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INFO: OOC Meetings?

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Our assets and flaws system are something of a problem at this point. There are aspects of it that we now see do not work so well in the long term, especially when it comes to flaws. However, to start changing that would potentially mean changing the whole CG and having to re-CG everyone, which considering the number of CGed NPCs doesn't seem very feasible.

In terms of adding flaws, the concerns we have are these:

1) If we allow players to tack on any flaws they want (I really don't see charging for flaws with XP, it would sort of go against the whole idea of it), some characters risk being made very unappealing of they go back on the roster.

2) If we want to limit what flaws can be tacked on, how do we do it if we don't use XP? Right now, the guideline is that some flaws are mandatory add-ons (such as physical flaws that have system effects or flaws like Bastard or Disowned) but if roleplay means they get added, other flaws get switched out. We don't have a good idea how to handle things if someone ends up with more than their allotment of mandatory flaws.

We're basically at a bit of a loss how to handle assets and flaws in the long term. There are many CGed characters whose flaws no longer matter and should have been switched out, but at the same time they formed important parts of the development of the character and removing them would remove part of the character's background.

Before we have come to some kind of solution for how we are comfortable handling these developments in general, we want to stick with the guidelines we have established for ourselves. Unless something is a physical flaw or a status flaw such as Disowned, there's nothing to stop a player from playing their character as having the flaw in question. It just isn't represented as a system effect. I think that is an important distinction: assets and flaws are not exhaustive.

Possibly one could consider having the ability to add on flaws that don't have any effect or having some way of noting negative characteristics that aren't shown as flaws....but the CDB is so overloaded with information as it is that I am not sure how viable that is.

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