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[Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

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I'm re-watching S2 on Blu-Ray and thought I'd comment on each episode w/ their respective special features as I go. Yes, I know there's a general S2 blu-ray thread, but it's a long and unwieldy beast. I'm wondering what people think about each episode after a second viewing and w/ the added bonus of the commentaries, histories, maps, etc.

The histories in this episode are again great. The episode has a bit less "oomph" for me on the second go-round after having read the books and knowing where Theon ends up this season. I also couldn't get through the commentary on this one. It's w/ the actors that play Theon and his sister Yara. They apparently are friends off screen and it made for a surprisingly tedious commentary track. I ended up turning it off about mid-way through the episode.

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