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Which actors do you want to see in the show? In ANY role, mostly English actors.

Ser Holt Salinas

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Except of course where those 'old movie stars' are perfect for their roles, and can act the youngsters off the screen. You know, people like Charles Dance or Sean Bean?

I don't know what roles we could have them in now, but two superb UK actors I would love to see 'somewhere' are Mark Strong and Robert Carlyle. I know a number of readers had suggested Strong for the role of Stannis.

I would love to see Robert Carlyle in there somewhere. With his Scottish accent it would have to be someone in the north.

Also - Brendan Gleeson. What a great addition he would be.

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Not English, but someone mentioned Eoin Macken for Hyle Hunt and now even though I doubt the character would make the show I CANNOT UNSEE.

A LOT of the actors on GOT are Irish, so I see no reason to not have Eoin Macken. Also, I'm actually surprised that he hasn't been cast in the show already.

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