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How would you rate episode 202?


How would you rate episode 202?  

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I gave it a 5. Last week was way better. Stop with the stupid-ass brothel scenes. We get it. People have sex there. They are cheapening the story and the books and everything we love. I can live with most of the changes but I do not want to watch porn all night. I want more story. The cum on the woman's lip? What is the point? Theon's scene I can live with. It was actually in the book and it kind of goes over how arrogant and dick-ish. Stannis and Mel having sex? I don't know. I can go with that I guess. I just think Stannis was terribly miscast. The guy playing The Onion Knight should have played Stannis. But he is also excellent as Davos so what can you do?

I love certain scenes too. Arya's scenes rock. I love the guy playing Jaquen. I man has a thirst. Loved that scene. Loved Ghost. I like who they cast as Gilly. Love Sam. I can live with the baby boy scene. Have to give the audience something to chew on. Love all things with Cersie and Tyrion and Tyrion and Janos. ANd Tyrion and The Spider.

So much to love here but they completely ruin it with the stupid Littlefinger garbage. So stupid. I can even live with what happened to Rakharo.

I hope next week picks it up and gets the ball going. If HBO only gives you 10 episodes they should have at least said they could have a 2-hour premier to get the story set up properly. But last night was a 5 overall. Some scenes were a 10. Others a solid 1.

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I understand the problems people are having with the show, but 4 seems excessively low. The show has to be different from the books simply because of the limitations of the medium. And what's wrong with the Mel/Stannis scene? The books make it pretty clear that she has sex with him. And as far as nudity goes, IIRC every sex scene (except Ros') was either directly or indirectly in the books, and IIRC sex often involves nudity. (And IMO Ros is a good, necessary addition to the show but lets not get into that...)

What's wrong with the Stannis scene? Well, let's see. His entire character is based on him being this slave to duty and virtue, and in one of our first scenes with him he's an oathbreaker to his wife, cheating on her because she's "sick." Remember when John Edwards did that? Really screams a persons of honour and duty.

Second - how he did it. A spur of the moment decision. Again, simply screams Stannis. And worse, a spur of the moment decision clearly driven by temptation, selfishness, and -- if I'm being GENEROUS -- a bloodlust for power (giving him "an heir.").

Who is this character???

So, regardless -- even if Stannis had sex is the book with her, it wouldn't have been anything like this. Couldn't have been.

But third and most important, the book is NOT clear that they had sex at all. You wonder. You consider. You debate with your friends. There's some mysetery there.

**There is NO mystery in the HBO series, ever.** Everything is constantly being smashed over your head, like the viewers are idiots.

This excuse about "medium" differences is also getting old. There have been great, multi-deminsional, suspenseful, complicated plots AND characters in TV. Battlestar Gallactica: Bill Adama and basically every character on the show. Most characters from LOST. Deadwood, The Wire.

Game of Thrones the TV show and its characters don't stand up to any of those shows. In a story that was based on mystery and complicated characters, every bit of mystery and every complicated part of a character is being systematically removed. There was NO reason for that Stannis scene. Had NOTHING to do with "medium changes." The only reason it's in there is because HBO thinks it would get higher ratings if Stannis has hot, passionate sex scenes with a hot wizard, rather than if he didn't. The fact that Stannis the character would never have a hot sex scene -- and certainly not on the "spur of the moment" -- doesn't matter. This character is NOT Stannis, and HBO doesn't care.

Last... the dialogue. Why is there so much of it? Non-stop chatter. Where is a bit of silence, where it's just the camera and a character? Where their face shows what they're thinking, or better yet.. you wonder what they're thinking? In the Cersei and Tyrion scenes, those great actors have the good sense to at least pause in between sentences. In the others, it's just rapid fire, back and forth, endlessly, for the hour. I don't blame them. The writers have given the task of conveying everything by words, nothing by facial expressions or emotion.

Is there ever going to be a scene that can compare with Bill Adama crying alone in his quarters? A scene that can compare with any of the LOST characters having a moment to themselves, where you don't know what they're thinking but want more than ever to find out? Will HBO ever give us a scene like that? Like heck they will. Even though George gave them a raod-map to many scenes like that, and better, in the books.

And don't tell me there's too much story to get through. There is also no rule that HBO had to do an entire book in one season. They could've developed the plot far more than they have. Look how slowly LOST was developed. Look how slowly GEORGE developed THIS story in the books! The books aren't thousands of pages for George's good health. They are thousands of pages because ALL good stories, especially this one, must be told at a certain pace.

Here? Here Theon is tasked to go to his father's to get reinforcements and is there 5 minutes later, with his answer in hand. 0 suspense was able to build in that time. An outrage. The HBO show feels like point form notes, where getting through the plot is more a mechanical chore for the writers than a joy. And the audience can feel it.

The first book alone could have, and perhaps should have, taken several TV seasons. Instead, HBO handcuffs themselves by trying to tell a 1,000 page book in 10 episodes, then complains they have to tell the story poorly because they were handcuffed. It's their own fault they're handcuffed, how can it be an excuse! Why do people buy that excuse?

Frankly, I was embarassed by this episode. I haven't liked the HBO series at all so far. But this episode I didn't know what I story was watching, and didn't like it. An emabarassing disaster. If I'd never read the books, this is the type of story I would've laughed at. So simple, NO subtely whatsover. Even, dare I say, PREDICTABLE each and every time they stray from George's plot. Oh, let me guess: the hot female wizard gets a sex scene with the King.

The execution of the story is brutal; and apart from the Imp and the Queen, all other characters have been dumbed-down so much, that they are no longer interesting. Stannis practically got a labotomy. What a tragedy. And this is just the beginning.

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I'll give it a 9/10. Why, because when the credits rolled I was still awestruck.

OK, so they dicked around with the GRRM's story - but we saw that coming in Season 1 when Renly and the Knight of Flowers were transformed into a Freddie Mercury that couldn't sing and a Leonardo Dicaprio who couldn't act.

One of the many things that stood out for me - and I'm not talking about Stannis's organ.

1. Theon Greyjoy's scene with Asha and his father - I thought that was pretty riverting acting coming from all three. Best of all, you could feel the Ironborn culture oozing out from the contempt of (the actor playing) Baleon. Wow.

2. Asha/Yara - I really really like the actress who plays the character - she carries it with a subtle swagger. I like it.

As in 201, I could have done without another brothel scene - it was a new development unnecessary to the storyplot and it wasted time which could have been devoted elsewhere imho.

I don't mind additions - I absolutely loved the added conversation between Cersei and Robert about Dany's threat in Season1 and the humorous remark about how their marriage was holding up the Kingdom. But this LF twaddle? It detracts from the overall story imho.

3. Peter Dinklage was absolutely brilliant - again.

4. Davos and Saan - brilliant acting there too. I loved how Saan told off Davos' son.

Its not often that when the credits roll I'm awestruck - so I rate it 9/10.

Acting 4 + Props/Dress 4 + 1 point for HBO for the balls to produce this epic instead of a reality TV show or a butchered cheap version. So all up 9.

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I give it a "1" it was the worst episode of the 12 they have aired so far.

1. The Sex scenes, the scenes that feature Stannis/Mel and Captain's Daughter/Theon are necessary. Me, I don't like sex scenes so I turn the channel. The one I missed (thank goodness) in the brothel I heard was disgusting and unnecessary as the brothel scene last year was.

2. I loved the ending with Jon and Craster, we get to see a boy being offered to a White Walker/Other that was a heart pounding scene. Ghost would have been there, don't know why he wasn't.

3. I thought they should have left in Balon slapping Theon and mentioning Urron Redhand . . :) The actress who played Asha/Yara looks nothing like we picture her but is good for the role.

4. Stannis and Mel need more time on camera, explaining who he is and what she is about . . but I know that isn't practical.

5. The guy playing Davos is so on point, and so money he's money and doesn't even know it. S. Saan was good as well, good conversation sounds S. Saan reminds me of a few of my relatives.

6. The Yoren scenes are on the money.

7. Queen of Mean Cersei is too soft . . . but there is time for that to change and I think it will.

Overall their worst episode of the 12 aired, but the potentional is high. I actually miss Catelyn Tully and next episode she will have a better role.

My one issue WHY KILL OF RAKKAHRO (sp?) that was FOOLISH!!

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I thought the episode came off pretty good. I loved the portrayal of Sallahdor Saan and his relationship with Davos. Also, the Hot Pie/Lommy/Arya conversation was a good add, I especially thought Hot Pie did a good job. I'm liking the TV show Gendry more than the book Gendry, he's seems a bit more human. I don't think I like book Gendry until far later on, but I took an immediate liking to him here. The Tyrion/Slynt scene was great, I'm pretty sure they made Bronn head of the City Watch so as not to introduce yet another character in Bywater. I also liked the LF scene as it established a more sinister man by words rather than by action.

Yoren, FTW.

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Eight out of ten. First Ros scene i didn't dislike. The voyeurism is a good way to hammer home that this is the game of thrones, there's always somebody watching and most like someone is watching the watcher as well. Plus nothing says creepy like delivering that kind of threat in such a comforting tone.

Night's watch was great, Lommy already wanting to yield. Ha. Biter wasn't what you'd want to see but oh well.

Stannis has been a letdown from the start when he's writing his letter of declaration and comes off to me as someone discussing what to have for breakfast, i understand the limitations of casting but he is an actor. Let's see a little more grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw. I've gotten used to it though as just about every single fighter in the series has come across as baked out hippies to me instead of warriors and hard men.

Jon and Caster was interesting. I don't mind the changes. I've read the books and like being left wondering a little what will happen next.

Pyke was awesome. Good ratings for that alone. Always liked the ironmen and hopefully they introduce Cleftjaw in the series and do him justice.

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Gave it 7 because I love the books, would've been lower.

Asha/Yara is TERRIBLY casted. Where did they find that fat girl with baby , plump face. I hoped that promo pics ere wrong but , alas.. As the stupid name change wasn't enough.

There were some good and bad casting choices on the show. i.e Meliasndre was also casted poorly but compared with this ungodly abomination she looks almost good.

Thing I hate most wih book adaptations is NOT when they omit or add parts but when they change nature of characters by changing the parts of the book (like in LOTR)

In season 1 they used those little changes to show us something about the character that is in the book but what could not be put in a show.

However I don't know to what end is all this Melisnadre/Stanis ; cercei/Littlefinger ; Tyrion/Spider.... scenes So far I dont see what does this changes add to the story.

p.s. I hope, at least, that they make another change and kill that terrible asha/yara so I dont have to look at her fat face anymore.

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I liked this week a lot better than last week. People will complain about the unnecessary sex scene but the Dragonstone stuff was handled much better this week, and Theon and Arya both went on nice journeys, establishing the Iron Islands as a setting and a culture, and introducing us to the messiness that will become the riverlands. For now, I think they did a nice job with Gendry, and Lommy, and Hot Pie has been fantastic.

And of course Saan, very well done there

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6. and 5 of that is just for Pyke. The rest was mediocre at best. Balon/Theon reunion dialogue should have remained faithfull to the book. Tyrion/Slyn the lines felt rushed. Salador gets a pass for now.

Edit- Great post DornishSnake

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Gave it a 7. I didn`t mind the sex scene between Stannis and Melissandre, but "I will give you a son" was stupid beyond anything. Stannis wouldn`t want to make a bastard. And I don`t like the fact that we will see Renly in the third episode, since he is already out of the picture by the end of the fourth.

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i'd have to give it an 8. some parts were really funny and well acted, but that's certainly isn't how i pictured arya... and too much ros & LF again, and no Sansa or Sandor :crying: but it was pretty good otherwise. i guess that with 20 or more main characters we won't always get what we want in each episode :dunno:

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I'm going to try and post this again since the website crashed on me before I posted. :bang:

Anyway, I gave it a 7. I think they rushed Theon's homecoming just a bit too much. I wanted a bit more tension there or the scene to be a bit longer. My husband was disappointed at how homely Asha, excuse me Yara, was. We were both expecting a bit more of a hottie but I'm more interested in the character as a whole. I pointed out that Greyjoys didn't strike me as particularly good-looking in the book so...

I could do without any more scenes in LF's brothel. I did actually like Ros this week since she got to be more human. And it showed LF as a wannabe Maifa boss. They could have done without the whole LF watching a dude watching Ros. Just LF watching Ros would have been okay. And I could have done without the mouth-wiping.

I think my favorite scenes were Tyrion with Cersei and Tyrion with Varys. You see just how much Cersei hates Tyrion and always and how much that hurts him even though he tried to not show that her. Varys and Tyrion are intersting together because it shows how Varys is truly looking out for the realm. LF and him have that conversation back in season 1 about how they both are only looking out for the realm but this season and in the books as well, you are shown that LF really is only looking out for himself and how to acquire more power. Varys isn't about acquiring power for himself necessarily.

Arya and Gendry was good. I like Gendry because he just wants to be left alone to be a blacksmith. If he ever found out about who his father is, I don't think he'd care. He certainly wouldn't make a play for the throne.

Ghost looked awesome. I want the direwolves in action, though. I want to see Grey Wind in battle with Robb. And Ghost and Jon need to be seen more together. Jon's scene was a little rough for me. Him running through the woods was off and I can't remember if it was in the book or not. ACOK was the one book I can't remember much about.

Mel and Stannis was fine for me. I didn't mind their sex scene since it is implied by Davos and Jon that Mel and Stannis got it on. I think the casting of Stannis is growing on me. He's awkward in the book and I think the actor is doing a good job of that. I think the line about giving him a son was put in there because it doesn't seem like they will be having Shireen in the show.

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My least favorite episode so far.

It started well with Arya, though I thought she was more provoking than defensive with her stick on Rorge. The books have Biter lurch thru the bars and try to grab her which prompts her to hit him with her stick. In the show it comes more like a kid poking at a barking dog in a cage. Not a big deal, but not as good a scene as it could have been. I liked Yoren’s interaction with the Gold Cloaks, though originally the came with they Queen’s orders. The second Arya scene didn’t sit as well with me how ever. Gendry doesn’t figure out she is a girl nor does she share her true identity until after Yoren’s death, and doing it before hand felt a bit forced. The acting was good, but it would have been more natural if it played out in the original time line instead of so soon. Even one more episode delay would have been worth while.

Tyrion, Shae and Varys scene is very good overall. I am still puzzled at Tyrion keeping Shae in the Tower of the Hand though. A big part of his problems at court are keeping Shae secret, NOT being willing to take her inside the castle and having to sneak out to see her. It also pretty much eliminates the idea that maybe Ros will be Alaya or Chataya as there is no need for the character if Shae isn’t being kept in hiding in the first place. Maybe she will in the future, but it’s hard to believe that all the spies in King’s Landing wouldn’t know about Shae by then. But beyond that point, the scene was well acted and I enjoyed it. Great considering I disliked season 1 Shae.

The council meeting where Cersei tears up Rob’s offer went fine. Nothing particularly bad or good. Tyrion and Janos Slynt’s scene played out well, and I didn’t mind Bronn being named captain of the city watch. I hate Joffrey ordering the killing of Robert’s bastards instead of Cersei. And Tyrion implying that she was worried the bastards might have a claim as the reason she wanted them killed was also silly. Two Hands had already figured out Cersei and Jamie’s secret based in large part from seeing these bastards, and the danger was even higher after Stannis sent the letters making the story public rumor. Joffrey would have been much more likely to kill anyone who spread the “lies” than to kill Robert’s bastards, as he believed himself to be Robert’s son.

Craster’s keep, Dolorous Edd’s fart joke fell flat for me. Otherwise the rest was well done for the first part. I liked Ghost, and Sam and Gilly. They didn’t need Jon to follow Craster to show what happened to the babies as they are not constrained by point of view characters, and if Craster cared enough to attack Jon, it seems unlikely he would have left him alive. All of the veteran rangers already knew what Craster did with his sons anyway.

Off to Dany, we get the death of Rakharo. Unfortunate, but understandable since the actor got a movie offer. That being said it wasn’t the only option, as they did recast Ser Gregor. The change didn’t bother me, but I didn’t feel any emotional impact from the death either.

Theon’s sea voyage played out very close to the books, and was one of the more natural feeling “sexpostion” scenes with the Captain’s daughter. Yara didn’t match my image at all, but could be forgiven with more screen time. In the books she plays along with his flirtations, but tells him she is married and keeps his hands from wandering too much. In the show Theon sticks his hand down the front of her pants without her protesting at all. Balon did well in his scenes, and we shall see where things go from here.

Surprisingly I had almost no problem with Littlefinger’s brothel scene. It was a bit long, and the voyeur part easily could have been cut for more important scenes that were cut short. In the end that has always been my biggest problem with most of Ros’ scenes, that so many lines and scenes have to be cut due to time constraints, but they make so much time for her scenes. But this scene was easily the best of her scenes for me, and also the one that most fit something I can imagine the book Littlefinger saying. So despite my general distain for Ros, this scene worked for me on it’s own even if I question if there wasn’t more interesting and important content to cover.

Likewise with Stannis and Melisandre, it didn’t bother me even if I can’t say I thought it was a great scene by any stretch. Davos and Salladhor Saan played out pretty well, though Davos did worship the Seven even if he wasn’t a particularly religious man, and my impression was that prior to recently his son would have worshiped them too. So back when Davos was a smuggler and Matthos was young praying for his father’s return it seems unlikely he would have been a follower of the Lord of Light at that time for that to be a good reason for why Davos should follow him. A minor point though and overall I liked the scene.

The most disappointing thing is that most of my complaints are not things that would require a bigger budget or significantly more time, but just writing issues that seem to be things that just as easily could have been written more true to the books.

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I agree, and that goes for Mel and Dani, too. Especially, Dani, actually. As beautiful as Emilia Clarke is, sometimes that wig makes her look like a Treasure Troll doll, with the contrast of brown eyes and that "silver-blonde"(baloney, that thing's white!) wig.

I showed that to my good friend/hair girl because of how many people have told me I look like her, and she immediately said - "wow, look at that silver hair. weird."

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