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Aussies LVII


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I'll take that as a comment.

Oh wait. It was :worried:.

Also: Tasmanians are crazy.

Yeah they are crazy but rather than making it blanket illegal they are trying to phase it out rather than just make it illegal and punish those already addicted.

Seems like a decent idea to me, the fact that the high court overturned the challenge on plain packaging strikes me as crazy. The descrimination laws alone would make it wrong. But since this new law takes precedence I guess that then throws out the laws on discrimination.

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I live in Bathurst, NSW. Close enough to Sydney for any gatherings :-)

Sydney BWB is due a meet up soon methinks. Certainly when some of the Aussie BWBers get back from Chicago WorldCon.

Alternatively, if enough Floobs show interest, we can start to think about organizing something for the Floobs. I know there were a few who showed interest, but they were up in QLD I think.

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Gudday Sam. :)

Are you looking forward to thousands of bogans invading your town in a few weeks?

Want to see the closest thing to a White Walker? The beer zombies the event brings are as close as I know. That said, race week in Bathurst is a really fun time, lots of people all happy and keen to have a great time.

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Ugh, made the mistake of reading the newspaper today and got blasted in the face with these:

Rinehart on people who are jealous of the wealthy

Anglican Archbishop on marriage and submission (of women, naturally)


Are these people truly that stupid?

The bishop wants men to not love their wives by his own words " promise to love their wife as Christ loves the church " considering the church didn't exist while Jesus was alive it seems impossible for him to love it.

And cut the minimum wage? in case people have not noticed crime is way up and that is because of many things but not least a simple struggle to make ends meet.

Talk about morons running the country!

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So Freo make the finals in what was a very even and competitve home and away season. Our reward? Playing the reigning premiers away from home without our (potentially) All Australian full back. Oh goodie.


P.S. I hate you adamsputnik!

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