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[Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion


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I totally agree with you, but I can dream, haha. And sorry, I may have clicked on report instead of quote at first :bang:

Haha yeah I hear you.

Hey no problem. I'll just report you back..........jk heh. No big deal.

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Best fucking episode ever on television!

A lot of changes, but most of them where awesome.

I loved how Bronn and Sandor had a bit off a stand off, and then there was that guy running towards the Hound on fire, and Bronn shot the guy, it was awesome.

It's pretty out of character for Stannis to lead the charge all the way up to the battlements, but I am fine with it, because it made Stannis look so bad ass.

Is it me, or does Sansa look taller and more beautiful in every episode? I really like her lines to Joffrey, when he made her kiss his sword, Sophie Turner delivered those lines perfectly. She really was a great Sansa in this episode, and this whole season for that matter.

How are they going to get Stannis out of there? He is still on the battlements when Tywin gets there?

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Is it possible to articulate an orgasm? I'll try.

What a thing of beauty. The show overcame its limitations beautifully, IMO...like an ugly dude with so much swagger, he's able to get the really hot chick. This episode was Tyrion. And, yes, he was awesome tonight...the best motivational speaker I've ever listened to. Give me someone to kill or something to blow up.

Really loved the calm before the storm, and how the episode opened up with an extended period of silence...such a great way to lead into all the shit blowing up shit. And speaking of blowing up shit, the wildfire was beautful.

So much of what characterizes the Battle of Blackwater is the private moments between characters -- not the battle itself. For me, I loved the chapters within Maegor's between Cersei and Sansa. It was probably my favorite part of the war. I thought the show adapted their interactions well. Seeing Sansa with the doll, a callback to Ned's gift in season 1, gave me goosebumps. This is why I can't hate Sansa. Her character arc is one of the most satisfying for me -- she has the longest road to travel...it has twists and really stupid turns, and has some really bitchy potholes, but it leads to the best places. You just gotta stop asking "Are we there yet," and enjoy the ride.

Cersei/Lena was phenomenal. The quintessential proud, yet desperate, Lioness on the throne with her cub. Even loved the designer war-themed corset. Probably was necessary all those years she was married to Robert. I'm sure she appreciated the opportunity to wear it again.

The Hound really felt like the Hound for the first time in awhile...yeah, because GRRM was writing him. All the characters are gonna feel like themselves. I always wonder if the non-readers get the Hound considering he hasn't done much up to this point.

Pod also. Considering how vital he was to Blackwater, I wondered if him being a non-factor would hurt him. Now, I almost like the fact that he hasn't uttered a word until today. He's the sleeping giant. Do not fuck with Pod. Don't. You will get fucked up.

Really liked the juxtaposition between punk ass Joffrey and hard ass Stannis. I thought the scenes of Joff pissing his pants, combined with the scenes of Stannis pissing on Lannister soldiers accomplished all they needed to.

Such a great episode. I think the show needed this type of thing...just one episode focused on one location, allowing all the scenes room to breathe.

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Favorite part? Practically impossible to choose.

Well...the big green explosion bc they got the color just right and I love fireworks. By a millimicron. I would have tossed the whole book over the side gladly if Sansa had gone with the Hound.

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Add your boy Jaime and Brienne to that list as well as Theon

Ah yes! I was so overwhelmed tonight I completely forget half the preview.

On top of Jaqen/Arya, HotU, Jon vs Halfhand, we will also get:

The burning of Winterfell, and Jaime/Brienne fighting! I hope they don't cut off Jaime's hand this episode...but it would make for one hell of a finale.

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Great episode! The best of the season and maybe the best of the series.

Great, great job, GRRM. If GOT gets nominated for Best Writing, I hope it's this episode. It showed the benefits of stationing the show in one area and focusing on a smaller group of characters. Everyone gets a chance to shine, from Lena Headley (who was the standout) to Eugene Simon as Lancel and even the guy playing Pod. Varys scene was terrific too and I can't believe I'm saying this but I absolutely loved Shae in this episode.

The battle itself was amazing. No chain but blowing up the Blackwater more than made up for it. The fighting itself was intesne and bloody and they wisely moved Stannis to the battlefield in this one. I liked how he was incapable of giving a great speech, just "Come with me and take this city!"

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Holy God I did not see the Reynes of Castamere coming in the credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!GEEKS OUT!!

I think it happens during the day, but the did it at night because it would be cheaper, and look more real. Win win

Werent they singing the Rains of Castamere as a drinking song at the beginning?


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