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[Book Spoiler] Jocelyn Bywater

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I've been a bit disappointed by the Slynt's substitution. In the books, the man who takes his place, is Jocelyn Bywater and even if I hadn't paid attention to the fact that no one was chosen to play this character, I didn't like very much Bronn as the Commander of the City Watch.

Seriously, Bronn? A mercenary, with no title, no lands and no fame becoming the Commander of the CW? Tyrion (from the books) would have never done it unless Bronn had received something like the knighthood after the Battle of the Blackwater. Cersei would have destroyed the Imp if he had put a mercenary with nothing but his sword in charge as the Commander of the CW.

I'm not accusing HBO, I know that Bywater is a secondary character and that they have to restrain the whole CoK in 10 hours, but I just can't stand this thoughtless and stupid action of Tyrion (from the TV show). I believe they won't even consider the fact that Bronn has been raised so high replacing SER Janos Slynt, avoiding the fact that the Queen would have attacked and changed Tyrion's plans if they had were planned in the books and not on the TV show.

Is it just me or does someone else think it too?

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