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George has a way of messing with my emotions.


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Started SoS not long ago and have loved it since but this emotional rollercoaster is messing with me. Dany in Astapor had me really confused thinking she was going to give up Drogon, there was a part of me that knew she wouldn't but the excitement I felt when she unleashed the Unsullied on the slavers was like none other. I was at that high until the very next chapter when Sansa married Tyrion. The entire time I expected something to happen to break it off. But it never happened.

I absolutely love that all of the characters are being so forcefully pulled from their places of comfort. These two, Jon and his relationship with Ygritte, Arya and how she thinks soldiers (especially Notherners) should act. But all this change makes me scared of whats next. Though that might be the train these bogs are so good, I have no idea whats coming.

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