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Details without nitpicking [Show spoilers]

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Since the main episode threads can descend into a tiring exchange of people complaining about the changes, and other people defending the changes ad infinitum... I'd like to start a thread here to discuss the little details from the episode that may otherwise go unnoticed.

  • When Theon is about to behead Rodrick, you see Maester Luwin in the background gathering the two Stark boys to his side and shields little Rickon from viewing the death.
  • During Jon's first scene with Ygritte, the last thing she tells him before he swings his sword into the stone is "that's cold." In ASoS,

    those are also her last words to him before she dies in the book.

  • Many people have praised Arya's scene with Jaquen, but here's a gif someone made, capturing his facial expression when a girl tells a man when a thing must be done: http://30.media.tumb...tff6bo1_250.gif

Any others you've noticed?

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