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How would you rate episode 209?


How would you rate episode 209?  

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A 10, definitely. Ohgosh, the wildfire, that was straight perfect! Just as I imagined, like a great firework. The look on their faces; priceless.

Loved the Rains of Castamere during the credits, just after Lord Tywin saves the city and looks like he's the ruler of the world. I felt actually kinda sorry for Cersei this episode, sitting there with Tommen, preparing to kill themselves. She truly loves her children, it's only that she's an arrogant bitch.

And, finally, the Sandor/Sansa scene. I liked the doll she had, a reference to her father, whom she needs desperately at that moment. I died when Sandor said 'No, I won't hurt you little bird,', while Sansa's face softened. Too bad she didn't cup his cheek as in the books, but that's alright. The whole episode was epic awesomeness.

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No point doing my usual pros and cons, because almost everything in this episode was perfect. The shot of the wildfyre burning the ships was beyond anything I've ever seen on the small screen.

What I would say above anything else though is that Lean Headey was amazing. Better than anyone else, and that is saying something.

My only minor gripe is the seeming reluctance to connect Sansa with the Old Gods. The difference in religion is important. I am barrel scraping though. Just a damned good episode.

Another thing. Sophie Turner is already damned attractive, and me realising that makes me feel a little dirty.

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Want to give it a 10 but I just cant although a 9+ isnt bad and I havent seen it a second time yet.. Just seemed a little rushed to me and we never got the feeling of the massiveness of the numbers involved in the battle. Perhaps this should have been spread over 2 episodes but I realize the constraints. Still some of the best TV ever, Id love to see this entire series on the big screen with massive sound.

We needed the little girl from "Dispicable Me" looking out the battlements and yelling to Tyrion "Its so GREEN!"

Pig shit and Turtles and Sandor finally speaking his mind, oh my.

All of the changes seem to be coming together very nicely. Some people just have no patience to wait for the big picture. Their loss.

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Loved it! 10/10! The wildfire was amazing, Sansa and Cersei talking was just incredible, and the final scene with Cersei and Tommen had me crying! Oh, and of course the Hound was awesome: "fuck the Kingsguard, fuck the city, fuck the king"... I think it's the first time I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever (only I would have wanted this episode to go on forever, because now we only have one episode left this season).

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Martin is a pure genius. I wish he could write all the episodes. There was more drama in this episode alone than in the whole season. I loved the changes. Stannis leading the attack was a nice touch. It reminded me why I like his character. And the final shot with Loras as Renly's ghost and Cersei with Tommen on the throne was just breathtaking. The best episode this season and I have absolutely no complaints. Hopefully, D&D felt inspired by it and the finale is at least half as good.


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Between 7 and 8 for me.

Considering the difficulty of translating the book's epic battle on TV, they did and amazing job. But, in spite of all their efforts, notably shooting at night and using epic music and all, it still felt small scale in some parts. There are also problems with the pacing, notably Tyrion's sortie felt awfully rushed.

The highlights of this episode are very strong though. Incredible, incredible performance from Lena Headey. Just the perfect Cersei. I loved all of her scenes. Sansa is most definitely coming into her own too. I liked the scene with Sandor in her room, even though it was weaker than the book's, but the acting she put out when realising that Sandor would not hurt her was just perfect. Sandor does not feel half as menacing and dangerous as book Sandor though. The way he said fuck the king and all felt weak too. But the scene with Bronn in the tavern was good. Bronn is very well casted and played.

I like the actor playing Davos very much, he exudes calmness and authority, and humbleness, just like the character in the book.

Incredible CGI on the wildfire explosion. THAT felt epic indeed, no problem there.

The gory effects in the batlle, such as Clegane cutting guys in two, and Stannis splitting heads, felt...cheap. Like a B zombie movie. This was so bad it took me out of the action.

Also, I can understand why they would put Stannis on the front line, but well...this was soooo out of character. Stannis is a commander. He's not lacking bravery, and has surely seen his share of battle. But he commands from the rear, to keep a clear vision of what's happening. Having him rush the walls WITHOUT A HELMET felt...oh, I'm sorry, it just felt ridiculous. Overall, I'm not happy with the characterisation of Stannis up until now. Melisandre has more charisma than him. If I didn't know him better from the books...

A magnificent Tyrion, as usual. The scene where the king's guard cuts him though...felt weak. And come on Tyrion, it's just a little cut this time. Why fall on the ground like he cut your nose or something??

I'm very critical, but overall it was a good time. I don't feel it was the incredible TV epic some of you guys describe though, but it was still very good. Thank you Cersei!!

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By the Old Gods and the New, a perfect 10!

The buildup to the battle was epic, with Stannis fleet slowwly creeping its way through the water with the fog looming over them.The wildfire exploding was just out of this world. We finally got the Rains of Castamere. Cersei is acting like her old psycho self. Tyrion delivered an amazing speech. Pretty much everything.

Valar Morghulis!!!

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I think it need to be said--give GRRM 3 episodes: premiere, finale, and high-point episodes. This way, we get out excellent intro, we get our excellent Blackwater scene, we get our awesome finale that leaves us begging for more.

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Not bad not bad.

Some things annoyed me though:

I didnt like the fact that everyone seems to be wielding a valyrian steel sword!! So many bodies being cloven in two and heads halved cleanly. Silly. Even Tyrion had a valyrian steel axe cutting off a leg! And the splatting. D&D have been watching too many old chinese martial arts movies were blood sprays after a cut.

I didnt like Tyrion's scar. Maybe im wrong but it looks like a fairly clean cut. He will lose an eye, but doesnt look like he will lose part of his nose and have a hideous scar. They should have opened it up more hehe. Make it more gruesome to scare the hell out of the viewers. But maybe they dont want to ruin his face too much so he is still recognisable on tv.

Lancel not getting cut down badly enough.

Was it communicated clear enough that Sandor was afraid of the fire and not just the battle? In the books we can see the inner dialogue going on in Sandors head but not in TV. I will ask my non bookreader friends tomorrow.

What i liked:




Illyn's facial expression. lol.

Pretty much nailed though. The dialogue impressed a lot. The chain would have made it epic though!!! But they would have had to change the battle dynamics and made it much larger scale.

Not surprised to learn that GRRM wrote this one. By the 7 bloody hells its obvious it was him. The other writers were rubbish compared to him. Martin to write them ALL!!

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A 10/10 for me. That episode was sheer perfection. I loved every moment of it. EVERYBODY brought their A game in this episode. Sansa was fantastic this episode. Cersei was at her absoulute best. That scene between her and Tommen was heartbreaking. I can't believe I used the term heartbreaking in regards to Cersei, she's such a nasty, vile woman, but she has her moments.

Stannis was ON! I'm loving terminator Stannis cutting fuckers down who get in his way.

Sandor was also amazing this episode. I love seeing the other side of Sandor, first with the fire phobia and then in his moment with Sandor. I don't care but I fistpumped at "Fuck the kingsguard, fuck the city, fuck the king". The look on Joff's face was priceless.

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