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[Book Spoilers-Storm of Swords] Absence of the Tully's

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Hi there. First poster but have been browsing the forum a while. Please forgive me if this has already been discussed.

The absence of the Tully's (mainly Edmure and the Blackfish) is something I can easily understand for the show. But something I didn't think about at first but seems to obvious now is that if the Tully's do not feature at all then how will a certain event next series take place. I think you all know which one so I shouldn't need to say it.

If it wasn't for that one key event I would think the Tully's expendable as characters because apart from that they are not really important to the overall plot. They fill minor roles and are somewhat interesting but overall not that important. I do hope though that they make an appearance next season along with other characters cut from this season that we expect like Ramsey, Jojen and Meera.

However if the shows cuts them out completely then how will RW take place? Marry off on of Robb's underlings? Surely whoever it would be would have to have some blood connection to Robb, which leaves only Cat and I'd hate to see them go down that road. Personally I expect to see them introduced next season so I'm not giving it too much thought.

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