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Rogue Knight

What do you Collect?

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I collect translations of „A Game of Thrones” and other ASoIaF Stuff.


A Game of Thrones Editions (sort by language/country):

 Arabic                                        1st Paperback Vol. 1;

1st Paperback Vol. 2

Argentina                                 1st mass market paperback

Australia                                   15th Anniversary Hardcover Edition

Catalan                                      1st Paperback (large)

Czech                                          1st Hardcover

Danish                                        1st Hardcover

Dutch                                          1st Hardcover

1st Paperback

2nd Paperback

3rd Paperback (HBO)

English (American)                  Editors Page Manuscript from October 1995 incl. address and phone number of GRRM himself

Asimov‘s Science Fiction July 1996, Blood of the Dragon

Uncorrected Page Proofs

Advance Reading Copy with Dust Jacket

Advanced Reading Copy Silver Foil

1st Hardcover

Hardcover BCA

2nd Hardcover

3rd Hardcover

4th Hardcover

5th Hardcover 20th Anniversary illustrated Edition

Proof U.S. Paperback (Hardcover)

1st Paperback

2nd Paperback (Silver Foil)

3rd Paperback

4th Paperback

5th Paperback

6th Paperback

7th Paperback (Movie HBO Edition)

1st mass market paperback

2nd mass market paperback

3rd mass market paperback (HBO Cover)

4th mass market paperback

Hardcover Slipcase Edition

Hardcover Movie (HBO) Box Set 1-4

Subterranean Press Limited Edition

Leather-Cloth Boxed Set

Mass market hardcover edition Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition

Englisch (British)                      Advance Reading Copy

Preview Edition Paperback

1st Hardcover

1st Hardcover BCA

2nd Hardcover

3rd Hardcover Voyager Classics Special Edition

4th Hardcover 20th Anniversary illustrated Edition

1st Paperback

2nd Paperback

3rd Paperback

4th Paperback (HBO)

5th Paperback

Deluxe Slipcase

Hardcover Special Leather Bound Slipcase Edition (2016)

Finnish                                       1st Hardcover

1st Mass Paperback

French                                        1st mass market paperback Vol. 1

1st mass market paperback Vol.2

2nd mass market paperback

3rd mass market paperback Steel Case Edition

1st Paperback 3 Volume Box Set

2nd Paperback (HBO)

German                                     1st Paperback Vol.1

1st Paperback Vol.2

2nd Paperback Vol.1

2nd Paperback Vol.2

3rd Paperback Vol.1

3rd Paperback Vol.2

1st Paperback BCA Vol.1

1st Paperback BCA Vol.2

1st Hardcover Vol.1 Special Edition

2nd Hardcover

1st Hardcover Limited Edition (and all other limited Editions of ASoIaF by FanPro)

Greek                                         1st mass market paperback Vol. 1b

2nd mass market paperback (HBO)

1st Paperback (HBO)

Hebrew                                      1st Paperback

2nd Paperback (HBO)

Hungarian                                 1st Paperback

Icelandic                                    1st Paperback

Italian                                         1st Hardcover Vol.1

1st Hardcover Vol.2

1st Paperback Vol. 1

1st Paperback Vol.2

1st Mass Market Paperback

Hardcover Special Edition

Japanese                                   1st Tankobon Hardcover Part 1

1st Tankobon Hardcover Part 2

1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 1 of 5

1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 2 of 5

1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 3 of 5

1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 4 of 5

1st Hayakawa Paperback Part 5 of 5

Korean                                       1st Shinwon Paperback Vol. 1

1st Shinwon Paperback Vol. 2

Latvian                                       1st Hardcover

Lithuanian                                 1st Hardcover

Polish                                          2nd Paperback

Brazilian Portuguese                1st Paperback

                                                     1st Deluxe Edition

European Portuguese              Pack As Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo Papaerback

Romanian                                  1st Hardcover

                                                    2nd Paperback Vol. 1

2nd Paperback Vol. 2

Russian                                      1st Hardcover

2nd Hardcover

1st AST Hardcover Part 1

1st AST Hardcover Part 2

2nd AST Hardcover

Hardcover Leather Bound

Simplified Chinese                  1st Chongqing Paperback Vol.1

1st Chongqing Paperback Vol.2

2nd Paperback Vol 1

2nd Paperback Vol 2

2nd Paperback Vol 3

Spanish                                      1st mass market paperback

2nd mass market paperback

1st Paperback Vol. 1

1st Paperback Vol.2

2nd Paperback

2nd Hardcover

Swedish                                     1st Hardcover 1997

1st Hardcover 1998

1st Paperback

Thai                                            1st Paperback Vol. 1.1

1st Paperback Vol. 1.1

Chinese (Taiwan)                     Softcover Boxed-Set

Turkish                                       2nd Paperback

Vietnamese                               1st Paperback 1A

1st Paperback 1B


Other ASoIaF Stuff:


Calendar:                                   2009-2018

Original Art                               Castle Black and Weirwood from Meisha Merlin Edition by Jeffrey Jones

                                                    Catelyn Reads Lysa’s Letter from Subterranean Press Edition by Ted Nasmith

                                                    Daenery's Dream from the Finnish Edition of A Game of Thrones (Valtaistuinpeli) by Petri Hiltunen

The House Stark from the German A Game of Thrones Limited Edition "Eisenthron" by Caryad

The White Raven from A Clash of Kings (Subterranean Press) by Richard Hescox

Coldhands from Subterranean Press Limited Edition A Dance with Dragons by Marc Fishman

Crow Claw Spine from German Limited Edition of A Feast for Crows (Krähenfest) by Mia Steingräber

The story header of THE ROGUE PRINCE by Ken Laager featured in ROGUES/Subterranean Press

Bear Island by Franz Miklis from the Agot Card Game by FFG

Prints                                       ...and Rhaegar died" Litograph by Mike S. Miller

                                                 MONDO North of the Wall

                                                 Michael Komarck: Eddard, Sansa and Jon

The Art of ASoIaF                      Vol 1, Vol. 2, Limited Edition

Swords                                        Valyrian Steel Book Version of Longclaw and Needle

Comics                                        Limited German Edition of the AGoT graphic Novel. 4 Vol. limited to 99 pieces

RPG                                              Limited signed Edition and normal Edition by produced by Guardians of Order

                                                     RpG Books by Green Ronin

Miniatures                                 Limited Edition of "The Ruby Ford" by Testors…

                                                     The Iron Throne 14 Inch Limited Edition by Dark Horse

                                                     Eddard Stark 1/6 Miniature by ThreeZero


I am still missing a few languages, so i am looking for any Edition which is not listed here. On the other site i am looking for original Pantings by

Gary Gianni, Charles Vess and Tom Canty from the Subterranean Press Edition of AKotSK, ASoS and AFfC.


Edited by agot-library

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I was able to purchase two more AKOTSK originals from Gary Gianni at New York Comic Con, as well as the two exclusive AGOT Funko Pops.

Here is one of the interior illustrations:


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Congratulations Becca! The picture looks awesome. I am still looking for an original Gary Gianni Painting.  

Edited by agot-library

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On October 10, 2017 at 1:32 AM, agot-library said:

Congratulations Becca! The picture looks awesome. I am still looking for an original Gary Gianni Painting.  

Did you try contacting him? He is super nice. He's on Facebook now. You could send him a message.

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US Proof/ARC with DJ - Signed

US 1st printing HC - Signed

US 1st printing HC (x2) - no dust jackets

US reissue 1st printing HC w/ Jon Snow DJ - Signed

Meisha Merlin limited edition

Barnes & Noble slipcased edition - Signed

UK 1st printing HC

UK Deluxe edition - 1st print

UK Collectible edition

UK Reissue with white dust jacket

US 1st State Unissued Trade Dust Jacket signed by Stephen Youll & GRRM (1 of 7)

Spanish Gigamesh Illustrated 1st HC

Subterranean Press Limited edition #320

UK Proof

US Anniversary Illustrated edition - Signed

US Anniversary limited eco-trim fiber Illustrated edition

GRRMBox Ultra Limited Edition - #180 (Nov 28, 2016)

UK Red Leather Slipcased Edition (2016)


US 1st printing HC, DJ signed by Stephen Youll - Signed

UK 1st printing HC - Signed

Meisha Merlin limited edition

UK Deluxe edition - 1st print

UK Reissue with white dust jacket

US Proof/ARC - Signed

Subterranean Press Limited edition #320

Spanish Gigamesh Illustrated 1st HC

UK Red leather slipcased ACOK


US Proof/ARC - Signed

US 1st Printing HC - Signed

UK 1st printing HC - Signed

UK Deluxe edition - 1st print

Subterranean Press Limited edition

UK Reissue with white dust jacket

Spanish Gigamesh Illustrated 1st HC

UK Red leather slipcased ASOS


US 1st printing HC signed by GRRM w/ non published (proof) dust jacket, signed by Stephen Youll

US Proof dust jacket - GRRM signed

US 1st printing HC w/ published dust jacket

The Captain of the Guards excerpt - signed

UK 1st printing HC - signed

UK Limited slipcased edition

UK Deluxe edition - 1st print

UK Reissue with white dust jacket

Subterranean Press Limited edition #320

SP Tom Canty Sketches Chapbook - GRRM signed


Spanish Gigamesh Illustrated 1st HC

Daenerys Excerpt - signed


US 1st printing HC signed by GRRM

Subterranean Press Limited edition #320

UK Deluxe edition - 1st print

UK 1st edition/1st printing HC

Spanish Gigamesh Illustrated 1st HC - GRRM signed

Other S/Ls: 

Fevre Dream - Subterranean Press Limited (PC) edition SOLD

Fevre Dream - Subterranean Press Lettered edition

Dying of the Light - Subterranean Press Limited edition #320

Dying of the Light - SP Lettered edition PC

Tuf Voyaging - Meisha Merlin Limited edition

The Armageddon Rag - Poseidon Press Limited Edition

Starlady/Fast Friend - Subterranean Press Signed/Limited edition

Shadow Twin - Subterranean Press S/L

Quartet - Limited signed by GRRM & Charles Vess

The Skin Trade (Capclave limited signed/numbered edition #320)

Portraits of His Children - Dark Harvest Lettered Edition

Rogues - Subterranean Press Limited edition #320

Songs The Dead Men Sing - Dark Harvest Limited Edition

Legends II Limited Edition

Pear Shaped Man - Signed HC Limited Edition

In the House of the Worm - Balticon S/L HC

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - Subterranean Press #320, remarqued by Gary Gianni

Songs of the Dying Earth - Subterranean Press Limited edition #14

Night Visions 5 Limited Edition

Book of Swords - Subterranean S/L

Book of Swords - Subterranean Lettered

Other Books:

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms US 1st - signed & remarqued by Gary Gianni @ NYCC'15 

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms UK 1st - Waterstone's red sprayed edge edition - signed & remarqued by Gary Gianni

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - Spanish (Gigamesh) 1st - signed & remarqued by Gary Gianni

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Sketchbook - 1 of 250 perfect bound edition with GRRM/Gianni signed bookplate and Gianni remarque.

The World of Ice and Fire - US 1st - Signed

The World of Ice and Fire - Spanish (Gigamesh) 1st

Sandkings US 1st PB - GRRM signed

Legends US 1st HC - GRRM signed

Legends II US 1st HC

Rogues - US 1st - signed by Patrick Rothfuss, Joe Abercrombie & Garth Nix

The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister - US 1st - Signed

Pop-Up Guide To Westeros

The Lands of Ice and Fire

GRRM: A Rretrospective - Subterranean Press signed 1st

The Ice Dragon - signed 1st HC

The Ice Dragon - 2014 HC reissue - Signed

Fevre Dream - US 1st HC

Warriors - US HC 1st - Signed by GRRM, Gardner Dozois, Diana Gabaldon

The Armageddon Rag 1st US edition/1st print HC

Dreamsongs Vol.1 & 2 US 1st print HC

Windhaven 1981 ARC - yellow

Windhaven 2001 ARC - blue

Windhaven US signed 1st - Bantam edition

Songs of the Dying Earth 1st US edition - Signed by GRRM & Gardner Dozois

Old Mars - Signed by GRRM, Gardner Dozois & Howard Waldrop

Old Venus - Signed by GRRM & Elizabeth Bear

The Skin Trade (Capclave limited trade edition) - Signed

Down These Strange Streets - Signed by GRRM, Gardner Dozois & Charlaine Harris

A Song for Lya - 1st print US paperback

Dangerous Women - US 1st signed by Diana Gabaldon & GRRM

Inside HBO's AGOT Collector's Boxed Edition

AGoT #1-6 Comics signed by GRRM and Daniel Abraham

AGoT #7-10 Comics signed by GRRM and Daniel Abraham

AGoT #11 Comic signed by Daniel Abraham

Mile High Comics AGoT limited Comic Con edition #15

The Hedge Knight 1st Graphic Novel - 2003 softcover

Game of Thrones Graphic Novel Vol 1 - Dragon Remarque/signed by Mike S. Miller

Game of Thrones Graphic Novel Vol 2 - Signed

Fevre Dream Graphic Novel - Signed

Deeper Than Swords - Texas A&M University Publication

The Book of Swords - US 1st - signed by GRRM and Gardner Dozois

The Mystery Knight - US 1st - signed by GRRM

The Ghost Box from Hingston & Olsen (including the Pear Shaped Man)

Multiple signed bookplates

Wild Cards:

Wild Cards 1 PB (2017) - multiple signatures from Jean Cocteau signing 

Wild Cards II - 1st print PB - Signed by GRRM, John J. Miller (Personalized), Victor Milán

Wild Cards III - 1st print PB - Signed by GRRM, John J. Miller (Personalized)

Wild Cards V Trade PB (2017) - multiple signatures from Jean Cocteau signing 

Ace In The Hole (Uncorrected Page Proofs) - GRRM signed

Wild Cards VI Trade PB (2017) - multiple signatures from Jean Cocteau signing

Death Draws Five HC - Signed by GRRM, John J. Miller (Personalized)

Dead Man's Hand - Personalized by John J. Miller

Inside Straight 1st HC x2 - signed GRRM, John J. Miller (Personalized)

Busted Flush 1st HC - multi-signed GRRM

Suicide Kings 1st HC - signed GRRM

Fort Freak 1st HC - signed GRRM

Lowball 1st HC - signed GRRM

High Stakes 1st HC - multi-signed GRRM

Mississippi Roll - signed by GRRM

Low Chicago - GRRM signed

Knaves Over Queens - GRRM signed


2014 ASOIAF - Gianni signed

2015 ASOIAF - Donato/GRRM signed


2017 ASOIAF - GRRM signed

2018 ASOIAF - GRRM signed

TV Series:

Season 1 DVD box set with Targaryen dragon cover

Season 2 DVD box set

Season 3 BluRay Amazon exclusive set

Teefury T-shirts:

Stark brew, Baratheon brew, Ned Stark, Jon Snow, The Wall, Send A Raven, Win or Die, A Lannister Always Spays His Pets, Mother of Dragons, Ghost White Ale, Who Are You? (Rhaegal Viserion & Toothless/Drogon), Arya's List, John Snow and Ghost (warg), A Song of Ice, A Song of Fire, Winter Is Coming Forecast, Raven/Ghost/Lonclaw, Toothless Targaryen

Valyrian Steel:

Needle #1527

Longclaw (TV version)

Shire Post Mint Coins:

Golden Dragon of Jaehaerys (Thanks Tom)

Silver Pfenning of Eddard Stark

Golden Honor of Volantis

Faceless Man

Funko Pop Figurines:

Daenerys Targaryen/gold dragon, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, White Walker, Khal Drogo, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, The Hound, Renly Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, Battle Armor Tyrion, Rob Stark, Headless Ned Stark, Regular Ned Stark, Beyond The Wall Jon Snow, Bloody Brienne, Viserion, Hodor, Tywin Lannister, Ghost, Ygritte, Joffrey Baratheon, Drogon, Wedding Dress Daenerys, Rhaegal, Grey Wind, SDCC Flocked Ghost, Blue Dress Daenerys, Hot Topic Exclusive Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Samwell Tarly, Petyr Baelish, HT Exclusive Jaime Lannister, 6" Viserion, Gamestop Exclusive Ramsay Snow, NYCC '15 Exclusive Iron Throne, Gamestop Exclusive Metallic Dragon 3-pack, Gamestop Exclusive Night King GITD, B&N Exclusive Translucent Melisandre, Pop Rides Dany & Drogon, Harpy, Margaery, Hot Topic Exclusive Bloody Jon Snow, Mag the Mighty Convention Exclusive, Wight, Melisandre (regular), Jorah Mormont, Stannis Baratheon, Unsullied, Bronn, Bran Stark, John Snow, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Tormund, Wun Wun, The Mountain in armor (convention exclusive), SDCC Translucent Night King, Battle of the Bastards 2 pack - Jon Snow & Ramsay Bolton, NYCC Jaqen H'ghar, NYCC Lyanna Mormont, Night King on Icy Viserion, Oberyn Martell, The Mountain, Giant Wight (Spring Conv. Exc.), Daenerys on Dragonstone Throne, Daenerys Beyond the Wall, Jon Snow (61), Davos Seaworth, SDCC 2018 Olenna Tyrell

Funko Legacy Action Figures:

Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, The Hound, Ned Stark, White Walker, Tyrion Lannister, SDCC GID White Walker

Funko Mini Figures:

SDCC In Memoriam set

Dark Horse Figures:

John Snow

Ommegang Beer: 

3x Fire and Blood Ale with Drogon label & 1x Viserion label, 2x Take the Black Stout, 2x Valar Morghulis, 3 Eyed Raven, Iron Throne Ale, Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale, Valar Dohaeris/Morghulis gift pack, Bend the Knee (Stark & Targaryen), Hand of the Queen Barleywine Ale, Hand of the Queen Sour Blonde

Fire and Blood coaster


Daniel Porman & Kristian Nairn (NYCC '14)

Natalie Dormer & Finn Jones (NYCC'15)

Original Art:

AKOTSK original ink illustration pg 231 - Gary Gianni 

AKOTSK original ink illustration - Musicians - Gary Gianni 

AKOTSK original ink illustration - Dunk & Egg on horseback with donkey - Gary Gianni 


Jon Snow Skully print by Mike Mitchell (SDCC '15)

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms poster - signed by Gary Gianni (NYCC'15)

Drogon poster - signed & remarqued by Gary Gianni (NYCC'15)

Edited by becca69

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Hi All!

Here is my collection. In fairness, it is more of a GRRM collection, than just ASOIAF… I started a long time ago, and was lucky to beat the curve on collecting GRRM. So, forgive the non-ASOIAF listings, but I wanted to make a complete list for my own records, and I am not doing this twice!

The (*) limited number is my number, so I try to keep that a bit secret since someone years ago gouged me since they knew my number… Sigh!

Anyhow, I am not nearly as organized as Becca (who is some sort of collecting God, from what I have seen), so forgive the disorganization!

Anyone who is ever in Calgary is welcome to come for an art tour…

I am always open for trade offers, as I have some duplication…





July, 1996, Asimov Magazine, Blood of the Dragon, x2 Signed by GRRM and Paul Youll

MM Numbered x 2 #103 and (* my number)

MM PC Copy (1 of 2 known to exist)

Sub Press Numbers x 2

Sub Press PC Copy, remarqued

UK 1st, signed by GRRM and Jim Burns

USA ARC x 3, one with Silver Foil and sticker

USA Hardcover Arc with cardboard Jon Snow vertical slipsheet x 2

UK ARC (full copy)

UK ARC (preview copy)

USA Silver Foil 1st ed.

GOT slip case ed., Harper Collins

GoT unused Stephen Youll Dust Jacket Proof x2, signed (of 7 that are known to exist)

Jim Burns book Cover proof

Leather Bound Russian GoT

Harper Collins, Red Leather GoT



MM Numbered x 2 103 and (*)

MM PC Copy

Sub Press Numbered x 2 103 & (*)

Sub Press PC Copy, remarqued by Richard Hescox

UK 1st, signed by GRRM and Jim Burns


USA 1st ed.

CoK Dust Jacket proof, signed by Stephen Youll

Jim Burns book cover proof

Harper Collins, Red Leather CoK



Asimov Magazine, Path of the dragon (2000) signed by GRRM and Bob Eggleton

Sub Press Numbered x 2 103 & (*) & Bookmarks

Sub Press PC Copy & Bookmarks

UK 1st, signed by GRRM and Jim Burns


USA 1st

Dust Jacket proof, signed by Stephen Youll

Jim Burns Dust Jacket proof x 2

Harper Collins, Red Leather SoS



Sub Press Numbered x 2 103 & (*) & Booklet

Sub Press PC Copy & Booklet x2

Feast for Crows, ARCs Daenerys Chapter x2 and Captain of Guards x3

Feast for Crows, Cersei Chapter, (2003) & letter from publisher (only one I have ever seen, I think…)

Feast for Crows ARCs x2 (full book ARCs)

Voyager Limited (of 1000) x2 #547 & (* - this is the one I was gouged on, but I had to have the number to match my “mega set”!)

Voyager Limited (of 300) #61

UK First ed.

USA 1st Ed.

5 copies of Stephen Youll unused Dust Jacket, (of the 30 he had)



Sub Press Numbered x 2 103 & (*)

Sub Press PC Copy – with Remarque by Marc Fishman

Sub Press PC Copy

USA 1st


Misc ASOIAF Stuff

T-Shirt with Path of the Dragon on it (2000 Asimov Cover) - a gift from Bob Eggleton

The Hedge Knight Comic, First Edition Hardcover

A Feast of Ice and Fire, ARC

The Ruby Ford limited edition Miniature Box Set x 2

Game of Thrones graphic novels, Hardcovers # 1 – 3

Game of Thrones RPG limited, Guardians of the Order (*)

The Art of Ice and Fire limited, #67

Art of Ice and Fire, First trade edition, signed

Song of Ice and Fire RPG (Green Ronin)

GOT Emmy screener DVD

A Feast of Ice and Fire

Game of Thrones, Pop Up book

Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister

GOT comics Dynamite 1 – 17, signed by GRRM, and some by Mike Miller

Inside HBO Boxed set

The Lands of Ice and Fire

The Art of Ice and Fire volume 1 – 2

A GOT RPG hard cover edition (Guardians of the Order)

A Song of Ice and Fire campaign guide (Green Ronin)

The Hedge Knight volumes 1 – 2, hard cover (Dabel Brothers)

Song of Ice and Fire: Chronicle starter RPG

Song of Ice and Fire: Peril at Kings Landing RPG

A Song of Ice and Fire: Narrators Kit RPG

A Song of Ice and Fire role playing x3 (Green Ronin)

A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide RPG

HBO Press Kits x5 (House Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryan x 2…but one of the Targaryen sets is for sale – if Becca passes on it…)

John Picacio Calendar

Ted Nasmith Calendar

Marc Simonetti Calendar

Gary Gianni Calendar

Donato 365-page calendar, signed by artist

The other calendars as they come out.

Bluerays Season 1-5. Season 3 is that plastic dragon set from Amazon.

A pile of GoT Fantasy Flight Games cards.


Other Books/GRRM:


RRetrospective Limited (*)

Fevre Dream, UK ed. ARC

Wild Cards paperbacks 1-15

Wild Cards Book Club Ed. 1-5

ARC for Dark Harvest's Night Visions 5 (Skin Trade) 

The Ice Dragon

Portraits of his Children, limited, x9: numbers: 145,155, 216, 226, 241, 294, 412, 435, & PC x2,)

The Hedge Knight Comic, First Edition

Wild Card Comics 1 – 4

World of Ice and Fire (USA and UK)

Dr. Weird Comic

Star Studded comics #7

Down These Strange Streets ARC

Weird Tales, Issue 344

Dragon Magazine, Westeros Issue

Epic comics #2 (Wild Cards)

Signed Fevre Dream comic promotion

Legends 2 ARC

Legends 1, 1st ed.

Legends 2 limited (*)

Songs of Love and Death ARC

Jokers Wild ARC, signed

Songs of the Dying Earth ARC x2

Wings of Fire ARC

Fort Freak ARC

Armageddon Rag ARCs, 1981 x 2 & 2005 ed x 1

Fevre Dream ARC, 1982

Nightflyers ARC (Bluejay)

Suicide Kings ARC

Rogues (*)

Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (*)

Ice Dragon ARC

Horror Hall of Fame ARC

Warriors ARC

Hunter’s Run ARC

Windhaven ARCS, 1981 (with letter from Lisa Tuttle), 2001

Quartet ARC x 2

Subterranean Press Magazine issue #1, Hardcover, #82 of 150

Portraits of his Children ARC

Asimov Magazine, Glass Flower 1986

Tuf Voyaging limited x2, #152 & (*)

Fevre Dream limited x6, #272, PC x4 (one remarqued by Justin Sweet) and (*)

Portraits of his Children, lettered M

The Skin Trade Limited x2 # 264 and (*)

Starlady/Fast Friend limited x3, #156, #158 and (*)

Quartet limited ed x2, #152 and (*)

Fantastic Chicago Limited Ed Convention booklet, with Needle Man story, 1991

Dr Weird Comic

Portraits of his Children, paperback cover proof (Paul Chadwick), signed

Tuf Voyaging cover proof, first ed., David Wilson, signed

Song for Lya, 1st ed. Book cover proof

One Eyed Jacks ARC (signed by all contributors)

Wild Cards II ARC (signed by all contributors)

JokerTown shuffle ARC (signed by all contributors)

Aces Abroad ARC (signed by all contributors)

Joker’s Wild ARC (signed by all contributors)

Wild Cards ARC (signed by all contributors)

Dream Songs, UK 1st

Death Draws 5, 1st hard cover (Only 600 made on first print run)

Shadow Twin, limited ed (*)

Windhaven 1st ed x 2

Windhaven Dust Jacket Proof, signed by Stephen Youll

Tuf Voyaging 1st ed

Songs the Dead Men Sing UK ed.

Pear Shaped Man soft cover x2

Pear Shaped Man, (pulphouse press) limited x 4, #5, 13, 45 and PC (of 100 hardbacks)

Armageddon Rag Limited x3, #233, #382 #435

Armageddon Rag Lettered “S”

Dying of the Light numbered (*) and PC x 2

Dying of the Light, numbered ed. Dust Jacket Proofs x2

Songs the Dead Men Sing, (Dark Harvest) Dust jacket proofs x 4

Hunters Run x limited 8 numbers 193, PC – remarqued by Bob Eggleton, 168, 182, 410, 411, 323 and (*)

Wild Cards: the Hard Call

Dying of the Light, 1st ed, Australia

Asimov Magazine cover proofs for Glass Flower and Portraits of His Children

Tuf Voyaging UK hard cover  

Lowball Advanced Reading Copy x2

Deuces Down. 1st

Dying of the Light – us hard cover

Dream Songs volume 1 – 2, 1st

Tough Voyaging, hard cover Meisha Merlin ed.

Songs of the Dying Earth, numbered x2, pc and (*) with customized remarqe by Tom Kidd for “A Night at the Tarn House”

Songs of the Dying Earth, dust jacket proof.

Fevre Dream, first edition

Busted Flush

Insight Straight

Fort Freak

A Song for Lya – Babage Press

A Song for Lya, 1st ed.

Songs of Stars and Shadows, 1st

Songs of Love and Death

Skin Trade limited x2 #264 and (*)

World Fantasy magazine, 1994

Otherworks (Orion)

Fever Dream graphic novel X2: limited and regular edition, both hard cover

Fever Dream graphic novel, soft cover

Wild Cards: Aces and Jokers, RPG

Wild Cards, Mutants and Master minds, RPG

Fevre Dream, Individual comics x 6 (Avatar)

Subterranean Press Magazine, number 1, soft cover

Tuf Voyaging, page proof manuscript

Old Mars, signed by all 3

Old Venus

Fevre Dream UK 1st, x2

Songs the Dead Men Sing, limited x 12 : PC x 3, #10 #101 #125, #191 #207, #326, #451 #494, PC +letter on Fevre Packet co. letterhead to publisher from October 18, 1983.

(#10 came with a flyer from Dark Harvest sent to customers giving them first chance to grab the book, from what appeared to be friends of Paul Mikol)

UK Songs the Dead Men Sing, Uncorrected book proof, signed

UK Fevre Dream, uncorrected book proof, 1983

Deeper than Swords x4

Windhaven 2001 hardcover

Splatter Punks ARC signed

Dangerous Women ARC

Doorways hardcover Graphic Novel

Doorways pilot TV Show VHS

Sandkings (Outer Limits) VHS

GRRM Colouring book

Nightflyers Movie VHS

Wild Cards: All in, RPG

Outworlds magazine #43

Cosmos Magazine 1977

Various Beauty and the Beast scripts

Armageddon Rag first edition x2

Rogues 1st ed.

In the House of the Worm, (*) limted edition, given out at Balticon 50

In the House of the Worm number (I forget, but will add it sometime)

Rogues ARC

Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, illustration mock-up copy, with the illustrations from Gary Gianni taped in… Remarqued by Gary.

Galaxy Edge Magazine #20

Basically every paperback of every North American and UK edition of all his books…But I can’t bring myself to open those boxes in the storeroom… Someday!?

I am 99% sure I have every Analog/Asimov/Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy etc with a GRRM story…

Various letters from GRRM to people seeking to sell manuscripts in the 1980s.  If only there was a time machine.


Game of Thrones, UK 1st Ed. Cover, original oil painting by Jim Burns

Clash of Kings, UK 1st Ed. Cover, original oil painting by Jim Burns

Storm of Swords UK 1st Ed. Cover, original oil painting by Jim Burns

Storm of Swords (Vol 2, paperback) original oil Painting by Jim Burns

Dance with Dragons (forthcoming) oil painting by Jim Burns (commission)

Feast for Crows lithograph by Jim Burns

Dany's Necklace, Commission by Aleksandar Ilic

Growing Strong,  (Margaery Tyrell) by Aleksandar Ilic

A Song for Lya, by Aleksandar Ilic

Wings, by Vincent di Fate - Cover of the 1977 Analog Magazine  "After the Festival" serial that became Dying of the Light (Found by accident in a random conversation when a lady asked me if I knew the illustrator!! Praise the God of Tits and Wine!

Windhaven, 20 x 30 oil painting commission by Bob Eggleton

The Exit to San Breta, a 16 x 32 oil painting commision by Mark Harrison

Worlorn, by Tom Kidd (Sub Press Dying of the Light interior painting)

Defence Robot, by Tom Kidd (Sub Press Dying of the Light interior painting)

Arya by Eric Velhagen (from 2018 Calendar) 

Mag the Mighty, by Eric Velhagen (from 2018 Calendar) 

Tyrion and Shae, by Eric Velhagen ((from 2018 Calendar) 

Daenerys, by Eric Velhagen ((from 2018 Calendar) 

Sensing Danger, by Larry Elmore 28x42 oil painting

Stone City, by Phil Parks (interior from RRetrospective)

Portraits of His Children, by Phil Parks (interior from RRetrospective)

Journal of Xavier Desmond, by Phil Parks (interior from RRetrospective)

Pear Shaped Man, by Phil Parks (interior from RRetrospective)

Second Kind of Loneliness, by Phil Parks (interior from RRetrospective)

The Road Less Travelled, by Phil Parks (interior from RRetrospective)

This Tower of Ashes, commission by Gary Lippincott

Steven Hickman commission, forthcoming

Linda Adair commission, forthcoming, 

Boris Vallejo Daenerys commission, forthcoming

Vince Natale, Fevre Dream commission, forthcoming

Red Ruby - a Melisandre commission, by Anna Marine

Rica Dawnstar Commission by Jim Burns

GoT ARC Cover painting by Stephen Youll (1995) (First ever public GoT art in the World.)

Blood of the Dragon oil painting, Paul Youll (Cover of 1996 Asimov Magazine – first ever published picture of Daenerys)

Blood of the Dragon, interior pencil drawing by Darryl Elliott (Interior of 1996 Asimov Magazine – first ever published picture of Daenerys)

Path of the Dragon oil painting, Bob Eggleton, Cover of 2000 Asimov Magazine

Path of the Dragon, interior pencil drawing by Darryl Elliott

Starlady/Fast Friend cover, oil painting, Martina Pilcerova

RRetrospective wraparound cover for the Sub. Press book, by Phil Parks. 

Armageddon Rag cover and Prelim, by Victor Moscoso from the Dark Harvest Limited ed.

Dying of the Light (Sub Press) oil cover painting by Tom Kidd

Dying of the Light interior painting “Gwen on the Stairs”, by Tom Kidd

Clash of Kings (Sub Press) oil painting covers for volumes 1 & 2, Richard Hescox
Nightflyers, by Paul Lehr – cover of the April ed. of the 1980 Analog magazine

Daenerys, Catelyn, Sansa Theon, and Davos Chapter headings for Clash of Kings by Richard Hescox

Ser Barristan Saves, by Richard Hescox, from the Sub-Press interior colour paintings.

Wild Card RPG cover from Green Ronin, by Jason Cheesman-Meyer

Game of Thrones, (Sub Press) oil paintings covers, volumes 1 & 2, by Ted Nasmith

Daenerys chapter headings, by Ted Nasmith 

Mark Poole – Bitterblooms Commission 

Mother of Dragons, by Terry Wolfinger (Cover of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine #185)

The Wolf’s Mirror, by Andy Brase.  Cover of the Skin Trade book from France

Glass Flower, 1986, Asimov Magazine oil painting cover, by Hisaki Yasuda

Glass Flower, 1986, interior drawings x3, graphite by Terry Lee

Ivan Rodriguez, Hose of the Worm Comic Book Covers x2

Portraits of His Children (paperback) Cover oil painting by Paul Chadwick

Portraits of His Children (limited ed.) cover oil painting by Ron and Val Lindahn

Portraits of His Children interior oil paintings x 4 by Ron and Val Lindahn

Portraits of His Children, Asimov Magazine (1985) interior drawings x 2 by Stephen Gervais

Joffrey propaganda Commission, John Petersen

Windhaven (2001) oil painting cover by Stephen Youll

Windhaven preliminary drawing, by Stephen Youll

The Hedge Knight, first ed. cover oil painting by Ted Nasmith

The Hedge Knight reissue, cover oil painting by Boris and Julie

Augie Pagan “Winter is Coming” From the GRRM art show in Seattle at the Ltd. Gallery

Tuf Voyaging interior drawings x 10, Janet Aulisio (from Asimov magazine and/or book reissue)

Tuf Voyaging 20x30 in. commission by Janet Auliso

Tuf Voyaging, 1st ed. oil painting cover, by David Wilson

John Harris  “The Ark” commission, showing Tuf’s ship over Alberta Canada!

John Picacio, Melisandre pencils for calendar

John Picacio, Ned and Dany prelim drawings for calendar

Hunter’s Run, cover oil painting and 2x interior oil paintings, Bob Eggleton

HBO’s official Daenery’s “Holy Mother of Dragons”, oil painting, by Jason Edmiston

Mike Miller, “…Rhaegar Died” pencils, (from the short-lived Art of Ice and Fire lithographs…)

Mike Miller – “You Know Nothing, Jon Snow” Commission

Mike Miller, Guardians of the Order RPG pencil covers

Mike Miller, Death Draws 5 original cover pencil

Mike Miller, 10 covers for various Hedge Knight/GoT comic covers (including a pic of me as a dead guard on one!)

Mike Miller, Melisandre commission

Mike Miller, Dunk and Egg comic art

Mike Miller, wedding commission of my [then] wife and I with GoT characters…

Mike Miller, Lena Heady and Peter Dinklage commission (which I got signed by the actors at an event where I got my picture with Lena Heady in front of the original Jim Burns covers)

Mike Miller  Daenerys' Daydream commission

Harrenhal oil painting "Firestorm" (commission), by Bob Eggleton

Annie Stegg Gerard “Mother of Dragons” 24x36 oil on Masonite (I took a picture of GRRM by it at Spectrum)

Chis Moore commission “Sandkings”

Chris Moore Commission “Starport” (with Jim Burns as the model…)

Marc Evans, original acrylic paintings of Khal Drogo x2 and Dany x 1 (Fantasy Flight Games)

Ken Lager interior illustration from Rogues - The Rogue Prince

Donato Giancola, Jon and Ygritte drawing from Illuxcon 6

Donato Giancola – Glass Flower commission, forthcoming

Veronica Casas – 15 illustrations and the cover from the Spanish version of the Ice Dragon

Enrique Corominas, Melisandre drawing

Glenn Chadbourne, Pear Shaped Man ink drawing (from Horror Hall of Fame)

Irina Ivashova, Valar Morghulis oil painting

Jim Pavelcec painting of the Hound (Fantasy Flight Games) as well as the preliminary drawing

Margery Tyrell and Sansa  Commissions from Rosaria Battiloro
Jon Snow Commission from Medusa the Doll Maker

Jon V. Jones, Mother of Dragons (commission)

Ken Meyer Jr. The Queen, (commission)

Larry Elmore (Daenerys commission, forthcoming)

Bob Eggleton, Iron Throne oil painting, (commission)

Armando Huerta “Peregrine” Commission - forthcoming

Clyde Caldwell Commission “Dragon’s Mistress Visenya”

Jeff Jones, A Murder of Crows (MM/GoT interior illustration)

Grace Fong – Draw Them With The Pointy End cover (Kickstarter art book)

Michael C. Hayes, Fire and Blood (commission)

Michael C. Hayes, Melisandre (commission)

Michael C. Hayes, Dany in Qarth, oil painting

Marc Fishman interior drawings for Dance with Dragons x 4

Bitterblooms, by Mark Poole, commission 

Raya Golden, interior illustrion from Meathouse Man comic and alternate cover concept art

Dance with Dragons (foreign cover) by Martina Pilcerova

Clash of Kings (foreign cover) by Martina Pilcerova

We Shall Light a Candle, (ASOIAF foreign cover) by Martina Pilcerova

Michael Calandra, Melisandre (Fantasy flight games)

Michael Calandra, (Tyrion at the Brothel), (Fantasy Flight games)

Michael Calandra, Dany (commission)

Patricia Tarquini commissions x 6 (Dany, Cersei, Sansa, Margery, Catelyn, Ygritte) (more to come from this young and up and coming French artist…)

Cersei commission, Armando Huerta

Daenerys Commission by Armando Huerta

Ramsay Snow painting, by Connor Campbell

Hedge Knight, by Brothers Hildebrandt, cover of the 2003 comic... 

The Glass Flower, by Donato Giancola, commission

Songs the Dead Men Sing, cover painting, Paul Sonju

Songs the Dead Men Sing, interior paintings x 6, by Paul Sonju

Clash of Kings (Sub Press) preliminary paintings by Richard Hescox x4 (These are for sale)

1980 Analog Magazine oil painting cover for Tuf Voyaging “Guardians” by Robert Crawford

Songs the Dead Men Sing, Sphere Paperback book cover oil painting, by Steve Crisp

Feast for Crows, unused Stephen Youll cover, pencil preliminary drawing

Game of Thrones, Stephen Youll cover, Jon Snow pencil preliminary drawing

RRetrospective interior drawing “Seven Times Never Kill Man”, by Tim Truman

RRetrospective interior drawing, “Unsound Variations” & “With Morning Comes Mistfall” by Janet Aulisio

RRetrospective interior drawing by Tom Mandrake, “Bitterblooms”, “A Song for Lya” “Nightflyers” & “Shell Games”

RRetrospective interior drawing, “Beast for Norn” “The Hero” and “Sandkings” by Mark A. Nelson

King's Landing, by Tim Truman (GoT card art)

Dying of the Light (Sub Press) Interior drawings by Tom Kidd x 3

Dying of the Light (1989) preliminary drawing and preliminary cover painting by Tom Kidd

Songs of the Dying Earth (Sub Press Jack Vance Tribute, with GRRM story) cover painting, by Tom Kidd as well as the preliminary drawing

Doug Beekman “Dead Kitty” – Alternate cover painting for 1985 Asimov story, ultimately used as interior

Doug Beekman – Tuf and Cat from the 1985 Asimov story

Doug Beekman – Rica Dawnstar from the 1985 Asimov story

Doug Beekman – Rica and the T-Rex, from the 1985 story

Doug Beekman preliminary drawings for the Plague Star x 2

Fevre Dream cover oil painting (Sub Press) by Justin Sweet

Fevre Dream, alternate cover inks, by Justin Sweet

Flayed by Rick Berry (From the Skin Trade) 

Shattered Wolf, by Rick Berry, from the Skin Trade

Sansa’s Dream, by Mel Mora

Invasion of Love poster 24x36 by Patrick Woodroffe  (Cover of a Song for Lya) 

Rhys Coopers, Call the Banners limited ed. (9 banners)

24x36 poster of Meathouse Man, signed by Raya Golden and GRRM.

Jeff Jones, limited lithograph – only 48 signed before she died. Mine is number (*), and she said I was the only one to request a specific number, so I probably am the only one with one that matches the MM GoT.

Prints & lithographs from Vincent di Fate, Marc Fishman, Marc Simonetti, Mark Evans, Stephen Youll, Mike Miller, John Picacio, and many others…

I am sure there are more odds and ends, and a few coins from the Shire Post, but that is the bulk of it. If anyone wants to see an online gallery of most of this - feel free to add me on Facebook, where I have an album of this, and some of my other nerd art collection, which involves 1980s gamebooks/RPGs. Just message me and I can send you my Facebook link.  Or look me up on comicartfans.com under Pat Robinson

As a side note – I have found the people on this board to be great collectors, willing to share leads and information. It is nice to see everyone working together to build great collections!   Anyone with original art for sale, please feel free to message me here or on FB.

Cheers from Canada!


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I am seeing some fantastic collections here, dang. I'm pretty proud of what I've gathered together so far so I figured I'd share mine too :) (WIP...I'll add more as I add to the collection)


  • A Game of Thrones 1st/1st (foil iron throne cover, full serial, signed - jewel of my collection)
  • A Clash of Kings 1st/1st (signed)
  • A Storm of Swords 1st/1st (signed)
  • A Feast for Crows 1st/1st (signed)
  • A Dance with Dragons 1st/1st (signed)
  • A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
  • The Hedge Knight (graphic novel, signed)
  • The Hedge Knight II: Sworn Sword (graphic novel, signed)
  • The Mystery Knight (graphic novel)
  • The World of Ice & Fire (signed by Martin, would love to get Elio and Linda's too!)
  • The Lands of Ice and Fire
  • A Feast of Ice & Fire (cookbook)
  • A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying (core book from Green Ronin)
  • A Game of Thrones Puzzle Quest
  • Game of Thrones Official Coloring Book


  • A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (1st edition, plus 2 expansions)
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (2nd Ed. LCG - plus most chapter packs / big expansions)(I also have a bunch of 1st ed LCG and even some oldies from when this was a CCG)
  • Battles of Westeros
  • Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series

Memorabilia and Merch:

  • Calendars 2011, 2012, 2016-2018
  • Ommegang Brewery - Valar Morghulis & Valar Dohaeris, plus glass
  • Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet
  • Wax Seal Coasters
  • Christmas Ornaments:
  • Funko Pop Mystery Mini's...most of them? Don't have many from the newest set though.
  • Funko Pop Oberyn Vinyl figure (one of my favorite characters in the books - SAY THEIR NAMES!)
  • Funko Pop Daenerys Targaryen Vinyl figure
  • Funko Pop Khal Drogo Vinyl figure
  • Funko Pop Jon Snow keychain (x2)


Edited by Mathias

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A variety; if it’s artsy and I like it, it’s in:

Two tattoos, hoping to be three: chest piece and Brightroar on my arm

 unofficiall Tarot majors by Connie Giang  in watercolours ( I read professionaly and this is what I use for me. ( I like the official but not as much-my majors has Patchface.)

A very banged up copy of Feast of Ice and Fire with my notes and a lot of Poudre Forte.

Lannister drinking horn which holds over two full beers.

Tiny crocheted Cersei, Jaime, Sansa

Signed John Picacio Ser Jaime Lannister print ( I carried this in my suitcase when I did my international move)

Lannister quilt done by ChaasBaby in Etsy (gorgeous! Carried this too.

silver Lannister talisman ( one of the last holiday gifts my dad gave me before he passed)

Big brass lion’s head ring and lion’s head pendant by MartyMagic ( not official but I love them 

Poster from Burlesque is Coming, the GRRM imprimatured ASOIAF burlesque show

Signed copy of my old neighbourhood library’s FFC. ( I purchased it when they closed—Waiting for my family to bring it out to me.)

My favourites both for different reasons are the Faceless Man coin I received from GRRM and my husband ( who is ultimately my favourite:) who I met via ASOIAF-therein lies a tale—I also highly recommend the honey chicken from the cookbook. Apparently it can get you a spouse despite being of the Night’s Watch:;))

Thanks ( and hello again-I joined in 2016, lurked and lost my original ID❤️)

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