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Why do they keep changing wonderful dialog? *semi spoilers*

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So your point has changed from "she only ever talks about fire and blood" to "she's always screeching" to "she's not being presented very well". This is quite a big difference. I personally find that Vanessa Taylor's episodes (4 and 6) have had quite bad dialogue for Daenerys compared to the D&D episodes. But your initial points were quite clearly wrong, and sadly they're thoughts that appear to be shared throughout the fandom (probably because each preview had Dany talking about fire and blood).

I think that Dany's arc has suffered the most this season due to a lack of airtime. Another episode in Qarth before her dragons were taken would have made a huge difference.

I never said anything about screeching in any of my posts. My initial exaggeration about her talking about fire and blood was just to show that I think her dialogue has not been presented well in general. I think they are missing the mark a lot of times with her dialogue and putting emphasis on the wrong things.

I definitely agree with you about Vanessa Taylor's episodes..her dialogue for female characters in general has just been not the best. My initial point as I said was an exaggeration and was not meant to be overanalyzed, but I apologize for misleading you. The previews and trailers do overemphasize that line, which probably has a lot to do with my feelings on the matter.

I don't think lack of airtime has much to do with it..I think the time we had with her should have had better dialogue and less of the "dramatic" changes they have made to Qarth. In the book she only had like 4 chapters anyways..but that is another point entirely.

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I don't think that is the reason - in an interview Kit Harrington referenced how in the show Catelyn hates him.

Like most of the series - they have absolutely nailed some pieces of it and some they have missed on. Some of the pieces they have nailed were not as in the books (the Arya capture/Lommy getting killed scene being one), some of the pieces they have missed were in the books (Catelyn/Jon in Brans room).

I totally thought that was the reason (speaking of why they softened Cat's words towards Jon). The show has consistently made Cat more likeable and reasonable IMO.

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