "Red Priest" with Victarion.

His name is Moqorro, and he is a Red Priest from Volantis sent to Dany by the leader of the Red Priests in Volantis. The head Red Priest for Volantis is named Benerro, he sent Moqorro to help Dany, knowing that Moqorro would end up on Victarion's ship, and that Victarion would take Moqorro to Dany. The Red Priests of Volantis are all for Daenerys, the believe she is Azor Ahai reborn. So I think it's safe to not be worried about Moqurro, he will do anything to help Dany, who he believes to be the savior of the world. If anything, I am not really worried about Victarion Greyjoy, because I believe Moqorro has tricked Victarion into believing he is there to help him, when in reality Moqurro will do anything to keep Victarion from harming Dany. That includes Victarion trying to steal Dany's Dragons, with his Dragon Horn.

Moqorro is very powerful, educated, and good at seeing the future in his flames, and he has the advantage of Victarion thinking he is on his side. So in my opinion, Victarion does not stand a mummers chance against Moqorro.

Yeah, I think Moqorro's playing him like a fiddle, and of the two, I find him far more formidable and subtle. I'm not totally sold that he's on Dany's side either -- I don't trust any of the R'llhor followers as far as I could throw them -- but I think he's got Victarion right where he wants him.

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