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(Book Spoilers) Arya and Tywin, what if........

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can i just say, with no happiness whatsofuckingever. i told you guys so. not only did they not do weasel soup, she didn't even kill anyone. and will she even get the coin??? and, that was a totally stupid way to have her name jaqen -- she asked him to kill tywin, he said he couldnt right now -- she said his name he was upset, she said ok help me. why wouldnt you ask for help escaping first? pr why wouldn't he then go kill tywin? whatever even if it did make some sense, it is exactly what i feared would happen -- so fucking lame. i. am. pissed.

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(Major spoiler for tv series only people) I think it would be epic if Tywin did find out about Arya, but the only way I can foresee that Tywin would ever find out (without changing the plot arc too significantly) is if Tyrion tells him just after he's shot him. I picture that scene going something like:

Tywin (in pain - a slow death): You...

Tyrion: Yes... me. Does it surprise you? No? A pity. I know how fond you are of surprises...

Tywin glowers at him:

Tyrion (smug/witty): Wait... I do have a surprise for you. I heard a rumour that the entire time whilst we were searching for Lady Arya Stark here in King's Landing, she was in Harrenhal, serving you, as your cup bearer. Can this possibly be true?

Tywin's (look of shock turns to understated admiration).

Tyrion: Oh I'm glad you're happy father. I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to please you. Now hurry up and die. I have a ship to catch.

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Tywin is not a man who lets opportunities slip through his fingers. Having two Stark hostage AND you son back is a gift. Tywin has no honor, just a reputation. A Lannister always pays his debts is not about repaying those you owe, it is about taking revenge on those who cross you (hinted by their real words).

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Im new here but feel compelled to vent some of my thoughts so bear with me.

When Tywin tells Arya to eat the mutton dinner and when just after she takes her first bite of what looks like a potato and Tywin asks her if she eats much food, her reply of "I eat alot", its the way she says it actually had me in knots with laughter. The chemistry between show Tywin and Arya is electric. I LOVED that whole scene.

I love the books but the deviation from certain story lines and even characters is worrying.

For all that I still watch this show with the same enthusiasm I havent had since watchin the Sopranos for the first time. I LOVE it.

Dont hate too much please, im new here :cool4:

I eat a lot, but I don't grow!

That whole scene was fantastic. I feel a little sorry for those who can't stop picking - they are missing a helluva show.

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- For some reason, nobody ever informed Tywin that Arya Stark is missing.

Ep 6:

LF: On your son Tyrion's directive I met with Catlyn Stark

TL: Why?

LF: He had an interesting proposal for her - concerning her daughters

- Littlefinger knows Arya quite well. For example, on the first day of the tournament of the hand, she asked him why he was called "Littlefinger", and he told her. At a distance of half a yard! He also noticed her overhearing of his telling the story of The Hound to Sansa.

- Arya knows that he will identify her, hence the shocked look when Lord Petyr Baelish was announced.

- Littlefinger, whose official order from Queen Cersai is to find Arya Stark, makes damn sure she knows that she is identified by trying several times to look directly into her face. Tywin doesn't comment the strange behavior of his guest - he might know that Baelish likes little girls.

- Littlefinger outright lies to Tywin telling him Tyrion had an interesting proposal for Catlyn concerning her daughters. Tyrion's proposal couldn't have included Arya, cause when LF left the capital, it was already clear that Arya wasn't available at all.

- I think LF is preparing his next change of sides - and running a high risk at that. What if somebody tells Tywin: "Oh, we lost that Stark girl, but LF is supposed to find her!"

- Even after the battle of Blackwater, no one dares to inform Tywin of Arya's missing. Otherwise, Petyr Baelish wouldn't get the Lordship of Harrenhal, but a fast beheading

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