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How would you rate episode 204?


How would you rate episode 203?  

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I gave it a 6. For some reason, the episode wasn't clicking with me. Maybe when I re-watch it, I'll change my mind but that easily was my least favorite out of the 4 this season and maybe so far. I didn't like Robb's scene with whoever that was. I had seen somewhere they had changed Jeyne Westerling's name and that she was going to be introduced in this episode so I hope that wasn't her. I don't like her at all. I'm on the fence about the Joffery and the whores scene. That would make sense when we get introduced to Ramsay Bolton but Joffery, it seems too forced. All the others were just meh to me although Margarey's and LF's scene was really good. I wish Dany's scene had been a bit longer and we had gotten some explanation about the other people that made up the 13. I think for a casual viewer it might have left them scracthing their head. Like someone else mentioned, the episode was too short. It was only about 50 minutes not counting the BS ad for HBO GO at the beginning and the filler at the end. A few more minutes with Dany and Robb might have been better.

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Joffery - I mean, did people get it. That Joffery is more than a mean spirited spoilt brat. that he is so much more.

the scene from the first book put me there

It's been a while. But i remember King Robert recalling how he punched Joffery after he discovered that Joffery had cut open a pregnant cat to see/get the kittens.

-That moment made me go - "holy shit he is a psychopath/serial killer type."

And I was thinking this episode would get people there. Like that moment in the books did.

I guess...not really?

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Again, the Danaerys scenes were just slow and dull, though it is nice to get a visual for what we are dealing with in the East.

Enjoyed getting a glimpsed of Harrenhal.

Disappointed with the combination of the stories of Melisandre birthing the shadow. In the books she and Davos don't smuggle until they get to Storm's End and need to break into that fortress. I really think they should have stuck with the book on this and had Renly just killed by a shadow out of the blue and leave everyone wondering what just happened like we all did when reading the book...THEN have the revealing scene with Davos and Melisandre just like in the book. Amazing how Martin in the books revealed things in a much more interesting and cinematic way than these directors and writers of the show, laying everything out there so that the idiot viewers don't have any mystery.

I rated the show a 6...I gave last weeks' (the best so far - an 8). I think this episode continued to move forward, included many great things from the book, but dragged in places where they show writers insisted on introducing their own material (Joffrey torturing prostitutes, Robb receiving an anti-war diatribe from a field-nurse). Neither scene was necessary, Everyone who has read the books OR watched the shows knows that Joff is a royal prick monster. And everyone knows that war hurts the innocent and those who have no real stake in the whole matter. Again, why this scene. Wasting time on things like this forces the show to combine acts like moving the Davos and Melisandre scene to before Renly's death. In the show, it makes no sense. Where is Davo's smuggling her into. Why do they need to go to a secret passage? Renly's camp is in the open. It seems like they actually filmed and wrote the scene intending them to be breaking into Storm's End, but then in editing stuck it before Renly's death (which I am assuming is going to be in Ep. 5, unless they scrap it and confuse viewers completely.)

I just will never understand the need on the part of directors and screenwriters to rewrite excellent source material.

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Likewise, while I agree that Kwarth seen made her look a little foolish, I think you're more supposed to feel sympathy for her than anything. Of course she looks foolish. She is weak. She's hungry. She's blistered by the sun. Her mind is not at 100% by any means. She's approaching a great and powerful city with a "horde" composed of forty people and a horse (and three dragons). The Qartheen have absolute power over her at that moment. Anyone is going to look like a fool and a child in that situation, especially one that is half-starved, delirious and profoundly desperate.

yeah. . . i'd look foolish, too, if i showed up at the gates of Qarth and the 13 outnumbered my entire remaining khalasar. i know, it's nitpicky, but just because there's a desert scene doesn't mean it should be written with Star Wars quality dialogue. i was half expecting jar jar binks to jump out from behind that gate and mediate or something. wrong George, friends.

admittedly, i'm making comparisons to the books. . . i've read them, it's hard not to. but i'm also making comparisons to LAST SEASON, which as a whole was excellent and wihout fail, had me waiting for each new episode. many of the scenes this time around just can't hold up to the quality of last season. why not? we know it is possible, because the ones that can -and do!-- are brilliant. i'm hoping we don't lose viewers because of that. and because they are tired of ros. or maybe that's just us.

just curious, does it bother anyone else that we are getting 3 minutes of recap before the intro of the show? seems like that's 3 minutes they could use for something more valuable?

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I think the show is just too boring for me. I've tried and tried and tried to get into it. I really wish the writing, direction and pacing were better. Oh well, at least some fans are loving it which is cool. I do like some of the acting.

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I didn't like Robb's scene with whoever that was. I had seen somewhere they had changed Jeyne Westerling's name and that she was going to be introduced in this episode so I hope that wasn't her. I don't like her at all. I'm on the fence about the Joffery and the whores scene. That would make sense when we get introduced to Ramsay Bolton but Joffery, it seems too forced.

Just wanted to agree with these two points. In the books we saw how the "smallfolk" of Westeros suffered during the War of Five Kings through Arya's eyes. In the show Arya's travels through the countryside are discarded and instead we get Substitute Jeyne pontificating like a college freshman in her first social studies class and walking off in a huff.

And the show's Joffrey is busy sucking up all of the "irredeemable sadist" oxygen that Ramsay Bolton will later need. It's needless - the book's Joffrey is also a one-note caricature, but at least there we had glimpses of a boy desperate for his father's attention and approval. The show's Joffrey is a cartoon, an R-rated Snidely Whiplash.

I'm getting a little tired of the lame excuse that TV isn't capable of conveying a single AGoT story point with the slightest subtlety - "The Wire" managed to deal with far more complex societal and personal issues far more intelligently and did so without straining the reasoning capacity of HBO viewers. I'm sure this show could manage at least 25% of that if it weren't so busy trying to live down to the SNL parody.

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Being parodied on SNL is a massive compliment, it means the show has "made it". And since the entire season was filmed long before the SNL parody, I'm not sure how the show could be "busy trying to live it down".

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Gave it an 8.

What I didn't like was;

Joffrey / Ros scene. Gratuitous without moving the story on.

Qarth scene. For someone who was in no position to make demands, Dany didn't come across right. Her concern for her people would normally override other considerations, so to me it was a turnaround that she was prepared to let them die rather than show a dragon.

Happy to accept tweaks to the story, but the Robb / 'Jeyne' scene didn't feel right.

Good stuff;

Tyrion's threat. Excellent.

The look of Harrenhal, and all the scenes in it. Charles Dance's dominated the scenes once Tywin appeared.

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My score:

+3 for the changes to the title sequence. (This season has been better about adding new locations, although I wish they would have at least added Storm's End even if we didn't see the castle itself; the sweeping pan over Essos OVER the armillary sphere/astrolab sun was awesome.)

+1 for Robb's battle scene

-1 for fart jokes and inanity.

+0 for the Volantis girl (holding my view on that until I see how they decide to play the romance)

+9 for the Sansa/Joffrey/Tyrion scene (I was dreaded that scene for the last few episodes, since I don't watch previews. It finally happened, and I could barely watch it even though her beating was briefer than it was in the book. Most of the points here are for Turner's fantastic acting, Tyrion's snappy lines, and the poignancy of him helping her up, her grateful look at someone treating her decently, and her incredibly graceful and powerful departure with her head held up. In case the score didn't make it clear, I loved the resolution of that scene).

-5 for the Joffrey/whores scene (I didn't think it was too much, I just think it completely undermined the important scene just before it and it's mostly what people are going to be talking about aside from the ending of this episode. I feel like I'm wondering whether it's Ros the Prostitute who's a main character or if it's Sansa Stark, given the relative importance the two seem to be getting).

+ 1 for Harrenhal (looked fantastically haunted)

-1 for not having room inside the largest keep on Westeros

+ 1 for Tywin's awesome scene, as implausible as it might have been. (He had great lines: "she's a girl, you idiot." Great delivery too.)

+2 for Qarth itself (the CG looked like a mix between Babylon and Constantinople. Very lush and opulent. Approve.)

-2 for Stannis/Renly (no buildup at all, and despite the "he's a ham" line, a lot of the charm was lost)

-1 for shadowbaby (This was difficult. I loved it and hated it. I liked the bit with the latern flare, and Davos being horrified, but I didn't like the smoke monster from Lost one bit. an evil Peter Pan shadow would have been less cheap looking, and far more terrifying, I think. They could have even shown Mel's sihouette giving birth to it, and then pulled back to her showing her as a person, but the shadow still there).

By my count that leaves us at 7. So 7 it is. Pretty good episode, if hamstrung by some problems. My second favorite of the season though, all told.

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Felt like an average episode, I expect more from Game of Thrones, 5/10.


Some stuff at Harrenhal was great. Tywin is amazing, such a screen presence, he dominates every scene he is in. Really enjoyed the tickler and that they didn’t overplay him.

Spice merchant was a nice addition.

I continue to enjoy Stannis, Davos and Melisandre, like all the actors and characters. Shadow birthing scene was great.


The scene where Joffrey punishes Sansa for her brothers victories didn’t live up to my expectations at all. I had hoped it would be one of this season’s most emotionally loaded scenes, but I felt like it fell flat. I understand that it must be hard to do scenes like this with a young actress who is portraying an underage girl, but without the stripping of the clothes the scene lost a lot of its emotional weight. It didn’t hit me anywhere near as hard as in the books where I could feel her humiliation and helplessness, alone in a city full of strangers and enemies. Ripping her clothes off and degrading her would show more clearly how terrible a situation she is in. Beating her like Mandon Moore did in the show is of course no picnic either, but it didn’t convey the same degradation and humiliation that book-Sansa had to endure. I felt worse for the whores than för Sansa, which for me is an incredible disappointment since this was one of the scenes I really looked forward to this season, with how powerful the scene is in the book and since I love both Jack Gleeson and Sophie Turner I expected them to knock it out of the park (the actors did great btw).

Robb and tv-Jeyne was terrible, their whole exchange was such a cliché. It’s a worrying start for such an important part of the future story and it will probably be given a lot of screen time so I want it to be good.

I can’t manage season 2 Littlefinger, every time he opens his mouth I cringe a little. The actor and how the role is written is equally to blame for my disliking, he just feels so unnatural and he is about as subtle as a sledgehammer.

How many times must someone tell us that Renly is gay? Talk bout beating us over the head. The scene with Littlefinger and Margaery was totally pointless filler. We didn’t learn any new information and it didn’t teach us anything new about LF or Margaery.

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Not really impressed with any of the season, to date, as a uniform production.

Aspects of it are great, most of it works, but... when it leaves me flat, it really disappoints me.

The whores and Joff - wtf? At least the other chick only got beaten by the scepter, I had a really bad feeling it was going to really go over the top.

Jeyne was a clumsy handling.

Roose was dead on.

Mel is still way too jarringly not what I picture...but that's my problem, lol.

Still, bits like the woman staring into space reciting her losses to the Tickler crew was down right scarey.

And the view into Quarth from the gates was amazing.

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Proabaly a 3 or 4 or so. Another fade to black battle was disappointing (budget constraints, yeah, but at least show Robb in action, we haven't seen that yet from what I recall), Mandatory HBO Nudity reaches a new low, Melisandre sounds like something from a movie adaptation of generic fantasy videogame.

Brienne was pretty much the only good thing. Mostly this episode made me realize that Jon in the North is main reason the show works.

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I give this a 9. I've divorced my show viewing from the books and have to say that this is by far the best tv show currently running. I can't wait for each Sunday night to arrive and it flies by leaving me wishing for more. This has rarely happened to me, so i can forgive a few canonical transgressions!

I have a good insight into non-book viewers through my wife (who isn't crazy about the show, but watches it with me anyway) and my brother (who LOVES, LOVES ,LOVES the show) and we speak about it after every episode.

My wife is simply glued to the tv whenever Dany is on-screen. Sansa and Arya also grab her attention and she finds Tyrion super-interesting.

While she doesn't like the scenes with Joffrey, I notice that she pays more attention the more crazy crap he does and asks me constantly if he is going get justice. So from her perspective, these non-book scenes are working!

My brother hangs on every word of every scene and each episode is better than the last. He's going to start reading the books next week (his wife is getting him the books for his birthday on Fri).

So whatever these guys are doing, it's working.

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Lancel was great. So was Mel. And Arya. (Arya's always great anyway.) And Tywin. (Tywin's perfect.)

A bit too dark for my taste, though I'm not saying it was bad at all.

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