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Lors' Edrick

{Book Spoiler} Renly and Littlefinger Meeting

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From the earlier events in the series, we know that Littlefinger already knows about Renly and Loras, but what perplexed me was during their meeting in King Renly's tent; Littlefinger makes a comment, and as Renly is turning around to grap an apple, his hand is noticeably shaking. Is this scene trying to point out Cat's statement that Renly has been playing war, and now that he is getting closer to his target (King's Landing), the idea of a terrible and bloody battle (siege) is beginning to become a realization.

In addition, with the absence of the peach in the Stannis and Renly confrontation, was the apple supposed to signify the absence of that entire peach offering scene, just a thought.

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