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[Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion


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Tyrion is SPOT ON.

OMG! That Melisandre shadow baby scene is exactly how I pictured it.

My heart went out to poor Sansa. Poor thing is learning a very hard lesson regarding honoring her family.

Maise William's eyes are so haunting in the scene as she watches men being tortured.

Joffrey, Joffrey, Joffrey, I cannot wait until the Purple Wedding.

Daenerys is slowing building up for the climax.

Davos was great.

Stannis is the hypocritical prick that I imagined..DIE DIE DIE!

Loved Cat ready to cut Littlefinger.

Bronn is still the man. "There's no cure for being a cunt."

Margaery was cool as the Queen.

Didn't care for the Robb falling in love scene, but I see where they are going with it.

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Wonder if the girl from Volantis will have a wider role?

Yeah me too. That scene made little sense to me. Okay, it intros Roose Bolton and establishes he's cruel. But the latter part with the girl from Volantis? Have to see where they go with it.

I did like that there was a parallel between Tywin and Robb. Neither barbaric. Of course we'll have the Red Wedding but I do see Tywin's point on what is more noble...killing 10,000 men in battle or a few dozen at dinner?

eta: Ahhhh...she said her name was Spicer? I didn't hear that.

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As if the other one wasn't?

Pretty sure he is referring to the fact that even if the two actors cast as the Mountain are of the same height, the former Ser Gregor must have weighed twice as much. He was HUGE compared to this new extra lengthy toothpick.

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Agreed. Similar to the Petyr/Ros crying scene. We already know how crazy Joff is, he just ordered his knights to beat his future wife, we don't need scenes like that.

Agree, enough is enough. There's a line between showing how evil everyone is and going overboard, and it's turning me off. Making me want to stop watching and cancel HBO.

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It is getting very frustrating and annoying how short these episodes are. Tonight's was maybe 50 minutes long. It is especially frustrating because I think about how some scenes are pointlessly dragged out (ex: Joff and Ros and other whore), when scenes like the Stannis and Renly parley are shortened, or scenes are cut entirely.

Come on HBO, you can do much better than that.

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That Daenerys scene was the worst. The dialogue was awkward, it wasn't in the books, and the dragons were hidden in some baskets...

The dragons were clearly not in the scene for budget reasons. I could picture the dialogue like this:

Man with no name: May I see the dragons?

Daenerys: Certainly. Jorah, let out the dragons from their tiny basket cage for-

(HBO exec whispers something in Dany's ears)

Daenerys: No. I'm the mother of dragons and I demand to be let in!

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Hated Robb's scene with the girl that I, before the season started, thought would be Jeyne Westerling. Hope Jeyne appears, not now, maybe next season.

Joff's scene was a bit pointless, wasted time. Could have been deployed to Bran (with Meera and Jojen, if HBO cared about them, of course).

Shadowbaby grew after beeing born, completely different as I imagined. But creepy as heel, very good. My dad (yes, he likes de series) was astonished (but I believe he doesn't like the magical part of ASoIaF).

Liked LF interaction with Margaery, but just after remember that he forged the alliance with Highgarden. Margaery will occupy Lady Olena's role, that obvious (as some have preticted).

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