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How would you rate episode 210?

How would you rate episode 210?  

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I'm sorry to say I have no damning hyperbole to offer. It was simply that the emotions of a lot of the scenes really carried this episode for me. The good outweighed the bad. My expectations are simple however: If you establish something, best you follow through, otherwise it doesn't make sense.

The Bad

Robb's storyline has faltered with me. I can see what they're trying to do in developing Talisa, but I'm sorry to say it just doesn't do it for me. Bonus nitpick: Dude, did I just see you get married under The Seven? Like I said, if you establish something, like the old gods and make it apparent in iconic ways the Starks worship them that does not compute.

HOTU should have had at least one reference to Rhaegar, because it was a great opportunity to reinforce not only what Dany has lost, but lend further credence to the strength of her character as "the last Targaryen" (that we know of).

Theon's St.Crispin's Day speech. The comical end and complete lack of either Reek or Ramsay Snow, Shame.

These however were minor quibbles.

The Good

-Tyrion and Shae...and that's saying a lot from someone who knows how much they've departed from the book version of Shae.

-Theon's conversation with Maester Luwin

-the roasting of Pyat Pree (Dacarys!)

-The entire throne room scene in King's Landing, the putting aside of Sansa and her expression as she's leaving (priceless).

-RIP Maester Luwin :( A part well played by Donald Sumpter. Bravo.

-Varys being...well...Varys...with everyone. Even the face he makes when Littlefinger is awarded Harrenhall is gold.

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I felt like, despite the departures from the books, it was solid TV. Except for the Jon storyline which was completely mishandled this season imo. The other departures I didn't feel altered character development quite as much.

Regardless, I enjoyed the episode.

As for the House of the Undying:

Does the snow on the throne represent Jon? Was Dany then shunning the throne to go beyond the wall and find her family in death? Did they just spoil the entire series?

This. I agree. The one storyline that was handled the worst by far was Jon Snow. They whole thing was flukey and fabricated.

Stannis is a borderline major problem for me as well, but I enjoyed last night's episode quite a bit-8.

The season was

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Underwhelming in the highest degree...but it's been building to this the entire season. It's disconcerting how well the showrunners have hewed to such minor but iconic points, like Tywin's horse, and yet stray so far from the plot points with actual teeth.

Production quality was good, and there were bright points in it, so it rates an 8. But this is where we part ways. I'm done wasting time on what is essentially big-budget fanfic.

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8. The House of the Undying scenes were not as I had hoped them to be. Everything else was played out fine, especially the fall of Winterfell.

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I understand things are going to be different, in fact I expect them, but where the hell is one of the most interesting villain of the series, where is Ramsay Snow, the sack of winterfell and the whole reek/ramsay story line with Theon shows what a sick cunning freak he is well before any of his later crimes. The viewers will now never truly understand that. And the Dany and stolen dragons stuff was bad, complete disregard to the book. Xaro wasn't that bad of a guy.

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8 (More like a 7.6 than an 8.4)

I didn't know what to think of the season finale. I know it couldn't be better than Blackwater, so I had to lower my expectations - it needed to clean up so many loose ends in the storyline.

I liked:

-The Winterfell scenes. Theon is so pitiful. I would have to have seen Ramsay, though. Luwin's performance was excellent. Very touching.

-The throne room scene. The little farce that Joffrey and Margery put on was very well-done. I loved the look of disgust on Loras' face!


-Brienne/Jaime. Great chemistry between the two!

Just OK:

-Snow/Quorin. I would have rather seen Quorin order Snow to kill him. That would have made him look better than just some hotheaded idiot. I laughed when Ygritte kept hitting him with his sword.

-Three blasts. A little hokey, but not much CGI budget, so, OK. Why didn't the white walkers kill Sam? Still a good set-up for the Fist of First Men battle.

-HOU. I liked how they kept Dany running to different places. Interesting "rooms." A dragon-blasted Throne room? Dany meeting her "husband" at the Wall? (Foreshadowing? Ice/Fire? Dany/Jon???) The climax was meh. I would have liked to see the dragons burn it down.

-Tyrion/Shae. Of course Shae ruins a scene that Tyrion gets off to a great start...

Didn't like:

-Why didn't anyone consult me before locking Doreah in the vault???? Not nice, not nice at all!!

-Stan/Mel. Felt like a scene in a soap opera. Stannis acted out of character, IMHO.

-Robb's wedding. More soap opera.

Still, a good ending. Every episode can't be Blackwater.

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I gave it a 9, but I am sooo glad they are splitting up SofS. This episode made me very grateful for last week's when the location was in one place and one central story. It seemed like they tried to get everybody face time. I read the books and I was getting dizzy. I really feel sorry for people who hadn't read the books.

My favorite scene is the one with Jaime and Breanne. The actors work well together, and I loved the look in Jaime's eyes when Breanne slowly killed the third Stark man. The seed of change was beautifully implanted in him.

Theon was wonderful as always. Disappointed with the razing of Winterfell, but I hope they get their sh*t together in the next season or two. Theon needs to be redeemed and he can't be with out Ramsay Snow.

I'm very glad they didn't drag out the House of the Undying. I would have loved to have seen Rhaegar saying the dragon has three heads, but the snow (Hmmm. Snow?) throne room made up for it a little. However, revealing many of the prophecies in the book would have given too much away to the non-book readers (Robb with his dire wolf, for instance). And so, I am glad they cut some out.

I am not a Dany fan and haven't been since the first book. And I wanted to believe that the producers disliked her as much as I did and wanted to reveal that a little. However, after this last episode it boils down simply that Emilia Clark is a HORRIBLE actress. She does not get that Dany tiptoes the line between madness and greatness. Clark is playing her crazy with delusions of greatness, and it is not working or endearing her. Not anymore.

Least favorite scene also happened to be my second favorite scene. It is so dramatic in the book when the three horns blow. Of course, Chett is about to kill Sam, and so there is a lot of tension and build up anyway due to that. There wasn't as much build up in the show leading to the horns (least favorite part), but when they pull out and you see the numbers of the Others and White Walkers, I was blown away. Wonderful final shot of the season.

I am excited for next season. Hopefully by cutting the book in half, it won't be so busy and there won't be as much back and forth and longer individual scenes.

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This was most certainly my worst favourite episode of this season. So many dumb changes that made absolutely no sense at all.

1. Ros is going to be a spy for Varys. WHAT!?

2. Robb is married under oath of the Seven. WHAT!?

3. Dagmar Clefreek. Who even burned Winterfell? Him or the horn blowers? WHAT!?

4. No prophecies in the HotU. WHAT!?

5. Doreah sleeping with Xaro. WHAT!?

eeek. So many problems...

I really only liked three scenes in this episode.

1. Stannis and Melisandre. Really creepy and awesome.

2. Theon and Maester Luwyin. Awesome acting.

3. Attack on the Fist of the First Men.

4/10 rating from me. Super dissapointed

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I give 8, my highest score since seaosn 2 started.

Again, a lot of departures from the book, but at least stuff happened for once. I wish the entire season could have had this intensity.

+ Brienne vs 3 men.

+ Theon and Luwin

+ The white walkers

+ Tyrion's face is more damaged than that last epsiode had us believe.

+ Throne room scene.

+ Dracarys!

- Why is Ros still around? I thought they were sending her off last episode. Is the actress the producer's girlfriend or something?

- Robb and that girl getting married

- Stannis, out of character, choking Melisandre.

- Where is Ghost? It would have ended the fight with Quorin perfectly.

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This was posted in the wrong thread... now im moving here to the right one.

They shouldnt have shown the walkers at all. I hope to forget that image. The undead horse surounded by MIST would of been awesome, then cut scene. I would not be afraid of that, I would laugh at it. The wights looked good tho.

HOTU sucked, boring even. I Understand they dont want spoiler's, but they could of at least made it fun, they tryed heartfelt with Drogo, it fell flat.

The only thing i found interesting was, Dany never touched the throne, is it foreshadowing that she we make it all the way to KL, but never take the throne? Just interesting.

What about Jaqen telling Arya, the FM will help you kill all those people, WTF they will do everything but that.

Varys is masterful as always, but now he is with Ros The Useless, that is her formal title as far as i am concerned.

Dont want to spoil things, but lets have Littlefinger tell sansa he will save her...

Those thing where dumb, but i understand it cant be the books.

8/10 as far a TV goes

3/10 in relation to book.

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8. The Robb/Cat dialog sucked as did the Robb wedding. They have to cut so much out of the book, why ADD needless stuff?

I could almost see Jon's sword underneath Quorin's armpit. I get the impression the extras in Iceland became sparse after the first few scenes.

I did like what they did with the House of the Undying. It was totally made up and none of the portents were there but it worked for me.

The Zombie Parade was pretty cool. Dragonsteel is supposed to be blue but other colors were messed up too.

Clarke is a weak actress.

I did like seeing Sansa smile - tho the lecherous Baelish put a stop to that.

Brienne/Jaime very well done.

Awesome Weirwood tree at Winterfell.

Jaqen was supposed to be heading for Euron, not Braavos, so I hope the continuity holds.

The Faceless Men are not supposed to kill for themselves. Well, maybe beginners anyway.

Big wuss out on Tyrion's scar.

Pycelle is not only growing back his beard he is becoming a wise ass.

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9, right up there with Blackwater IMO. Easily the two best episodes of the season were the last two for me. I love the books, but I really don't give a fig if they stay completely true to them, in fact I think the show gets better the more they feel free to depart from them. Hopefully next season they will really rethink it as the original production it deserves to be. Especially Daenerys' story, which quite frankly is a very long, drawn out bore in the books already and is really showing the strain on television. All I ask is that they keep the spirit of the books, most of the central themes, and keep the focus on the main characters.

Overall I give this season a 7, but at least it ended on a strong note (or notes).

Edited by Daenerys

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It worked for me. I can understand certain people who are big fans of the books being disappointed from the departures, but I think that too many people in this community (some of them long-time members who you usually expect to be the voice of reason on most websites and forums) becoming completely alarmist about changes from book to TV.

I don't 100% agree with the choices made this season (my main pet peeve this episode was the White Walker just looking at Sam and moving on like he's of no consequence, and I've had one or two pet peeves per episode this season with the exception of the superb "Blackwater"), but I doubt any of the people who have "lost faith" or are "over this show" could have come anywhere near as close to succeeding in pulling off a TV show adaptation of a book series of such depth and complexity while still ending up with something that appeals to such a wide audience as the producers and writers of Game of Thrones have.

Purists, alarmists, and naysayers can all watch something else if they want to, but I believe the show will succeed regardless. Can you imagine how off-the-wall crazy this story would have gone off-track with a movie or series of movies instead of a TV show? We'd have people having aneurysms in mid-post all over these forums.

Many of my friends don't read books for pleasure like I do, and they all love GoT. I love both the books and the TV show, and based on the first five books and two seasons I will continue to love them both until they're all done and over with.

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Awful, absolutely awful. There are so many changes from the book, and all of them are terrible. The Bastard of Bolton doesn't sack Winterfell. The Maester Luwin scene is bungled, and he looks full of vitality even though he's supposed to be dying, and this would be confusing for non-book-readers. The House of the Undying is just pathetic. The conclusion to the Qarth part of the series -- with Danaerys storming the city with a few men -- is absurd. Ghost doesn't intervene in the fight with Qhorin Halfhand; the dire wolves were almost entirely absent this season. Samwell hides behind a rock in the midst of an undead horde, which is goofy and unnecessary (he could have watched from a cliff). Shae is being presented as humane, when she's supposed to be presented as materialistic. I could go on and on.

The excuse that they have to cover so much ground in a single episode is not enough to get them off the hook for this. They could have easily had the Bolton men instead of Pyke men sack Winterfell, for example. They keep taking liberties, and all these liberties are stupid. Instead of trying to translate a work of genius as well as possible to television, they are trying to improve upon it. Predictably, they're failing.

My views exactly. Barely scraped a six this, but only because I look it it all through the eyes of a book reader.

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Gave it a 9.

Good stuff:

- All the King's Landing scenes were handled especially well. The throne room scene in particular was awesome. Also Tywin's horse pooing.

- Maester Luwin - I teared up. What a bro.

- Also the scene with Luwin and Theon was brilliant.

- Theon's speech was epic. Not sure what to make of what happened after that, though. I suppose with the lack of budget and Reek they couldn't do much else.

- The ending was pretty dope.

House of the Undying stuff:

I was prepared for the House of the Undying to be vastly different from the books. The scene in the Iron Throne room was particularly beautiful and haunting. However, I did want to hear the "Three fires..." prophecy. I love that particular part in the books and missed it on the show.

Not so good stuff:

- Jon Snow's storyline was completely bungled this season. What should have been his best scene was the most confusing and disappointing. Ah well, hopefully with Mance and Tormund and co next season things will improve for Jonny boy.

- I found myself not giving a crap about Robb's scenes.

- Brienne giving that guy a "slow death" seemed totally out of character. But unfortunately the writers seem to want to make every character more badass in order to appeal to TV viewers. I didn't have a problem with them doing that with Ned, or Robb, or Stannis, but Brienne? Defeats her whole character.

- Stannis strangling Mel, what the hell was that? I really feel like the writers felt they made him too likeable with his heroics at the Blackwater, so let's show him choking a bitch. Also no Davos appearance makes me wonder if they've actually killed him off.


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HotU was lame! dragons could barely puff smoke and suddenly that guy fully catches fire. The execution of it was my main gripe. Too simple, too quick. Just flat. Why not make Drogon break his chain and fly at his face and then burn him? Make it exciting damn it! So Danny loses all her servant girls now too...

true true!

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I gave it a 10/10, however on reflection it was probably a 9/10 for me. I'm a book reader ( half way through Dance of Dragons ) and loved it just the same. The only thing that was a slight let down was the lack of hallucinations in the HOTU, I didn't dislike the throne room scene and Drogo but i think there was room for a few flashes depicting some of the elements described in the book. The dragons burning Pyat Pree scene was awesome ! Overall i thought the episode was fantastic. :bowdown:

Now all i need is the Blu-ray ! which im guessing we will have to wait at-least another 10/11 months grrr ! :bang:

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