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How many wildlings and Westerosi are there?


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I know this thread is pretty much dead but near the start people were saying stuff like 'go read a history book' as a way of saying 'your way of estimating the population of Westeros is completely wrong' but (actual) historians still have massive arguemnts when trying to estimate the population of places like early 20th century China or 19th century India or medieval England, even with the substantial amount of evidence available. I think it is fine to speculate about the population but when it gets to the stage that you are calling someone an idiot because they only think 1% of the population would have been in standing armies, but he thinks it was nearer 10% then you are really at the limits of how useful or relevant this discussion is. No one really knows what % of Westerosi were in standing armies, no one has any idea what the urbanisation rate was at this stage of Westerosi history or how many people died from fighting compared to those that died from hunger or disease. It is really going a bit far when you attempt to integrate these factors into an estimation of Westeros population and you should certainly not be invoking historical practice when doing so.


thank you

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