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[Book Spoilers] Missing Characters in season 2

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Does anyone think that the characters not included in season 2 (Shireen, the Reed's, Tully's) are just not in this season or that they have been written out altogether?

I cant imagine them being written out, from what i hear GRRM has alot of say within the writting/ filming of the TV show and DB Weiss and D Bennioff seem to respect him as a writer. So i cant imagine them doing this to (some major) characters.

My impression is that as they have said in the past they are filming the series with some scene that are included in aGoT and ACoK and even aSoS, but not necessarily in book order.

Also something Melisandre said "Your wife has given you no sons, only stillborns". Does'nt necessarily mean that Shireen is written off.

What do people think?

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