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[Book Spoilers] Quaithe and Euron

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I don't know, I just noticed the line about sailing past the doom of Valyria and made the connection. It works in so many ways when you think about it.

Euron is a character with a questionable connection to the warlocks. That would have been an ideal time to streamline that detail from the books if it were the case. Especially since FFC and DWD weren't written at the time ACOK was but were when season 2 was being filmed. She also said he was sailing past the doom of Valyria which we know Euron has done, and to shadowlands beyond Asshai. Pyat Pree and the warlocks trap Dany/ the dragons while Euron goes to get the mythical horn to control them. Sounds like a plan.

Seems entirely plausible to me.

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