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How would you rate episode 207?


How would you rate episode 207?  

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I'm assuming the Halfhand gets captured as well and Jon and Qorin will be ordered to fight eachother. Qorin then gives him his final command. I could see it working out alright.

That's what I think too, though I like what happens much more in the book.

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8/10. Best episode of the season for me.

Good: Remarkably good scenes by the actors playing the Lannister twins. Of all the cast, the actor playing Jaime comes closest to how I envisioned the characters and he made the most of some very substantial scenes in this episode. Cersei is actually something of an improvement over the book version at this point - she's more of a fully realized woman than book-Cersei, and her obvious realization of what Joffrey is and her guilt over her part in creating him were quite effective. Dinklage didn't have much to do, but he conveyed Tyrion's essential nature as he sought to comfort his sister - "decent", just as he described Myrcella and Tommen. Dance and Maisie Williams were again interesting, and it was a relief to finally see Lord Tywin impose some limits on the amount of presumption he was willing to put up with from a serving girl.

Bad: More pointless and annoying squawking by Dany. Bad writing, but the actress is also just not very strong. Why would anyone ever follow this Daenaerys, dragons or no? Pyat Pree appears to be insanely overpowered - with such abilities he should have taken over all of Westeros and Essos long ago. The Jon/Ygritte scenes became tiresome enough to negate the beautiful northern scenery. There really is no suspense to Theon's reveal of the two child corpses - no one believes Bran and Rickon are dead, the sacrificial-lamb status of the "Winterfell refugee boys" was telegraphed too blatantly. Oh, and I'm really, really sick of the Robb/Talisa nonsense.

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best episode so far in this season, my first 8, if it weren't for the supermen Quarth shit with pyat pree i would have given it a 9 (not gonna give a 10 till i see "blackwater, so 9 is my highest for all the other episodes :P ), love the changes they did with the arya chapters in harrenhall :)

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doing a great job with the winterfell storyline even without the reeds. however, im disappointed with how weak they're making daenerys look. they're giving her a bit too much of the targaryen madness. also interested to see how the changed "jon snow/qhorin halfhand conflict" plays out

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8/10 again.:


Loved all the stuff at Robb's camp, including "Talisa's" reaction when Robb wants to take her to the Crag!! Methinks a certain Lady Westerling hasn't quite been forthcoming with King Robb. :D

OMG! of course...

The Jaime/Alton scene was fantastic because it succeeded in drawing me into the notion that it was just a long expository scene, then WHAM! Well played, D&D.

me too.

The Sandor/Sansa scene was ok, albeit rushed.

This relationship has been so sluggish but is picking up some steam. The Cersei-Sansa scenes really hew to the book - she is at once Sansa's best friend and worst enemy.

Tywin Lannister is not a moron! At least not a complete one. He knows Arya is highborn and I suspect (given 'milord/my Lord') has known all along. Since apparently Ty will be leaving Harrenhal next week, that little plotline is about to come to an end -

I am seeing it as a puzzle Tywin is diverting himself with and, peeking around the Fourth Wall, we get a lot of information by spying on Tywin during this time, which was pretty distant in the book. It tickles me they used the m'lord thing bc I caught at once that she was doing the My Lord and thought it was a mistake - and just now in ADWD have reread this little lesson Roose gives to Theon/Reek.

Jon & Ygritte was fine, but a little long and drawn out. Could have done with one fewer scene of them wandering around in the snow.

I think the actors felt the same way. Although a candidate for line of the week was in that first scene. It was apparently a vehicle for giving us a little lecture on the wildling culture and North history.

it next Sunday yet?


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doing a great job with the winterfell storyline even without the reeds. however, im disappointed with how weak they're making daenerys look. they're giving her a bit too much of the targaryen madness. also interested to see how the changed "jon snow/qhorin halfhand conflict" plays out

I wonder how much of this is her limitations as an actor?

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There was a few good moments, but overall this is the first episode that has really annoyed and disappointed me, I feel as though they have ruined Jon's storyline, if they dont make it that Halfhand gives him the command then I will be thoroughly pissed off.

I loved the scene with Tywin and Arya, they are great together.

Dany just seems off, I dunno, she was really good in the first season, but has been underutilized this season, very disappointing.

I dunno, just didn't feel this episode, maybe I wish it was closer to the books to much.

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So many deviations from the books.... but so far, most of those deviations are working in favor of the story very well. I was really concerned how they writers would condense so much detail into short one hour episodes without losing the intensity we all loved in reading those details. It seems like they have an excellent handle on how to keep the story moving in the more or less same direction as the book while at the same time fleshing out some great dialogue and character development we didn't have from the book. The Arya / Tywin pairing has been absolutely phenomenal. There's no way it could have been as good if they'd kept it as it was in the books with her working the kitchens or for Roose Bolton.

So glad to see Jaime Lannister back at the forefront of the story once again after a long departure from his part in it due to being a captive. The surprise with that long exposition scene was definitely a shocker and well done. Reminds everyone that Jaime is still a very dangerous man, even in chains.

I am a Jon Snow fan (what female reader isn't, c'mon!) and I approve of the re-worked Ygritte character. I found her annoying as hell in the book, and was disappointed when he started to fall for her. They've done a much better job making her feisty and attractive than my impressions of the girl in the books plus her constant antagonism of Jon and how the Night's Watch are a bunch of sorry idiots without women ("With your hands then? ... No wonder you're all so miserable!") ... well that was just pure gold.

I enjoyed the dramatic twist on the Qarth plot line... it was a real snooze-fest to me in the books except when Dany went in the House of the Undying, so adding this crazy drama is pretty good plot manipulation to keep Dany's story interesting. Pyatt Pree is insanely creepy and believable if not a little too powerful with his illusions.

I also loved the interactions between Cersei and Sansa - makes her much more believable than she was in the books. A lot of people don't like how she's been turned into the worrisome Mother figure, but I for one appreciate the more realistic take on it.I think they're doing a good job trying to keep the audience tied in to her story...both pitying her, hating her and even admiring her at times.

Tyrion and Cersei are now on the same page.. briefly. I think this was done as another illusionary tactic to make viewers think things may turn in favor of the Lannisters before Blackwater.

Theon's story and scenes continue to be amazing amazing amazing. I'll discuss it in more detail i the other thread as I am too tempted to spoilers.

I gave this episode a 10... the pace was faster, more intense and left almost every scene / story arc with a cliffhanger setup for next week...

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I am alittle disappointed i must admit. I was really hoping we would see the scenes of the undying and how they portray the prophesies. Now we are going to have to wait next week for it. Love Tywin and Arya scene..brilliant piece of acting by both actors. I do like how they taking the storyline with Dany, cant wait to see next weeks episode.

I gave it 7/10

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I'm simply amazed on how well they can keep the story straight on the TV show.With the massive narrative the books offer, it's a seemingly daunting task with TV's time, budget and monetary constraints, props To Dan and D.B for putting an amazing show together, and I can only hope, and I'm sure I speak for most people who enjoy the show, we'll have many many more seasons of the show.

I enjoyed the Arya Tywin Scene I thought it was well captured, the shot of Tywins neck right out of Arya's mind like we're watching her thoughts, well shot

Could someone please get Maester Luwin a tissue and tell him "it's O.K. they're only a little crispy...Great scene and end to the episode just like the books always leaving you wanting a little bit more.

Thanks For reading My PoV and My first Post on this Forum

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OK if this is how Jon's story plays out I'll consider this a very strong episode, almost worthy of a 9: The band who has surrounded Jon is relatively small, so Qhorin et al descend on them to rescue Jon. Ygritte escapes with a few wildings, Jon joins back up with the Halfhand and takes all sorts of shit from his brothers. Then Ygritte returns with a much bigger troop of wildings and we're back to how things play out in the book. I NEED Jon and Qhorin to have that conversation, if that doesn't happen it will be the biggest disappointment of the season. What gives me hope is that Ep 8 is GRRM's episode, ETA: No it's not, Ep 9 is, OK so maybe THE convo happens in EP 9. Hopefully he insisted on being the one to write that scene.

I thought Cersei coming out and actually admitting to Tyrion that the kids are children of incest was going too far. Cersei may turn to Tyrion as the only adult family she has, but she'd never fully let her guard down like that. It doesn't sit right with the nature of their relationship, especially with her attitude and deep seated loathing of Tyrion. Of course it does probably segue into Cersei being a complete bitch to Tyrion next episode, and she has all the more reason to be all out nasty because she showed a moment of vulnerability to him. Still I do not approve of the admission.

King of Qarth, and murdering 11 of the 13. Did they need to go there? Not sure. It certainly ramped up Dany's jeopardy, and Pyat Pree is certainly all sorts of unsettling. Drives Dany into desperation and urgent need to move on, and ultimately to head to Slaver's Bay. So a mixed bag in Qarth.

Good ending with Jaime/Catelyn and Theon and the effigies. I think they did a bad job with the paper mache dummies for Bran and Rickon. OK I've never seen a tarred body before, but they even seemed to lack heft hanging on the ropes, so they just screamed out FAKE so kinda took me out of the scene a tad. Great expression on Theon's face though, so a very strong finish. Pretty sure the noobs will see the bait and switch though. Too many clues in the episode, still Theons expression at the end will give people pause, wondering where the truth lies.

8/10 from me.

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One of the best episodes so far. Absolutely gripping twith interludes of poignant backstory. Some very memorable scenes. Nice amount of time with each set of characters. Changes to Quarth are brilliant. Jon Snow changes: first half good, last scene too much of a change (potentially).


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What an ending!!! The episode fully deserves the 9 I gave it for that ending choreography alone. And the music for that last scene was just perfect, the string movements mimicked the palpitating beats of my heart as I saw those two small charred bodies and then Theon's face. Tremendous job by the directer and editor.

I absolutely love the changes to Qarth. For the first time since the book 1, I'm finding Dany's arc interesting.

The one thing I disliked about this ep was Jaime killing Alton. Dramatically, I completely see why they did it:

It makes Karstark's need for revenge against Jaime much more plausible, and defensible, than the books.

It returns to his character an agency that's been stripped away by him sitting in a cell all season. After all Jaime is a dangerous, and the audience needed reminding of it.

it makes his future awakening of conscience, and Brienne's affect on him, far more powerful and poignant.

It makes Catelyn's choice to release after she hears about her boys more logical, now that she has reason to believe that Robb will no longer be able to guarantee his safety.

So, I can't really justify my dislike for this particular change, except perhaps in being a true Jaime fangirl, I take any change to his character no matter how slight, or justified, with the prickliness of a nun invited to tea in a brothel.

I'm also sorry for the changes to Jaime's conversation with Cat. The "shit for honor" chapter is my favourite of all the books, containing what is, imo, the best dialogue scene that GRRM ever wrote. What I saw tonight didn't hold a candle to the written word. That's not to say that show scene didn't work, it did. It's just that it could have been so much better. I'm still hoping we'll get more of the Cat/Jaime conversation as it was in the books next ep.

Jon and Ygritt are really cute. A lot of chemistry there. And the sight of the wildings surrounding him on the violet-white icy hills looked so beautiful, and quite intimidating. A powerful ending to Jon's arc this ep. And I must just say that the shots of Iceland are worth every penny they've spent.

A wonderful hour of TV. I can now, very safely say, that over the past 3 episodes, GOT has become the best show on TV right now, for me.


I forgot to mention Robb/Talisa; Much better tonight, I thought. The first time I watch these 2 together without cringing at the terrible dialogue. Also, there's a decent amount of chemistry coming through. Suddenly, it's not so improbably that I might very well enjoy this coupling next season.

Also Tywin and Arya: One of the best scenes of the night. World building and character insight in perfect harmony.

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