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A Thread for Small Questions XVII


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I thought that LF took Lysa's virginity (thinking she was Cat) when he got drunk after hearing about Cat's betrothal, and then he impregnated Lysa at a later date following the duel with Brandon.

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I'm a little confused about what happened when Lysa Tully got pregnant with Littlefinger's child. People seem to be saying that he thought he was Cat and that he genuinely believed he'd taken Cat's maidenhood. I totally missed this when I read through the books. In which book/POV does that info come out?

Lysa's father, Lord Hoster, forced her to abort the baby. That's why he was so guilty and desperate to see her on his deathbed, and probably part of why she's such a mess.

As for wether Littlefinger sincerely believes that he took Cat's virginity, who's to say. I kind of doubt every word that comes from his mouth, so...

And I believe that much of this was revealed in the late Sansa chapters of ASOS, but the initial pieces of the puzzle go as far as AGOT.

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