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Oberyn poisoned Tywin


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I posted this on the Vary's thread as well but I wanted to chime in here as well.

I personally think Vary's poisoned Tywin. He is an opportunist and Oberyn's chat with Tyrion was just too good to pass up. One more way to create unrest and distrust among the Houses.

I think GRRM does give us clues that Tywin is poisoned. Tyrion's hair standing up when Oberyn speaks to him regarding Tywin not living long. I think Tyrion even says.."ears" are listening to Oberyn.

The fact that Tywin has a cup beside his bed..for a nightly drink? Easy enough for a little bird to slip something in that nightly drink. Cersei notices this in her pov.

The fact that Joffrey also had a seven day funeral but NO mention of hisbody stinking to this extent by any POV.

Tywin's body is NOT reacting like other bodies that have been embalmed by the sisters. Martin is making sure we all associate stink with Tyrion's father!

I believe George does this because in ADwD Tyrion's story line is one of redemption and also Tyrion internally acknowledging what he has done in his life.. and here we have the clincher..

Who buys Tyrion and Penny and Jorah? The Great Yellow Whale who is slowly dying and stinks..who is also written as a "father" figure in this part of the book.

When The Great Yellow Whale becomes deathly sick with the pale mare..it is Tyrion and Penny who are given the " honor" of cleaning up the shite that this so called "father" figure is producing...PURE GRRM !!!!

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