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[Book Spoilers] The man getting a tatoo from Quaithe

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If it was Euron, then why wouldn't he just capture Dany and make her his bride now?

Think it's a random duder.

Dany hasn't really done anything badass at this point. In the books when he decides he wants her for his wife she's already burned down the HoTU, gotten her army of Unsullied, killed the Great Masters of Astapor, defeated Yunkai and is occupying Meereen.

At the moment in the show, she is a girl with 3 cat sized dragons that few people have been allowed to see, and Euron has an urgent murdering to attend to on Pyke. That's if it's even him though, i'd like it if it was :)

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He's an extra. He's there to show that Quaithe or Lady Gaga for the TV viewers has magic powers, knowledge of the future, knows something about "Old Valyria" (=something with Dany and the Targs) and is some sort of priestess associated with Red (=Melisandre and later Thoros). It's simple world building. Not everything needs to be twisted, this is just some more exposition.

Two comments though come to my mind:

Was that the only nudity of the episode? Wow, they really seem to be on a dryspell with Sex. Of course they did have the Ygritte exchange which probably counts as fullfilling the sex (talk) quota, but there were no boobs ;)

It must suck a bit for that actress playing Quaithe. I mean she's on the show but does anyone of us know how she looks like. The whole time under that mask...

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