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Mulled Wino

[Book Spoilers] The countinuing emasculation of Jon Snow

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I'm coming in well late here, having only just watched season 2 (having to wait for it's UK DVD release and such, grrr!); but I'm glad I'm not the only one who's noticed what a mess they've made of Jon's character. It was like this in season 1, where he doesn't get to save Sam and prove his leadership competencies at Castle Black (instead getting berated by Thorne, whom in the books is never indicated to have been a ranger or a particularly incisive character); and now in season 2, not only is he robbed of many of his victories and triumphs - he's being turned into a professional cock-up merchant.

Re-reading ACoK this week, in the wake of finishing the season 2 DVD, I can't help but notice how big the contrast is between book and show Jon. Book Jon is a bit petulant to start with, but his character builds, piece by piece, until it absolutely makes sense that his later rise occur. His [book] actions in the Skirling Pass are those of an honourable and strong man, a young and inexperienced, yet quite talented ranger, someone who has the potential to be a leading light in the Night's Watch, whereas the show version just bumbles from one cock-up to the next.

The same sort of thing is being done to Dany, who instead of being a shrewd and diplomatic, if sometimes naive and often quite Targaryen young ruler, is being turned into a shrill harpy who makes you wonder why one of her bloodriders hasn't strangled her in the night.

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