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How would you rate episode 205?


How do you rate episode 205?  

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That episode almost had me in tears, for all the wrong reasons. Renly's death was so underwhelming, not to mention the complete change in Loras's reaction. That could have been so much more. And then the utter mess that is Qarth. It was painful to watch, despite a few strong bits.

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O that was good!

Much better than D&D first two episodes.

George has too rich a tapestry , so , 10 episodes per seasons.

Current time curses us.

Harrenhal , perfect, even with the third person lapses, I noticed the non lapses too! Odd!

Dany's story , an odd configuration, but now there is a third season.

So short but I am almost ready to give Gwendoline Christie an Emmy right now.

How does she do it!? I don't see any special make up , maybe a little, she is so perfect.

What a clever sequence at Harrenhal, does Arya have Lord Tywin fooled or what?

And Liam Cunningham and Stephen Dillane hit that one out the park.

Too much , too fast, but wow, a zinger!

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Not perfect, but nothing ever is. It's easily a 9 though.

My only complaint is that Renly's death was a little underwhelming and that Loras didn't seem nearly broken up enough about it. Also sad at the lack of Varys.

Otherwise it was spot on and one of the best of the series. I particularly enjoyed that the writers finally just focused on plot and didn't feel the need to throw in random T&A to "spice it up".

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this episode defientely gets a 6/10... Qarth is a complete disaster compared to what it is potrayed as in the book... Qorin Half is NOTHING like imagined... Half Jaw is a lil puppy compared to how is described in the book... and Asha Greyjoy continues to be a complete dissapointment.. i like her in the books but in the show she is so dinky and not really believable as a warrior princess... Arya is perfect though and i cannot wait for Jon Snow to bust some skulls next week... the direwolves need a bigger part too

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I give it a 9. Arya and Tywin's scenes were great, you have an "old pro" and a bright new star working side by side, that was enjoyable to see. I also like the Catelyn and Brienne scenes and a fond farewell to Renly (I will always think he would have made a great king).

It was nice to see the dragons again and "dracarys" was cool. I knew they would have to add some filler to Qarth scenes because Dany does so dreadfully little in the book, but Pyat Pree was freaky and Quaithe is on the cutting edge of fashion with that mask.

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Gave it a 9 - Qarth was great, but the Dothraki shouldn't have been portrayed as so completely unaware of how to behave. Khal Drogo and his men were just fine when they attended a feast in Pentos.

They didn't attend the feast in Pentos. It was outside their gates. No one would invite the Dothraki into their city walls.

As for the episode, I gave it a 9. Brienne's reaction was amazing. I love Emilia Clarke as Dany so she can really do no wrong for me, and I was beyond happy to see Quaithe of the Shadow in her mask. It was a little disapointing that the shadow didn't come from Renly himself, and I hate that the Reeds have been taken out of the story. I'm not even a "it's diffrent from the book! I hate it!" kinda guy. I fully understand time/money restraints that go along with making an epic saga translate into an epic t.v. show. But Meera and Little Grandfather are improtant parts of Bran's story. Season 3 will be VERY strange without them.

Still, all and all an amazing episode.

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Ahhh.... Arya's story line get's messed up a little more tonight. But still good to see the results of the Ghost although it should have been Poliver and not Tickler... I think it is a solid 8. Brienne of Tarth was brilliant. Davos and Stannis were great together. Tyrion is never a let down. Seeing Jon with Half Hand means we are only getting closer ot meeting Ygritte! Dany showed how young she was last week at the gates of Qarth and she recovered much this week. He realization after talk to Xano that Jorah is in love with her. Pyat Pree was as creepy as expected.

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I would describe this episode as solid. I gave it a 9.

I loved the scenes at Harrenhal. Maisie Williams as Arya is making this character her own. I'm delighted they have brought Tywin to Harrenhal. He brings a wonderful presence to the show.

Renly's death was good. I was not expecting it to be over-whelming; it was not over-whelming in the book either. The assassination happens all very quickly and neither Cat nor Brienne are sure what they saw. That sounds right.

Stannis didn't bother me this episode, as he did in previous episodes. I continue to feel that the role was mis-cast.

Tyrion continues to own the show.

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Best episode yet imo, gave it my first 9!

Might be the fact that there was no Shae or Ros that swayed me but I really couldn't find much fault in this episode at all apart from it feeling too short.

Not sure why Quaithe addressed Jorah instead of Daeny but she looked pretty neat, Pree was fantastically creepy as well.

Dagmer could have used a Cleftjaw but HBO are lazy pricks when it comes to facial disfigurements. Brienne's acting was so-so, but she fits the bill and I'm fine with her. Tyrion and Bronn were brilliant. Arya was great, I'm guessing Polliver will be next and after that some Weasel soup. Hope they never show the Hill that rides again, glad I wasn't burdened with his lanky ass this episode.

The Fist looked great. Does Qhorin Halfhand even have a Halfhand? Theon scenes were pretty good.

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