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[Book Spoilers] Nitpick without repercussion!


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Oh, and how they said Harrenhal did not have the SPACE for the prisoners.

That's a good observation.

We have not really gotten to see the inside of Harrenhal , all that much yet, even tho from afar it looks large, the interior last episode looked kind of cramped to me.

Thought CGI was supposed to fix that.

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That's interesting, does Jorah pronounce it "Qarth" or "Quarth" when he talks to Dany? i can't remember.

I swear, if the teleplay writers are no having a go at us, then the actors are ad libbing.....'cause seems that Dinklage is doing it each episode, Cunningham and Dillane (the grammar thing) last episode, now this Qarth thing...

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I dont know if anyone did speak about this before, but again with Robb´s storyline:

- First Robb was the one telling is mother to go find Renly and try to broke something with him.

- Next episode they try to make Robb look like he doesnt know what he is doing and he doesnt have a plan.

Hmmmm.....he does have a plan :)

Robb wants the North to be independent

In order to achieve that he is trying to get the Greyjoys on his side

He is willing to get some deal with Renly because I guess he spots Renly as the most likely to let him get away with is King in the North stuff....and i dare say that may be the best horse to bet on considering neither Jofrey or Stannis are keen on having one kingdom less.

So....what´s that whole deal about Robb NOW being a child and having no plan???

You see...they just made him all responsible and mastermind the previous episode when HE was the one responsible for sending his mother to Renly´s camp.

So...does Robb have a plan or not? Looks to me he has.......

Also, another thing that doesnt add up is:

It is not true that Robb can just go home and run away from Tywin. It´s not like they will let him run back home and stay there. Everything that we have seen previously and everything book readers know from future events clearly says that Robb is in a death match with Tywin and this will only end when one of them is dead. Tywin will not spare him even if he is no longer threatening the South, Tywin will try to get him anyway.

So, Robb´s portrayal in episode 4 really doesnt make sense considering everything that has been established thus far and everything that should happen if they want to follow the book

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Dany’s pronunciation of Qarth really bugged me, especially since we've already heard her pronounce it correctly.

Season 1 episode 2:

Why did the trader from Qarth tell you these stories?

Season 2 episode 4:

The beauty of Quarth is legendary...

Bitch, please

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I don't know if anyone's pointed this out yet, but... I just realised that you'd only pronounce Qarth the way Dany does if you saw it in writing first. If someone just came to you and told you that the city is called Qarth, why would you pronounce it "Quarth"?

See I don't get this. If you saw Qarth written without a 'u' following the 'Q', you would pronounce it Karth. How do you pronounce Qatar???? ;) I really didn't see the point of that little exchange in the whole scene. And that scene was woefully directed too.

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It definitely was a bizarre scene. Judging from the previews it looks like we will get a good bit of Dany next episode; I am hoping the scenes will be good. I am curious to see how they present Xaro's personality and his desire for Dany's dragons.

Plus we should finally get a look at all 3 dragons!! (I really hope so atleast..)

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Something really small that damn near infuriated me and shows just how much Vanessa Taylor should not be writing episodes for this series: in Robb's dumbass conversation with that girl (which on the whole I didn't like, makes absolutely no sense that a common foreigner would get to talk to a bloody king like that), Robb says "You'd have us end this bloodshed, I understand. The country would be at peace."

What country? This is not the 18th century, there are no countries in this series! There are kingdoms, realms, Free Cities, slaver cities, islands... But never countries! Unless Robb means the countryside regions of Westeros, this is a stupid mistake that shows off how little the writer cared about preserving the little details that make this series what it is.

GAH. Didn't like this episode. /rant

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I didn't like what they did to Jeyne Westerling, turning her into a strong woman that does what needs to be done (though that would help with some theories about Westerling motivations in the books...) instead of a silly little girl. I'll be pissed if HBO actually manages to make me care about Robb's storyline, though I doubt that will ever happen.

And I was more disappointed than I would imagine that they didn't show Renly's peach.

Last, why are all Stannis scenes so rushed? :bawl:

I agree. HBO can have a blast writing Cat, Cersei, Asha, etc. as 'strong women', considering that's how they're supposed to be in the series anyway, but they need to leave Jeyne alone. she's supposed to be young, scared, innocent, and sort of clueless. but that's what makes her and Robb's relationship (if you can call it that) stand out. I actually loved Robb's storyline just because everything was so wrong and realistic and pretty much opposite of how everything should stereotypically pan out in a fantasy series. And having Jeyne as some fierce enigma of a woman just really throws that theme off.

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First and foremost, I've been an avid supporter of the changes made for the sake of the show pretty much up until this point. I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely hated the scene with the whores. Joffrey is an arrogant little S.O.B. Yes. We know. We get it. We hate him. Why are we wasting time on establishing things that we are already well-informed of? It upsets me watching scenes like this because I feel as if they're cutting things from the book for stupidity like that. My boyfriend joke that this episode should be titled "Sex and Violence" because that's all it was.

And Renly's peach. THE PEACH! Probably one of my favorite passages in the book and everyone I talk to who's read it loves it too. Why why why of all the scenes to cut did they have to cut the peach?! I'm still not over it.

Overall, I have to say that this was the most disappointing episode for me in the series so far.

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