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[Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion


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Awesome episode!!!

I love Bronn, he is such a bad ass.

The casting for Roose Bolton was excellent.

Joff/Whore scene was pretty scary. Those poor girls. The one beating the girl was Ros, right? I am surprised the Hound didn't come in after hearing those screams. Also different way to show how much Joff hates Tyrion...

Who was that "nurse" at the battlefield with Robb? Is she supposed to be Jeyne Westerling in disguise? If so, that chick was not worth a Red Wedding :/ didn't really like that interaction in the episode. Rob's too good for her, hehe.

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It is getting very frustrating and annoying how short these episodes are. Tonight's was maybe 50 minutes long. It is especially frustrating because I think about how some scenes are pointlessly dragged out (ex: Joff and Ros and other whore), when scenes like the Stannis and Renly parley are shortened, or scenes are cut entirely.

Come on HBO, you can do much better than that.

SO agree. I liked most everything (canon) about this episode, but that scene with Joffrey was just stupid.

The pointless, crap scenes they're adding this season are wearing thin. Renly's peach got cut out so Joffrey could watch two whores slap each other.

Really? :bang:

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LOVED the shadow baby. Even better than I imagined it in my head when I was reading the book.

Loved the KL scenes. I have no problem with them making Joffrey even more wicked than he was before. He's a disgusting, depraved little monster. Tyrion's scene with Lancel was great. Loved seeing blondie shaking in his boots.

Nice to see the Dany storyline moving along. Couldn't take another moment of the Red Waste.

Love the direction they're going with Margaery. The look she gave Littlefinger as she departed from him was classic.

The Harrenhal scenes were top of the line. Can't believe how great they were. I can't believe I was actually rooting for Tywin either. I love how he dealt with his goons.

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I understand it is very hard to adapt this season (more so than the first season) because of all the different story lines, but I'm just not getting the same feeling from this season so far. I think once Renly dies next episode it will streamline some story telling, but the last 6 eps better really ramp things up. I'm getting a 'slow meandering plot line' feeling from it right now. Unfortunately, ACOK was he same way until about half way through IIRC.

I really hope HBO cuts down on these extra pointless scenes that are IMO dragging down the eps that weren't in the book.

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I don't have much of an issue with the violence. The books contains significantly more violent scenes. Since the episodes are so short, HBO has to make the scenes stick. If you aren't a book reader then you wouldn't remember when the tickler shows up again, that is unless he's remembered...

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I keep waiting for them to put my house during the opening credits...but, I'll settle for Harrenhal and Qarth for now. And, yes, Dany, I also called it Quarth for the longest time. I don't feel as bad, now that the Mother of Dragons declared it so.

Seeing Grey Wind at the beginning was fantastic...it almost made up for the fact that the budget keeps us from seeing the epic battles. Roose Bolton looked fucking fantastic...the man looks like a corpse. Kudos, casting department. Kudos. I'm trembling at the thought of Ramsay, already.

Okay, who exactly is Oona Chaplin playing? I was led to believe Jeyne Westerling...but, apparently not. All I caught was a different name and the fact that she's from Volantis. Really curious to see how this is all going to develop.

The scene with Joff and the whores was great. Not because I get off on that type of stuff. I swear. But, because it fits Joff's character. Yes, Joff saw it as a blatant insult he wanted counter, but I can see Joff getting off on S&M. So, in my mind, it was a great "characterization" opportunity. "There is no cure for being a cunt," indeed.

I like Littlefinger's involvement at Renly's camp. I guess some were apprehensive since it's not a book event, but it makes sense that LF would use it as an attempt to cover his own ass in the event Renly conquers King's Landing...

It also plants the seed in Catelyn's mind to later release Jaime. And, I like the idea that this isn't something she does on a desperate whim...that she had more reason to believe it would truly benefit her.

Margeary Tyrell would completely drown if it rained while she was wearing that dress.

Loved the debut of Arya's prayer. I'm in the painstaking process of documenting my life from birth, trying to remember all the people that screwed me over. It'll be my version of counting sheep. Also loved Renly in this episode...his back-and-forth with Stannis gave people a glimpse of the charismatic and confident dude from the pages. Renly was right up there with Tyrion and Bronn with that awesome "Is he a ham" quip. Was that a line from the book? Can't remember.

Always great to see Tywin. I love Dance in the role. I really forget that I'm supposed to hate him from scene to scene. Don't like the "new" Mountain. I thought the guy was season 1 was much more imposing. Melisandre really slid into her role with this episode. After the first 3 episodes, the smuggling scene with Davos was the first time where I watched her and though..."Damn, this woman is Mel...she's looking at me through my TV...make it stop."

And the shadow baby scene? Every bit as emotionally scarring as I imagined it to be, haha. I love how this show is so good at making me feel so bad.

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That Daenerys scene at the gates of Qarth... I thought it showcased how bold and unrelenting Dany was trying to be with her hosts. She already showed up with what?... a 20-25 person khalasar, and she needed to prove that she was not as weak as she appeared to the Elders. That scene was all about her posturing. Her gamble paid off, but even I admit I was wondering how it was going to play out until Xaro bailed her out with this "Sumai" agreement.

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This is my favorite episode so far, mostly because I'm really into the idea of sticking to the book.

You want to stick to the book and this is your favorite episode so far? That is some serious cognitive dissonance.

Last week, the different plots really felt like they connected better, thematically. I thought it was rather disjointed this week, and some of the scenes that were added... ugh. Is the surgeon we met tonight really going to be what takes the place of Jeyne Westerling? That's gonna be a hot mess.

OTOH, I thought Joffrey with the whores was a disturbingly well done scene. A friend felt it was unnecessary because Joffrey's nature has already been shown, but I think it's one thing to suspect how much of a creep he is based on his boisterous actions in front of a crowd... it's another thing to see that he's 16 and he'd rather get one whore to beat up another than get a BJ. I mean, damn.

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Oh man, I can only imagine how non-readers must have reacted to the shadowbaby...I mean, it was horrifying enough for someone who already knew it was coming...

And then I find myself wondering...if Shadowbaby can induce this kind of jaw-drop reaction in me, how in the HELL am I going to deal with the House of the Undying?

That is going to be a sight.

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First post after a long time following the boards.

Solid episode.


Tyrion scenes as always. I thought it was a nice moment with Tyrion and Sansa. Really setting up that whole thing well so far.

The first time all season that the Dany scenes were not a waste of time. The city so far is even more beautiful than I pictured.

Harrenhal was fantastic. I had a hard time imagining that before. Glad to see they are streamlining some of Arya's storyline without loosing the awesome things (like the prayer).

Cat and Littlefinger scene.

Liked less:

I am not sure I understand who this "Alissa" (is that what she said?) storyline. I assume she is maybe Jayne in disguise?

I hate that Renly has to go next episode. I love his character and the actor and I wish it could go on longer.

Wow the Joffry and Ros scene. It definitely served its purpose of being shocking and showing what a monster he is. Just seemed like a very HBO thing to add that scene.

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Finally, an episode this season that my boyfriend wasn't utterly bored with! Finally, a little violence too. My initial impressions:

Robb - loved Grey Wind attacking the Lannisters. I wasn't exactly sure what was going on that in that scene at first. It was nice bringing Robb to the forefront for a little bit and putting him on the battlefield. Richard Madden is great. I hope they keep plenty of focus on Robb so his death is just that more meaningful and tragic to viewers.

Roose Bolton - kind of heard to tell so far, but he is pretty much what I imagined looks-wise. He only a few sentences, so it's hard to tell so far. I'm thinking he'll be great.

Talisa - OK - what? Is this the Jeyne replacement? If so....how??? There was definitely some chemistry there and she sort of resembled the girl in the promo that Robb was making out with.

Joffrey/Sansa - pretty spot-on. Jack Gleason is terrifying. Love him. Like always, Peter Dinklage is just....wow.

Joffrey/whores - blah, we get it. Joffrey is a douche. Sometimes I think they are trying to emphasize how despicable he is to "off-set" Cersei's wickedness, which is really starting to piss me off. Weird, stupid scene. And that was out of character for Tyrion, even though I know how it was considered in the books.

Littlefinger & Renly, Margaery, and Cat - they are definitely trying to make sure people don't forget LF. Renly scene was.....tolerable. Margaery - I don't know. Once again, Show LF stating the obvious to try to get on people's nerves for no reason. The one with Cat started out to be really bad. "I've loved you since I was a little boy..." Puh-leeze. That is not LF. :rolleyes:

Dany - her story is....way different from the books, and I understand why - they were boring as hell. Unbelievably, I think TV Dany is even more bratty than book Dany. And that Sumosai crap? What the hell?

Arya/Gendry/Tickler/Mountain - At first I was soooo disappointed, because I thought that was all we would see of the Tickler's "tickling" (when we just heard those noises). That rat stuff was evil. I was a little disappointed in The Tickler. He didn't send any chills through my spine. And where is the "WHERE IS BERIC DONDARRION?"!!!??

Also, doesn't The Mountain look a little....small? Freaked me out to see Gendry starting to be tickled. I thought he was about to die, and was getting pretty upset.

Renly/Stannis - This was pretty true to the book. However, I am very sad to see no peach. :crying:

Tywin/Arya - umm....I don't really mind Arya being cupbearer to Tywin instead of Roose, but that was just weird. Tywin wouldn't walk around those people and start conversation. That's just ridiculous. And oh, hey girl, come be my cupbearer.. :rolleyes:

Lancel/Tyrion - Perfeeeccttttt. Verrry true to the books, IIRC. I kind of wanted to hear that awkward question about where Lancel puts his seed, hah. Oh, and Lancel is a very good actor. Props to him.

Stannis/Davos/Melisandre - shadow baby = perfect

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I thought they made good choices with some of the converged characters/plot lines. Having Littlefinger push the idea of trading the girls for Jamie works for me. In the book, it's done as if Cat just woke up and decided she has to have her girls back. It also sets up the LittleFinger/Sansa escape scenario to be more transparent than they book.

I like the cliff hanger ending, but I wonder where in next weeks show the actual Assassination will take place. It will be somewhat anti-climatic if it happens in the 1st quarter of the show, but too drawn out if it goes to the end as well.

I think next weeks episode (Ghosts of Harrenhal) we will get to see Arya take active steps towards revenge.

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Loved the debut of Arya's prayer. I'm in the painstaking process of documenting my life from birth, trying to remember all the people that screwed me over. It'll be my version of counting sheep.

You’ll just damage yourself that way. Really, you will.

You should instead be trying to remember all the people who made your world better and brighter.

Trust me. It might take you forty years to see the wisdom of what I have just written, but it’s true.

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