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How would you rate episode 209?


How would you rate episode 209?  

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Very enjoyable episode I rated an 8, only a few points of contention, the Sandor/Sansa scene clearly lacked the power of the book with Sandor putting a blade to her throat and threatening to kill her for his song, I thought the shows version was clearly not as good. Also I really dislike how incompetent they made Davos and Stannis out to be as battle commanders in the way in which Tyrion implemented the wildfire attack.

I mean a single ship unsurrounded would raise no red flags with a seasoned commander like Stannis, but I know to some extent I am nitpicking the effect were great, and given what type of budget they were working with, I really felt they did a tremendous job.

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Certainly a 10, the best episode so far. I loved the Rains of Castamere playing during the credits at the end and Tywin coming into the throne room....

It was adapted for TV but still true to the book. Perfect. I loved it. Will watch it again at 10pm.

And it was great to see Roy Dotrice again. San/San was fine, that story will continue later. I am confident now that the important story lines of Book 3 will be preserved in Seasons 3 and 4.

Love ya GRRM!

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Rains of Castsmere during the credits made me cry...

I smiled and sung along . ... that was AWESOME . .in other words GRRM came out of the closet as the Lannister Lover we all knew him to be . . DON'T MESS WITH THE LANNISTERS . . now it is apparent to EVERYONE that the Starks are doomed . . .

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Unsure of this episode. I need to watch it again.

When I read the book, I envisioned more fire, shore to shore, even fire creeping up the wall. I was hoping for heat to come through my television...

Stannis as the first one up the ladder? Not buying it.

Tyrion attacking Stannis' troops started out reeking of awesomeness, but I hope you didn't blink your eyes. In two seconds they were out the gate and the turtle was flipped and on fire. Poor editing, poor engineering.

The Hound was awesome. I'm curious if Sansa will go with him and doppelgang Arya's story?

Davos shitting his pants once he realized what was going on was effen perfect.

As usual, Varys is worth his weight in gold.

That is all for now.

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