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[Book Spoilers] Bronn, Commander of the City Watch

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I think that is the first inkling he gets that Bronn is really all about Bronn. Previously he knew he was a merc of course, but there were some lines he thought wouldn't be crossed. This is the first time he sees a Bronn in the light that ends up (bookwise) poorly for Tyrion. Who knows what will happen here.

It would be rather odd for Tyrion to ask Bronn now to fight for him later on.

To be fair, Bronn never really betrayed Tyrion. He simply declined to sacrifice his life in something that would have almost certainly been a futile gesture. Bronn still (and sincerely, by my reading) wished Tyrion well. Very few men would have been willing to face the Mountain. Bronn basically declined to go on a suicide mission. The Viper had very personal reasons for agreeing to be Tyrion's champion, and he ended up sacrificing his life.

As for making Bronn the Captain- I don't really like it (it doesn't make much sense, and it would have been way too obvious of a power play on Tyrion's part) but I can absolutely understand why they did it. There are already too many characters, and I would rather have Bronn as captain than not have Bronn on the show at all.

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I wondered will Bronn get a new uniform?

How long will he stay commander of the City Watch?

Anyone else note the disappointment on Tyrion's face for the answer Bronn gave to the question posed to him?

I thought the book did say at some point he was at least wearing armor of city watch

The book is also clear on what Tyrion thinks here. He does not need to keep ruthless babykillers around like cersei would suggest is a necessity to maintain rule or keep power. Not that he would ask since he has disdain for this behavior, but the fact that a guy like Bronn is around suggests that killers are basically a dime a dozen anyway

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In the book, Tyrion says the following to Bronn after the Slynt is taken off:

Varys would have me believe that I have replaced one of Joffrey’s men with one of my own. More likely, I have replaced Littlefinger’s man with one belonging to Varys, but so be it.

This little quote says vast amounts about the current situation in kings landing regarding who really holds the power, a central theme of the book. LF and Varys are really in control rather than Tyrion or Cercei. Tyrion understands this however, and has no choice but simply let it play out.

By cutting Bywater, an important layer of depth indicating just where the power lies is lost. Even if they cut Bywater for the sake of not adding extra minor characters, they could have somehow worked in Varys influence on the process and kept the above quoted line.

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