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[TWoW Spoilers] The Winds of Winter - OUR PREDICTIONS -

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For all of us who've read 5 of the greatest books ever written by anyone ever, lets hear some predictions for the eagerly awaited and anticipated 6th installment "The Winds Of Winter"

here's what I think might happen

Dany definitely gets a khalasar behind her and returns to Mereen to take it back, when that Khal and his men come upon her and her dragon at the end of the lasting book, the two of them feasting on burned animal flesh, well, the Dothraki follow only the strong, and what looks stronger than a wild bloody silver haired woman feasting on animal flesh with a giant black dragon. Drogon, to be specific. It's funny because when that Khal last saw her, her had stolen her Khalasar and left her and catatonic body of Khal Drogo behind in his wake. and the next time he sees Dany she's feating in the fields with Drogon the dragon, what he must be thinking!

Davos is going to get Rickon and return him to the North for Wyman Manderly to rally behind. The BlackWater couldn't kill Davos, and neither will Skaggos. That whole time Wyman was at Winterfell, for the bastard's wedding and all the subsequent events, he never made any move against the Boltons. He's just waiting for the right moment, the moment when he can rally behind Rickon with his wolf shaggy to prove it's him, then Manderly will be the one to exact justice for the North, a fitting tribute from a family hounded from their lands by southron lords and welcomed into the Wolf's Den by the Starks of Winterfell. The North Remembers, and so does Wyman. He'll get justice for them.

Jon Snow isn't dead. We didn't follow him through 5 books just to see him stabbed in the back (literally and figuratively) by his so-called brothers. plus we still need to find out the mystery behind who his real mother (and father) are, though that leads to the next prediction, and an obvious one,

Jon snow is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son. When Ned found her in the tower of joy she had just given birth to Jon, she was dieing from it, and in her pool of blood she made Ned promise her something, that promise was probably to keep baby Jon safe, though there may be more to it, like "don't ever tell him the truth about who his father is" or "don't ever tell him i went with Rhaegar willingly because we're in love and i've dishonored all of us by running away with him and causing my father and brother to both die needlessly, and also causing a needless war," or "promise me you'll tell everyone he's your son so you can watch over him and always keep him safe. promise me, Ned." What the promise exactly was could be may things, but for sure Jon is their child,

Melissandre is wrong, a sexy red priestess with some definite freaky powers, but wrong about Stannis being the Lord of Light. I think Stannis is a badass and one of the best characters and definitely the rightful king of westeros, but dany is the chosen one to fight the others, thats what the dragons are for.

and that brings me to the next prediction, the three heads of the dragon,

dany, jon snow, bran,

dany is one head because she's the targaryen, they're her dragons,

jon is the other one because he is Lyanna and Rhaegar's son,

and Bran is the last one and the most important because he is a Warg and a Green See-er and will be best suited to slip in and out of the dragons skin to control them during the eventual battle against the others during the long night.

dany's visions have been coming true too, the ones in the house of the undying, the saw the little men ravaging a beautiful woman (the kings fighting over westeros), she saw a dead man with grey lips on the prow of a ship (Victarion is a Greyjoy for the grey lips, and she sees him as a dead man because he injured his hand/arm in a dance with dragons and that dark flame priest supposedly "healed" him with that cray magic of theirs, but i think it has only doomed Victarion to death), she saw the dead men at the feast and the man with the wolf's head at the head of the banquet of death (the Red Wedding), she saw a blue eyed kind with a red sword who cast no shadow (stannis with lightbringer who's lack of a shadow is a metaphor for his lack of life energy and strength because Melissandre has been using his light to make shadow babies, hence his lack of a shadow), she saw cloth dragons swaying on poles amidst cheering crowds (the people of Westeros uniting under a false Targaryen, which is the fake Aegon that Varys and Illirio have been getting ready all these years)

and it will totally be revealed that Aegon is a fake. The cloth dragons vision definitely points to it, but more than that, something Varys said to Tyrion in book 2 about power. Power being a trick, a shadow on the wall. That power resides where men believe it does. To have an understanding of phycology like that in this medieval feudalistic society is deadly, and Varys and illirio are definitely propping this false king up to take control of Westeros. to what end, though? Is is just as Varys said to Lord Eddard all the way back in book one, do he and Illirio truly believe they are doing good for the realm? is is it all for themselves? or something more sinister?

With 20 plus characters to bring together in the next two novels, a lot of people are probably going to die. Victarion and his brother the damphair, theon and his sister for sure, we will probably see Samwell make it back to the wall with a maester's chain, but one can only ponder what Jaquen is doing at the Citadel,

these are the only predictions i can think of at the moment but i'll definitely post more when they come to me, what about the rest of the fans? what do you think will happen in the winds of winter?

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Here are my predictions ( in short ) :

Davos rescues Rickon and takes him to Stannis and even more Northmen go over to his cause ( Yay :D )

Stannis sacrifices Theon to the Old Gods before besieging Winterfell.

Winterfell is besieged. The Umber men join forces and destroy the Bolton and Frey garrison. Roose escapes, Ramsay is killed.

Danny goes back to Mereen. Wheter it's alone or with a new khalasar. She meets Victarion. Together, they destroy the Yunkai forces. Victarion is killed in battle. The dusky woman is actually Euron. He has one of his men blow the dragon horn. The story arc ends in a cliffhanger.

" Aegon " conquers some more castles in the Stormlands. He meets with Arianne and the two are betrothed. He has the strength of Dorne behind him. ( I think he's gonna be revealed as a fake halfway through the book ) .

These are just little theories I have, most of them are crackpot and probably won't happen, but you never know. It's GRRM we're talking about. :P

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Fun game, here's my checklist:

Jon Snow - not dead, Howland Reed makes an appearance and we learn about Jon Snow's parentage, though he does not just yet. The others begin their assault on the wall, it doesn't go well for the nights watch. Perhaps the Horn of Winter is blown? Somehow the Wall falls and the remnants of the NW retreat hurriedly towards Winterfell.

Stannis - Davos finds Rickon and Stannis out maneuvers the foolish Frey attack that is headed his way. The Manderlys have always been Stark supporters and they turn on the Boltons. Theon dies exacting revenge on Ramsay. Stannis wins the bulk of the Northern support who rally behind Rickon's reappearance. But the next march is where...to the Twins or back north to the Wall?

LF & Sansa - LF's creepiness becomes more and more unbearable for Sansa now that he does not have to mask his behavior from his wife. The Vale distrusts LF and looks for a reason to rally against him. The Blackfish makes an appearance with a very large monk. Before his plans crumble upon him, LF unhatches a hasty, desperate plan that is thwarted by Sansa. The large monk is revealed to be ex-Hound Sandor Clegane who vouches his life to Sansa's well being. Jamie and Brienne also arrive in the Vale after to find Sansa.

Dany - I'm unsure what happens when the horn is blown. Somehow it seems like a huge trick by Euron where Vic will meet an untimely demise. Dany arrives in Mereen with Drogon and a host of dothraki & proceeds to smash the remaining seige forces around Mereen that Vic & Co hasn't taken care of already. Tyrion reveals himself to Dany & Selmy. The remaining ironborn (possibly w/o Vic?) are conscripted into Dany's army, which loads up (dothraki riders, unsullied, ironborn, sellswords, and 1 very irritable dragon) and heads across the sea...probably to the end of the book.

Euron - continues to raid the Reach. Loras & Co feint a siege upon Dragonstone in order to double back unseen and defend their homes, to their demise. Euron reveals himself to be a very clever and capable battle commander (he may or may not have a tentative grasp on 2 dragons too). The Tyrell power is starting to resemble the Lannister power, getting worked over thanks to their lust for power and over-reaching. Aegon continues to win in the stormlands, the reach and arbor are in trouble from Euron, and Dorne declares for Aegon (perhaps in secret).

Sam - discovers some old book in Oldtown that tells about the Others' supposed origin and how they attack. Its coming soon and he needs to rush back up north to deliver his knowledge to the wall.

Arya - continues to struggle with her identity, kills some more people, but begins to feel the need to head back to westeros in order to clean her own personal checklist. She accepts an assignment, and heads back.

Varys - continues to pit one side against another in KL. He effectively sets the Lannisters an Tyrells against each other (though it didn't take much to accomplish this), but he fears his reign in KL may be coming to an end should anyone but Aegon take the city. Euron certainly wouldn't be supportive of his "advice," and Dany has Barristan Selmy with her, who also dislikes Varys. Stannis hates the eunuch, but Tyrion might be supportive of him since Varys was forced into helping Tyrion escape.

Book ends with no wars settled, Dany either on her way to or just arriving in Westeros, Jon still unaware of his parentage, Roose Bolton still alive but Ramsay dead, the great southern houses in shambles, the Others still on the march, and Tyrion sill unaware of where whores go.

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Here's what I think:

- Stannis will defeat the Boltons - Ramsay as well as Roose. Ramsay's letter will be proven false. The Theon chapter shows that the Arnolf Karstark plot failed as well and Stannis is in an potentially advantageous position, not to mention the inconsistencies of the letter itself. Yet most importantly, I don't think GRRM's done at all with Stannis' storyline but I think he's basically done with the Boltons who are pretty bad-ass, dangerous and psychotic but minor villains nevertheless. I expect Davos to return with Rickon Stark, further strengthening Stannis' claim in the North.

- Jon Snow won't die, because smoke came out of his wounds and more importantly because GRRM is so obviously not done with him. I think R+L=J is pretty certain although I'm not sure if it will be revealed in TWoW. Also, I think Jon Snow is Azor Ahai and Melissandre will resurrect her. Melissandre is one of my favorite characters actually and I think she's the most capable of all the Red Priests - we just haven't seen Moqorro and the others make as many mistakes yet because we haven't seen as much of any them as we've seen Melissandre so far.

- I expect one if not two of the Greyjoy POVs to die. Of the four, I think Damphair is the most likely to die and to die first, for the purposes of developing Euron's storyline, and he might be followed by Victarion sometime later for the same purposes. I think Asha and Theon will be the ones left alive to challenge Euron, since Asha is the only one of the POVs who's been made aware that a kings moot can be turned and Theon is the only way it will be. Once Davos returns with Rickon, Stannis won't have any reason to kill Theon and will quite possibly work out a way to use him in order to win over the Iron Islands eventually as well. I don't expect Euron to die, but I expect the threat he poses to be some related to the dragons and the Others, not something related to who rules in the Iron Islands.

- With Tywin and Kevan dead and Tyrion far away, the Lannisters seem like a lost cause now, but I actually expect Cersei to pull a surprise. She is certainly portrayed in an irritating way and has done pretty evil things, yet this is not to say, at least necessarily, that we have to take Littlefinger's word that she is predictable or doesn't know what to do with power. She certainly made lots of mistakes because of her pride but also because of her inexperience, yet I think she knows better by now. Obviously I think she will survive her trial.

- I'd really love to say I think Jaime and Brienne will survive, although I don't think its very likely but still possible. This one is pretty hard to predict. I like both characters, would nevertheless rather if Jaime survived instead of Brienne but think the opposite might be the case unless Brienne isn't completely compromised and is trying to pull a trick to save Pod. I don't expect both to die.

- I think its likely that both Aegon and Varys turn out to be Blackfyres instead of Targeryens although I'd be surprised if we figure this out in the next book. I don't think Dorne will go over to them alone though. Doran is too cautious to be the only high lord supporting an uncertain boy leading a foreign band of mercenaries who made a serious tactical mistake by attacking the strongest castle held by possibly the most dangerous open enemy of the Iron Throne left, Stannis. The Tyrell host will attack Aegon, and likely defeat him... unless, what Tyrion told Aegon about Daenerys coming to aid her long lost nephew with her dragons.

- I think Daenerys will end up in Westeros at the end of this book, but with no more than two dragons. I think Euron is likely to manage to steal one of her dragons, and who knows, perhaps Tyrion will be riding another probably along with Dany riding hers, yet who knows? I think Tyrion will be the one behind Dany's decision to finally go to Westeros, but he might just wait for things to get fatal for Aegon or at least Jon Connington. Also I'd be surprised if Barristan survives this one. Now I don't know how much of this will have happened by the end of TWoW and how much will happen in ADoS but I think eventually the Tyrells will abandon the Lannister dynasty for the sake of Dany and her dragons, and Daenerys will get the Iron Throne. I actually expect her to do so by the end of TWoW and I expect Tyrion to get Casterly Rock.

- Meanwhile in the Vale, I expect Sansa to go along with Littlefinger's plan, marry Harry the Heir, and then get rid of Littlefinger. I think Littlefinger's storyline is mostly played out, there isn't much if anything to be revealed about him anymore and he will have to go for the sake of the monster he'll have created, that is Sansa the Player. These are the two components which guarantee that a character will die in ASoIaF. With Rickon back in Winterfell, I expect Harry and Sansa to declare for Stannis.

- This will basically mean half of the Seven Kingdoms against the other half, kind of like Robert's rebellion, with the North, the Vale, the Iron Islonds and the remaining Baratheon forces against the Reach, Dorne, Westernlands and Dany's remaining host. And it will be eventually up to Jon Snow, half Stark and half Targaryen, apparently true-born after all, to be able prevent the war and unite the Seven Kingdoms politically, to face the Others.

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- When Stannis is about to sacrifice Theon to the Old Gods, Bran reveals himself and saves Theon, telling the truth to everyone. Stannis needs Theon alive so that Asha could overturn the kingsmoot and become Lady of the Iron Islands sworn to Stannis.

- Manderly sides with Stannis and they crush the Frey host. Then Manderly take back Lightbringer to Winterfell to lure the Boltons. Ramsay, believing it, sends the pink letter to Jon. Then, Manderly opens the gates to Stannis... and well couik Boltons.

I hope Theon turns Ramsay's bitches against him, and they end up eating him.

- Jon wargs into Ghost, 'til his body is resurrected by Melisandre. And then comes back again.

- Dany fulfils the prophecy of the Stallion that Mounts the World and unites all the Khalassars (she burns the khals who don't surrender of course). She then return to Meereen, to find the Ironborn of Victarion rulers of the city. She burns Victarion and takes his ships.

She forms a great fleet (iron fleet + slavers' ships, Volantis... etc), takes with her a small portion East (to Ashaï and west of Westeros), and let the other with Barristan or Jorah or Tyrion, whatever, to go west to the Free Cities and Westeros.

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- When Stannis is about to sacrifice Theon to the Old Gods, Bran reveals himself and saves Theon, telling the truth to everyone. Stannis needs Theon alive so that Asha could overturn the kingsmoot and become Lady of the Iron Islands sworn to Stannis.

- Manderly sides with Stannis and they crush the Frey host. Then Manderly take back Lightbringer to Winterfell to lure the Boltons. Ramsay, believing it, sends the pink letter to Jon. Then, Manderly opens the gates to Stannis... and well couik Boltons.

I hope Theon turns Ramsay's bitches against him, and they end up eating him.

- Jon wargs into Ghost, 'til his body is resurrected by Melisandre. And then comes back again.

- Dany fulfils the prophecy of the Stallion that Mounts the World and unites all the Khalassars (she burns the khals who don't surrender of course). She then return to Meereen, to find the Ironborn of Victarion rulers of the city. She burns Victarion and takes his ships.

She forms a great fleet (iron fleet + slavers' ships, Volantis... etc), takes with her a small portion East (to Ashaï and west of Westeros), and let the other with Barristan or Jorah or Tyrion, whatever, to go west to the Free Cities and Westeros.

I hope all this happens, except I still want Theon to die.

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Here's what I want out of Winds of Winter:

- In the first 300 pages the Meereen situation is settled for good. Dany leads her Khalisar down to a huge battle against Victarion, who has used the Horn to command dragons. She wins, its epic, then she begins the march to Westeros. By the end of the book, she's landed. She has the Armies of Fire.

- In the North, Stannis defeats the Boltons. But this victory isn't very long lived, since the Winter is here and he's forced to ride it out in Winterwell. Then the Others start pouring over the Wall.

- Jon Snow comes back as an Other, but we still follow his POVs. Bran is a tree, and together they learn they can command the undead forces of Ice. Big final climatic War of Ice and Fire is ready to begin.

- The Lannister regime falls on its own. God knows there aren't fifty million powers ready to take it down.

- Sansa and Littlefinger make their move.

- Arya returns to Westeros and does something awesome.

- Jaime and Brienne join the Brave Companions and do something, I'm not sure what.

- Aegon able to conquer much of the south, but his armies erode to join Dany. He retreats to Dorne, where the Dornish still refuse to do anything.

- Euron Greyjoy does something.

- The Wall falls, as I mentioned before. The Others wroth is terrible.

- The war in Westeros is shocked by these new developments. Slowly every character realizes that their petty political struggles mean nothing compared to the horror that's coming.

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Stann1sBaratheon, fantastic post.

Some very shrewd observations and a lot of what you have predicted I also think will happen. I like your "Three Headed Dragon" theory, although I think that the three in question are actually Aegon Targaryen (killed as a baby, with the one currently leading the Golden Company being a fake), Dany and Jon Snow who is R+L's child and thus a Targayen and the one for who's story is that of "A Song of Ice and Fire."

I also envisage Tyrion somehow riding one of the Dragons, as I think his dream of one day riding a Dragon and being the most powerful man in the world is classic GRRM foreshadowing of what is to come.

I think Theon will end up killing Ramsay Snow/Bolton, but will end up dieing after helping Asha Greyjoy take the crown of the Iron Islands by overturning the Kingsmoot.

I think someway, somehow, Jaime Lannister will end up sacrificing himself to save Brienne. I think of Jaime as the classic "redemption character" of the series who will end up regaining his honour (at least amongst those that know of the "new" Jaime) and will fall in love with Brienne (if he hasn't already), but having to pay for his earlier crimes by losing his life. I think Theon is somewhat similar, although I think that the only person who Theon will ever be seen as honourable by is Asha, and only upon his death.

There are lots of things I really have no idea as to how they will pan out. For example, Cersei, The Tyrell's and Mance Rayder's storylines and how exactly the Martell's fit into everything. I also expect to see a large number twists and turns as is GRRM's style, and it's those that I can't wait to see!

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I'm not even going to try to predict. There are just too many things happening by the end of ADwD, and they all affect eachother. There must be a million possibilities. You could predict the outcome of the Battles of Ice and Fire, but after that's beyond guessing. TWoW will be even crazier than ASoS.

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Whatever happens I am almost certain Wyman Manderly will die, Stannis will confuse his host for the enemy - or will learn only too late that he has slaughtered a certain ally in the blizzards on the lake.

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OK - here goes.

The most important prediction of all - pressured by the prospect of the HBO series catching up to his books, GRRM finishes TWOW for release by the end of 2014.

I agree about Jon Snow. He wargs into Ghost while Melisandre revives his dead body. He then returns to his body and Mel thinks he is Azor Ahai reborn. The Valerian steel of Longclaw allows it to become the real Lightbringer. However, the NW and the Wildings are besieged by The Others.

Stannis and Manderly defeat the Boltons & Freys, but then are overcome by The Others.

Ser Barristan will lead the forces inside Meereen in a battle against the besieging forces, aided by Tyrion's new allies. However, they'll be losing until Victarion's Iron Fleet sails into the harbor & smashes the besiegers from behind. However, Ser Barristan will tragically be killed in the battle, possibly stabbed in the back by Hizdahr zo Lorag as he escapes. Daario and Greyworm are killed as well.

Dany & her dragon will roast Khal Pono and she'll take over the khalasar. She then takes the Iron Fleet back to Westeros, heading directly for King's Landing.

Ser Robert Strong will be defeated in the trial by combat by Sandor Clegane, which then makes Margaery the Queen Regent in her place, I think.

Agree with the above on Aegon being betrothed to Arianne Martell, but later being revealed as an imposter. However, Dorne and the Golden Company are a pretty big army when combined.

Sansa will seduce the lovestruck Littlefinger and become the de factor ruler of the Vale.

No idea where Arya ends up.

Book will end with Dany uniting southern Westeros together, then realizing that they have bigger problems in The Others. No idea on what happens with Tyrion - if he ingratiates himself to Dany or not. Dany does take Ser Jorah back into her service, but makes sure to keep him at arm's length.

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- Manderly sides with Stannis and they crush the Frey host. Then Manderly take back Lightbringer to Winterfell to lure the Boltons. Ramsay, believing it, sends the pink letter to Jon. Then, Manderly opens the gates to Stannis... and well couik Boltons.

I hope Theon turns Ramsay's bitches against him, and they end up eating him.

I believe this could be a real possibility but just Akajea stated it's too hard to predict. I know there are alot of things I wish would happen but I have read on this forum that somewhere in SSM, he states the ending will be bittersweet. So we probably won't get the ending we wish, I guess.

I do believe at some point Arya continues to warg Nymeria in her wolf dreams and that reminds her of who she really is. She leaves the FM (maybe even after meeting Massey and Jeyne) and comes back to Westeros to kick some booty, but who's booty I don't know!

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GRRM decides that he has far too much material for one book so releases "The Nippy Ground Frost of Autumn" as a volume between ADWD and TWOW. It will mostly consist of Tyrion playing cyvasse and Bran trying to find a comfortable seat. GRRM will also introduce A New Targaryen, probably a girl who will have been hidden in plain sight at King's Landing. She will be turn out to be Ros in the TV adaptation and the internet will implode under the weight of fanboy opprobrium.

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Dany will return to Mereen, with Drogon, at the head of a Khalasar. Tyrion will introduce himself, molest one of her maids, and make some joke about Dany's private parts. Dany will have him made into a pot o' brown for Drogon.

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Theon- will die early in the next book at the hands of Stannis for murdering children but he will admit not killing Bran and Rickon. The guy Bran met in ASOS will corroborate Theons story.

Connington and Aegon- will take Storms End, then they will defeat the Tyrell host that comes to retake it. Arriane will go to Highgarden to win over Wilas Tyrell, they will marry and Dorne will help the Reach expel the Ironborn and the Tyrells will declare for Aegon. Mace will die in combat and Margery will get knocked off somehow. By the end of the book Aegon will have Kings Landing under seige.

Victorian- will kill Hizadar and marry Dany, his dragon horn will work for a time.

Tyrion- will slowly worm his way into Danys confidence. He will convince her to send men to the Wall, this force will be led by Ser Jorah. Tyrion will help lead a part of Danys force down the demon road. He will find out what happened to his Uncle Gerion.

Arya- will do something that cause the Faceless Men to expel her. She will stay in Bravos as Cat of the Canals, she will organize a group of cutpurses from the wildling refugees that came from Hardhomme. Sooner or later news will reach her that convinces her to go back to Westeros. She will make a splash there by the end of the book.

Davos- will get Rickon and Shaggy and take them home. With the North won for Stannis he will spearhead new efforts in the South. His story might intersect with Aryas if he goes to Bravos, he might take her on as his cabin boy/girl.

Asha and Aeron- Aeron and some of his followers will flee the Islands, will seek shelter on the Stoney Shore, Asha will convince him to support her claim and Stannis, Davos will become a source of man love for him. He will promise a kinder and gentler Drowned God.

Jon Snow- will survive. Will continue to lead the fight against the Others. Will be the King of the North in all but name. By the end of the book his true parentage will become an open question somehow. He might have an affair with Valla.

Bran- will return from beyond the wall. Will go to Kings Landing and join the Warrior Sons. Will have the High Septon make charges against Jamie and the Queen for incest and attemopted murder.

Sam- will study at the citadel for a time but other duties will keep interfering, will be on his way back to the Wall by the end lof the book.

Breinne- will go looking for Sansa in the Vale. She will probaly find her

Jamie- Will help find Sansa or Arya. When he returns to Kings Landing he will be arrested by the Faith.

Cersei- one calumny after the other might flee to Casterly Rock with any surviving children.

Sansa- will off Littlefinger become a player and attract a lot of attention both good and bad.

Dany and Barristan- will finish thing in Slaver bay and make there way towards Volantis and Pentos, might actually get close by the end of the book

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This is what I think will happen......

Dany - will take the khalasar and get back to Mereen. Her and Victarion will come to a compromise and either 1.) go take Westeros as allies if she agrees to help him get revenge on Euron OR 2.) She appoints him the new king of Mereen while she heads to Westeros alone. By the end of the book she will just be getting to Westeros. (My personal opinion is that she will get wind of Aegon and ride Drogon and meet with him by herself before her army gets there. And that meeting that does not go well will be the last chapter.)

Davos - finds Rickon and gets him back to Winterfell.

Stannis - kills Ramsay (but not Roose). By then Davos will be back and Stannis will name Rickon Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. There will be something that happens with the Freys that will make the hostages under Robb Stark escape or be released, then they will find out Rickon is alive and there will be a conflict with Stannis. The captives want Rickon as King in the North but Stannis wont allow it.

Jon - he is not dead. He wargs into ghost and then goes and kills his attackers before his body is actually dead. Howland Reed comes into the picture at some point and lets Jon know his true parentage (R+L= J). 3/4 of the way through the book Jon leaves the nights watch and heads south to help Aegon/Dany, or to claim the throne himself. By the end of the book Wall comes down literally of figuratively and the Nights Watch is gone and the Others are now in Westeros.

Sam - finds out about the others and how to destroy them and heads to the wall. His last POV chapter will be him arriving at the wall at the same time as the others, and he dies.

Arya - Finishes her training and gets her first assignment at some point in the story. And for some reason I think she will be dispatched to kill "Aegon". She decides not to do it and goes to kings landing instead, and find Nymeria and her large pack of wolves on the way now under her control. (not a lot of Arya chapters in this book.)

Sansa - somehow screws up Littlefingers plans. Dont know how though.

Jaimie/ Brienne - Briennie is now unBrienne. Jaimie escapes unCat somehow and heads to kings landing and does something productive the entire book.

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Winter - comes

Jon- survives/wargs/whatever, but his watch is ended. Mel finally realizes he's AA. Heads to Winterfell to kill Ramsay, most of the wildlings follow.

Meereen - Tyrion, Jorah, Victarion, and Selmy win the battle from 3 sides. They maintain an uneasy truce, Jorah imprisoned rather than executed since he helped save the city. Tyrion uses his craftiness to help root out Sons of the Harpy.

Dany - takes over as Khaleesi, rides top speed to Meereen, is surprised to find it running well. Marries Victarion because he uses the horn to control at least one of the dragons, also for his ships. Spares Tyrion, gets everybody on ships and sails for Westeros.

Sam - finishes his Maester's chain in record time (or doesn't finish) and starts back to the wall.

Brienne - takes Jaime to unCat, who refuses to listen to reason and sentences him to death. Brienne flips out, kills unCat and saves Jaime. They head north based on the news of Arya's marriage.

Arya - runs into Justin Massey in one of her disguises, learns of "Arya's" marriage. Quits her training, returns (still disguised) with Massey to find out the truth.

Sansa - somehow screws up Littlefinger's plan

Cersei - Robert Strong wins the trial by combat and kills everybody in the room except Cersei and Qyburn- including Margaery, Tommen, and the High Septon. Somehow this works into Varys' plan.

Aegon - gains the support of Dorne and probably more

Davos - gets Rickon and Osha, finds Stannis, Arya/Rickon reunion. Theon admits he didn't kill the boys. Jon also shows up. Asha and Theon are allowed to leave. They meet up with Aeron and start to overthrow the Kingsmoot.

Bran - learns to more effectively use weirwood, peers into the past in the far north, learns the truth/origins of the Others. Possibly sees Lyanna's last moments with Ned. Leaves with Hodor, the Reeds, and Coldhands, and arrive at Hardhome. Jojen dies and possibly Hodor as well. They escape with Cotter Pyke and tell him what Bran learned.

By the end of the book The Wall has fallen, the Others are killing everybody, Dany is attacking King's Landing, snow is everywhere, hopefully some more Freys are dead.

Howland Reed as Ser Not Appearing in This Book

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