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How would you rate episode 204?


How would you rate episode 203?  

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I rated it a 10, despite all the violence. I thought it was an outstanding episode with much stronger writing than episode 3.

Qarth: This scene was really awkwardly written. Dany threatening that she is going to come back and burn the city down later, when she admits that if they don't let her in, she and her group will die? In the context of TV game of thrones, why don't the Thirteen just force her to give up her dragons? Her Kalisar in the books is weak, but still several hundred people even if many are women, elderly and Xaro comes to her in the dead city that Dany is camped at and recovering and invites her to come so that the 13 can pay homage and see her dragons. But in the show for her to threaten them when they are basicly her only hope for survival rather than just show them at least one of the dragons seemed silly.

The Qartheen don't know how powerful the dragons are, nor do they want to ruin their reputation.

I thought her entry into Qarth was more believable than in the books.

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Joff/whores scene was pointless, although kind of funny.

Robb/battlefield chick was pointless.

The new Mountain really sucks.

Dany scene was ok.

Tywin is one of my favorite on the show. He grabs my attention every single second he is on screen.

Not so sure what Littlefinger is doing this season. Seems to be setting up to get his big day though.

How could they pack all of Ned's bones into that tiny box?

Roose Bolton was great.

Why would Lannister men ever say Loras Tyrell is a better swordsman than Jaime is?

Stannis/Renly parley scene needed more time.

Joff/Sansa scene was good, but could have used more time. I was hoping for the Hound to step in and tell them to stop.

These episodes are so damn short, what the hell?

How much room would imagine a human skeleton would take up? Ever seen one at a doctors office? In pieces you could probably fit one into an empty beercase. lol

I agree that the mountain was week, and Roose was great. The Chick on the battle field scene, you will find becomes essential to Robbs story. be patient with that one.

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I would give it an 8.5, so I rounded up to a 9 due to finally seeing Roose Bolton and the excellent Grey Wolf scene. Great opening to the episode (though I could have done without another fart joke, it just doesn't make sense for this show) and Bolton was awesome in his short scene.

I feel like Tyrion and Twin stole the show this week. Tyrion is always amazing, and his scenes with Sansa and Lancel were very well done. Tywin just has some great presence to him that I can't really explain, but I just always think he kills it in every scene he is in. Probably because Dance is an amazing actor. I liked him just strolling in and calling Polliver an idiot.

As far as Davos goes, they should just fully explain his backstory, so the nonbook readers know what he is talking to Stannis and Mel about. I also really don't like that Mel suggests that he wants her. I don't buy that for a second! Very strange. Shadow baby was pretty legit though.

I don't know how I feel about Jeyne Westerling field nurse Volantene girl yet. Initially I am not impressed. Dany's scenes at Qarth with the "Spice King" were pretty funny for some reason. I really hope we get to see more of the dragons this season though, not just Drogon.

I would have liked a mention of Beric Dondarrion, and nonbook readers probably had no idea what village or brotherhood they were talking about. Interesting "tickling" method...not done by the Tickler. Totally brought me back to the opening of Fast and Furious 2, where they tortured a guy the same way.

The whore scene took way too long, and was just a little ridiculous in my opinion. Also, is the actress that plays Ros pregnant or something? She looks different, and always has tons of clothes on now, but that was just my random thought. That other whore is having some bad luck lately!

Don't know why I wrote so much, but anyways, good episode, can't wait til next week as always!

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I'm conflicted about this one. The good was really good, and the bad was really bad. Something about the Joff/hookers scene didn't feel right...it felt more like GRRRR I'M MEAN than someone actually getting sadistic pleasure, and it dragged on too long.

Qarth was awkward as hellllll. Bad dialog, invoking the rite sounded cheesey, and the graphics with the doors opening didn't feel right. Besides making me very aware I was looking at a greenscreen, the vastness of the city clashed with how small the reception felt..."Welcome to the greatest city that ever was or ever will be! Here is the entire ruling council, with 10 guards."

Oxcross was great, so were the Tyrion scenes. Liked Renly and Stannis but wanted more. Renly saying he used to love Stannis, however...another example of TV Renly retaining very little of book Renly.

Shadowbaby....nah. The scene felt rushed, and why the hell was it screeching like some Harry Potter monster? Visually it looked cool, otherwise I thought the scene was weak.

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Overall loved the episode - solid 8!

Less liked Joff/whores scene, only because I think they should have focus Joff's wickedness more on Sansa... in the books he was a lot more brutal to her and I would like to see that rather than him being sadistic with some poor whores. (Also I dislike Sansa and everything about her so maybe that's just me curing my frustration :devil: ). However, I would much more prefer other awesome scenes from the book, I feel there's a bit too much "let's shock the viewers" thing going on.

Bolton was great, I instantly recognized him! Harenhall looked awesome!

Rob/Talisa story was ok, I guess, I have to see where they go with it.

Arya and Tyrion scenes were great as usual. Especially scene with Lancel. Cat was good too but TV LF sucks. I hope the writers know what are they doing with LF because he seems more and more piteous to me and that shouldn't be the thing I feel when I see LF.

Dany and Qarth were "meh" but I'm glad that they're finally moving forward with her story.

The best parts - Robb and Grey Wolf scene and shadowbaby - pure win! Can't wait to watch it again with boyfriend and see his reaction. :drool:

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Does anyone actually know what Soumai is?!?

The ancient rite of cutting your hand for the sake of plot progression.

It seemed that Xaro was taking on responsibility for Dany and her people- if they did anything bad in the city Xaro would be to blame, and would presumably be severely punished. It was not in the books.

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Ok, somebody has got to come up with a term.

Last year it was sexposition.

Joffrey and the prostitutes.... each of the first four S2 episodes has had a zero-sum-sex-scenes.

It's wasting good plot narrative time, of which there is precious little to begin with!

Is this D&D's idea or HBO's.

There have been sex scenes that advance the plot, Stannis and Melisandre on the 'war table', Renly and Margaery Tyrell, last week, those were back to sexposition, even the brothel scene transition into the bastard killing scenario actually worked well enough.

Otherwise several have now wasted valuable plot time.

(Frankly I thought George did this from time to time on the printed page , but when you have a gazillion page novel who cares?)

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Best episode for this season, so far.

:agree: though I didn't like some parts, especially Joff and his presents. Less screen time for the whores and a little bit more subtlety would be appreciated.

The meeting of the Baratheon brothers was mediocre, it was one of my favorite scenes in the book, but somehow they just didn't get it right.

But I liked the way they showed us Robb's surprise attack. Of course Tyrion was the best, especially together with Lancel. But Tywin was great, too. I loved what they did to Harrenhal, it's far more gritty and evil than I could have hoped for.

Over all I rated it a 9, the good scenes overweighed the bad ones by far and this season finally seems to get some pace.

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A few nits.

Four episodes in and Dany's story has wasted time in the red-waste (actually in George's book this went on too long too).

I thought this episode we would get a glimpse of the three dragons , Dany having them being the selling point... a lot of Dany-time to make up for with just 6 episodes left.

(Jorah's back story gonna be covered some time? don't mind they have skipped it...maybe an abbreviated version later?)

As I remember the Qarthians were no immediate threat because they thought they had a use for her and the dragons.

What happened to the comet? It played a role in her story in CoK.

Looked cool that first episode, that's a CGI that could not have cost much.

Why did they write The Mountain in at all? He could have been moved to the sidelines for the this and the next season.

Harrenhall looked great from a distance, but , well while ok, camera seemed to keep some tight framing. My vision from the book was that the place was in disarray but had had some amount of fix up in the 300 years after the War of Conquest. Maybe in coming weeks we will get a better perspective.

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The meeting of the Baratheon brothers was mediocre, it was one of my favorite scenes in the book, but somehow they just didn't get it right.

Yeah, in the book that is a crucial scene, I know they have time constraints, but just a wee bit more elaboration was needed.

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I don't know what it is, I'm finding it hard to feel the love this season. Film/TV adaptation never lives up to the book, no matter what, and changes are necessary. I know this absolutely so it can't be that. After all, I like the book of LOTR much better than the movies but I still loved the movies despite some of the adaptation changes, some of which I didn't like at all.

I think I'm not connecting with the characters like I did in Season 1. The shows have all seemed a little rushed, edited highlights if you will. So some of the added scenes have maybe felt a bit annoying as there's plenty of the book being excluded and additional scenes which I don;t think add much by way of important context, narrative or exposition. I don't mind so much the truncating of Arya's storyline. I'm fine with her becomming Tywin's cupbearer and Tywin knowing she's a girl at first glance. Kinda vastly accentuates the irony of the situation. I also was more than happy with XXD being a Summer Islander, really shuts up all the complainers about there being a well tanned person in Qarth. Still, disappointed that even the Qartheen have toffy English accents. How much of a monoculture is the whole of Martinworld? Seriously, Summer Islanders at least should have a decent Jamaican or African accent. I'll take Javik's Prothean accent from Mass Effect 3 over XXD's garden variety English accent any day.

Some really good scenes from this episode, But pretty much all lifted more or less verbatim from the book. Tyrion v. Lancel - brilliant. And Lancel isn't an awful actor up against the mighty Peter Dinklage. Though I thought the Parlay between Stannis and Renly was not a great piece of acting. Renly didn;t quite hit the right level of dismissive flippancy for me. Still it was a good scene and great to see the words lifted from the page and put into speech. I was really worried about what Ros (are there only 3 whores in the whole of King's Landing aside from Shae?) was going to be made to do with that rod. Damned glad it ended up only being more beatings, thank the gods for small mercies.

Shadow baby was suitably creepy. Davos was suitably grossed out and freaked in equal measure.

Off to lurk on the TWOP forum now.

6/10 for me, all points going to the scenes lifted more or less right off the page.

Gods I hope Littlefinger doesn't help Cat escape Renly's camp next week.

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The Tickler could have been doing the torture himself, and I didn't get the sense of utter horror that marked the corresponding chapter in the book. The Tickler wasn't even named, but hopefully he can make Arya's list anyway. I loved Tywin's entrance, though. Charles Dance has such a tremendous screen presence, I have no idea how he does it, but I fucking love that guy.

Dany's refusal to show the dragons seemed a bit strange to me, and why she would threaten the 13 in the position she's in is beyond me. I guess we are finally seeing some of that Targaryen madness.

Tyrion was great as always (and no Shae, yay!).

Stannis' portrayal is starting to grow on me. Like the Renly and Stannis parley, but non-readers must've been confused as to how Stannis got there. Wouldn't have hurt to before it have a quick scene of "Stannis has landed on the shore! Quickly, prepare for battle. I'm gonna have a chat with my brother."

I didn't mind the Catelyn/Littlefinger scene. Michelle Fairley performance was top-notch, and her decision to free Jaime makes more sense to viewers this way.

The shadowbaby was every bit as creepy as I had hoped. Fantastic scene.

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I'll give it a 7.5, leaning towards an eight.

Good points:

Tyrion blah blah as I repeat every week.

Joffrey's acting is brilliant. I'm rather indifferent to the whore scene as a whole, but he was great.

Opening scene was good too.

Harrenhall looked great, and the scenes there were enjoyable too.


Littlefinger acting like a whiny little douche and trying to sleaze on Cat. It simply displays a level of stupidity that his character doesn't have. I find this more annoying that anything else so far.

Also, to those wondering about the girl on the battlefield with Robb, something to consider.

If Jeyne makes it clear who she is, she would be captured and held as a hostage. Hence the Volantis shtick. By using the disguise aspect, it means that when she is introduced as Jeyne (when Robb storms the castle), a lengthy introductions can be avoided. By using the nurse angle, we also get an insight into her kindness, which will help to explain Robb's dalliances with her later (and give a reason for her to treat his wound). This way works better than "you're hot and consoling me, let's bang". It's also worth remembering that their whole relationship happens "offstage" in ASOIAF. As such, we never really get a proper idea of her character when with Robb. This scene helped set it up.

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8/10 from me.

Loved it, but let's face it -- I'm gonna love every episode. Lol. I don't think it was so good that it earned a 9 or 10 imo... Although the scene with Tyrion "educating" Joffrey is 10/10 material for me.

The whore scene was ridiculous, I wasn't a fan of the shadow baby, and (although I love TV Tywin) him walking around talking to the prisoners just seemed silly. Other than that, I think--it was very good.

Needless to say, the scenery, production values, etc gets a clear 11/10 for me!

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I gave it a 6.

The new Mountain was a disappointment.

Some of the scenes were a little slow - as well as Joff.

Tyrion earned the show back some points --

But then Littlefinger comes across as such a buffoon -- and in the books I got the impression that he was so sly.

Robb was great - and I loved how they contrasted him with Joff.

Even more interesting was how he reminded us all he is his father's son... doesn't mind fighting a war -- but doesn't want the spoils -- a la the Iron Throne.

And then it seemed to end before it started.

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I gave it an 8... There are some really good things in this episode. I liked Robb's, Sansa's and Tyrion's scenes... loved Harrenhal and the shadow baby. However, the scene with Joffrey and the whores seemed a bit too long (and, as others have pointed out, is Ros the only prostitute in King's Landing?) and I think the show is overplaying Littlefinger's love for Catelyn to a ridiculous extent (I always thought he felt more resentment than love towards Cat at this point in the story...). Why does LF have to appear so stupid sometimes in this season? I thought he was basically perfect in the first season... why change him like this now?

Overall I really liked the episode but, as always, it seems to be too short and sometimes I think the jumping between scenes lacks cohesion.

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