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Book spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who want to discuss the episode in relation to the books, and with reference to spoilers from them.

This topic should open automatically around the start of airing.

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Just gonna put this out there.

The episode, and most episodes, are good for the TV viewers to get where they need to be and set them up for where they need to go.

For the book readers (myself included) we get little golden nuggets... but let's face it, the series is not for us.

In the end... it was a great episode.

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Here are some of my thoughts on the episode, in no particular order :cool4:

I pictured the Others as a lot more elegant, but the sword it was holding was fantastic. I am really glad it was white because all of the other times they have shown "others" they seem black, hairy and ape-like, so I'm very happy that it was the ghostly book style.

But why does it SEE Sam and not care? That seemed wrong.

LOVED Sansa's reaction! Especially because we can't read her thoughts like in the books.

Tyrion could have been uglier, but tv Tyrion has always been the prettied up version of book Tyrion anyways lol.

House of the Undying was way different, but cool I guess. Liked "vision" of destroyed Red Keep. I really liked putting Doreah in bed with (unspellable-name-without-my-book) and putting them in the empty safe. Bad a$$ moment for Dany.

I felt like Luwin's death was kinda anti-climactic (side note: did he want to be killed without milk of the poppy in front of the Heart Tree so that he could be a blood sacrifice to the old Gods...? Thoughts?) but I still got a little choked up :frown5:

Theon scene was hilarious...'nough said...

Still don't like the way they portrayed both Jon/Qhorin and Robb :bang:

But as an episode, 10/10 all the way!!!

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I'm sorry but that ending was weak. The White Walkers just look at same and move on? I don't think so. And I felt like I was watching The Walking Dead.

Also, the house of the undying sucked. Sure the little scene of her in the throne room was nice, and her seeing Khal was touching for non book readers I'm sure. But other than that it left out huge prophecies for Dany. Three times you will be betrayed? The dragon has three heads?

And we waited 9 episodes to see what was behind this mysterious XXD vault...and there was nothing? Pointless. Oh, and Danys handmaiden was sleeping with Xaro? Wtf

Jon's slaying of Qhorin was not setup properly in the show. There was no reason for him to completely kill Qhorin in the eyes of a non book reader. It just looked sloppy. Rattleshirt telling Jon to slay Qhorin to prove himself makes sense.

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Loved the foreshadowing in the HOTU- the throne room covered in Snow.... Bring on the R+L=J partisans.

Loved Dany being very Targaryen with locking XXD and Dorreah in the empty vault. Don't piss off a Targ....even a realtively sane one.

Loved the dragons sitting there anticipating Dany giving them the word....Flame On!

Loved Theon and Luwin's scene.

Loved Tyrion's scene with Shae. Should really pay off if they conclude Shae's storyline like the book.


Jon and the Half-Hand's fight left some of the non-book readers I watch with lost and confused. They should have set that up better and more clearly.

The three horn blasts and the attack of the Others and Walkers didn't really convey the dread it should have. The scene felt flat and the look of the Other was not what I've pictured...but it's not my show to run... The Other apparently looking right at Sam and then moving on was just dumb.

Overall, an excellent episode.

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The episode needed the extra 10 minutes tonight to compensate for the show's enormous penis.

Wow. That end scene? I just wanna say that George was doing Walking Dead long before Kirkman was doing Walking Dead. Every bit as epic as I imagined it to be. Every bit.

Now, the other scene I was looking forward to -- The House of the Undying. This fell kind of flat to me. I wanted the visions and the prophecies. But, I guess the show felt it was a little too abstract? I still think it would've been cool since it allowed for a Lost-type of effect, where people would be trying to piece it all together. However, seeing Dany on the Iron Throne set and the Wall set was nerdcool...as was seeing Momoa as Drogo again. Great scene between the two of them. To think it all began with a rape -- and they said it wouldn't last.

And, the dragons? What else can be said other than Dany is about 3x sexier when she has some mini weapons of mass destruction spooning with her.

The Theon/Luwin scene was phenomenal. Alfie Allen continues to bring all types of new life to a character I already love. And, one change I wouldn't have minded would've been Luwin surviving because of how great he's been on the show. But, with Jojen and Meera being confirmed for s3, I was expecting to be gutted over Luwin getting gutted.

The Stan/Mel scene was probably my least favorite. I didn't like seeing Mel on her heels when she should've used the excuse that Stannis didn't take her to the battle. That was her rationale.

Looks like they're making Littlefinger completely transparent in Sansa's escape bid. Don't really have a strong opinion one way or the other on this alteration, other than it's probably being done in an effort to give Littlefinger more screen time next season. I'm sure Dontos will still play a role.

Really liked how that entire Tyrell/Lannister scene played out. So much going on under the surface. I had to dodge my screen from all the bullshit being flung at me, out of the mouths of those bullshit artists, heh. I especially liked the looks between Margeary and Sansa...can't wait to see more of Marge next season. And, I gotta give Finn Jones credit -- his Loras is so much better the second time around. They really need to work on Lancel next. Gwen as Brienne was completely sold to me. She had the look, and I'm really glad she's backing it up. Glad I no longer have to worry about banishing her to life as a journeywoman in the WNBA.

And, Jaqen and his Faceless Man bit! Nothing really to pick apart other than...fucking cool.

The scar on Tyrion was great -- no need to get rid of his nose. It's perfectly adequate. Man, I'm excited as a pig in shit over the Lannister reunion. The Cersei/Tywin/Tyrion scenes next season are already getting me off and it hasn't happened yet...I feel like the limo ride home after the prom.

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Only 10 replies half an hour after the season finale ends... Hm, Blackwater had at least 10 pages by this point last week.

Anyway, I liked the episode very much, but I cannot say I loved it. While it had a lot of great scenes, the majority of which coming from Daenerys' story arc, I could not shake the feeling that it was slightly anticlimactic. I suppose that is OK since there was absolutely no possible way they were going to top the Blackwater episode, and we all need to come to terms with that if we do not want to feel disappointed.

As an aside, there was one thing that really irked me, and it had nothing to do with the story or the acting. It actually comes from the technical side of things. Why does it seem like any time something fantastical screams, it sounds the same? I am thinking of the dragons, the shadow baby, and the Others. I honestly thought the sound editors just recycled the same sound for all three of these creatures and slightly altered it. I was hoping for some booming, deep voice to wrap up the season, and I all got instead was an scream identical to the two creatures I just mentioned. Oh well..

Commence the S3 premiere countdown.

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The House of the Undying sequence was terrible. It was almost as if they read the chapter and decided to jettison everything that made it great. Well, that's two for two now. They cut out my favorite scene in AGoT and now they've done the same for ACoK. Maybe they'll have the Red Wedding occur off-screen.

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Okay, I haven't been watching the show (no HBO), so all my information is second-hand, but as far as I know, Ramsay's atrocities weren't mentioned in the season as they were in the book, so perhaps D&D didn't show the actual burning to keep viewers in the dark to the fact that it wasn't the Ironborn who did it, making the Bolton's betrayal all the more shocking when it happens.

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