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Too many new storylines open in aFfC & aDwD. How many PoVs in tWoW?

Awake iron!

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I see two possibilities:


  • Dany will decide not to return to Mereen, and we will never discover what happens to Barristan, Tyrion and Victarion
  • Areo Hotah marries his axe and absonds to some foreign land, never to be heard from again
  • Jon dies and Melisandre commits suicide out of grief - this is the blood sacrifice needed to stave off the others, thus eliminating that aspect of the plot
  • Bran overcommits to becoming a greenseer and becomes an actual tree, losing all consciousness
  • The bear lady falls on Asha, crushing her to death
  • Samwell ends up being an incompetent maester, and spends several years trying to get his chain, in the process missing out entirely on the next two books
  • With only a handful of characters remaining, GRRM wraps up the series in two 200 page novels


  • Martin goes in the opposite direction: instead of trimming down POVs, he increases the number substantially.
  • Hodor is promoted to POV character (hodors gonna hodor)
  • A hitherto unknown continent to the South suddenly is discovered, with a whole new cast of eclectic nobles and smallfolk who have designs upon the iron throne
  • Ned, Rhaegar, Robert, Benjen, Robb and Viserys all turn out to be alive and in completely different places; they have to find their way back to Westeros in order to further upset the political situation
  • The others are actually real people, and so a dozen of them now require povs
  • Dany's dragons develop the ability to speak and turn out to be of the wisecracking variety - at least on the outside! POVs added to them to reveal that though they may be sunny and happy towards others, beneath their scaly veneer they hide twisted and vengeful goals
  • GRRM wraps up the series in nine 1500 page novels, at the end of which all the characters are ever so slightly closer to achieving their goals

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