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Apple Martini

Less examined bits of the AA prophecy

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Kind of in a holding pattern here. Oh well.

Anyone have any points that they really want included on the v.2 list? I wrote up kind of a "summary" of the ideas so people wouldn't have to wade through all 21 pages if they didn't want to.

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Oh, I've no doubts about that at all. And with rhat still being true today, we can picture how much bloodier it was in medieval times. But I still think that description of Lyanna's gown could indicate something different...

Maybe it was the first Westerosi Cesarean

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Most of this stuff can be found in the SSM section of the Citadel.


We know from Dany's POV that she was born nine "moons" (months) after the Sack. So Jon was born either right at the time of the Sack (nine months older than her) or up to a month after (eight months). Given that Jaime killed Aerys very shortly before the actual Sack properly took place (I think Tywin's forces were either still at the gates or had just entered) and Aegon was targeted soon after on that same night, it stands to reason that Jon was born a king, not a prince, because Rhaegar, Aerys and Aegon would already have been dead.

In a previous post, I quoted for you the exact same thing, BUT, there's also the quote from Citadel: "

Queen Rhaella died giving birth to Daenerys during a terrible storm almost precisely nine months after the death of Rhaegar" 22nd paragraph

"Startlingly, he would bring with him a child, Jon Snow, whom he claimed as his son. The child was born eight or nine months prior to Daenerys Targaryen" - 23rd paragraph


So, I'm really sorry if I'm being slow... But couldn't Jon been born at the day Rheagar died? (note that I'm using the word COULD, because I know that from the GRRM said, we could put his birth being 1 month before also) OR could it be that the Citadel is "wrong" (the post has not taken into consideration new info from newer books, I really don't know) and the actual date she was born is calculated is from THE SACK and NOT the death of Rhaegar?

All this is for asking: IF the quote of Citadel is wrong, then her birth date is calculated from the sack, then yeah, Jon could be king. IF it is not, however, than Jon could not be king, because neither Aerys nor Aegon were dead when he was born.

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