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Gendry and Jon Snow

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The BWB all seem to be devote R'hllorist, it is possible that Thoros sees the Others invasion in his fire and takes the BWB North to assist the Night's Watch. The Night's Watch is in need of a new black smith as well, Gendry would be a big asset for Jon. Also, Gendry was present when Ned Dayne told Arya about Wylla.

I definitely think that Jon and Gendry meeting would be very interesting and could parallel Robert and Ned's friendship. Gendry was a blacksmith apprentice and very well may know how to reforge Ice for Jon, thereby 'reforging' the Stark-Baratheon relationship, or perhaps to makes amends to what happened between their own fathers, Rhaegar and Robert. Neither seem to care about being 'royal', yet they're both ironically sons of royalty. I've always thought that if Arya made it out alive that she'd be betrothed to Gendry and that Robert's line in both AGOT and the show foreshadowed that their houses will join up (instead of through Sansa and Joffrey the bastard, through Arya and Gendry).

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Jon = Targ blood ( most likely ) / Gendry ( Baratheon ) / Arya ( looks like Lyanna )... looks like I'm soon going to believe that Jon/Arya is a possibility. There's a parallel here... Rhaegar/Robert/ Lyanna= Jon/Gendry/Arya = Targ/Baratheon/ Stark... O___O

FAegon/Gendry/Arya. That could be the parallel. Ends with Gendry killing Faegon.

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About Ice being re-forged .......

Oathkeeper is at the trident and Widow's Wail is in cold dead hand's of Joffrey Baratheon in KL ! There is no way the Lannisters would send a dead kings valrian steel sword to the north and no chance it would be sent to the wall! ( the only way it would be is if.... Dany takes the iron throne , and as a sign of respect, as advised by Tryion or Selmy, send the bones of Ned Stark's Guard and Widow's Wail North!) This might give the slime chance of reforging all of ice!

What IMVHO is gonna happen is ........

  • Brienne joins the BWB
  • BWB/ Stoneheart are for the most part caught and killed with the Freys and Lannisters sending some north to the wall as a save face maneuver!
  • Oath keeper and Gendry end up at Castle Black
  • Oath keeper gets REFORGED IN TO A BREASTPLATE / ARMOR ( VS is Very light and Strong ..... should be just about enough ...rite?)
  • Fulfills the AA prof/dream that Jon would be ARMORED IN ICE weilding Lightbringer ( NW- See NW = LB theory)
  • Also the Red tint to Ice fits right in with the R'hllor ideology - and Jon Snow gets half of Ice but doesn't forsake his brother's birth rite
  • Everything went better than expected!
It's a bit Crackpot but would be nice!

i love the ice armor part

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