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The only god(s)?


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I know it's possible (a fact?) that there exists several gods in the world of the books but if we, like the characters, should debate which one is the only god, i think that, from the perspective of the reader, it must be R'hollor.

Already in the second book we learn that R'hollor is not just mere superstition. R'hollor is materialized several times and can be regarded as a story-changing factor on many occasions, while in contrast the Seven and the old gods have had little (indirect) to no impact on the story as of yet.

If we exclude Danny and her Dragons i think that most of the fantasy in these books is (by the end of the third book) pinned largely on R'hollor. If every man in Westeros were to learn what the readers have experienced, i don't think they'll doubt who to worship, out of fear or faith.

In ASoS this is most evident i think with Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion, who

should have died a long time ago!! And well of course Catelyn by the end of the book.


Don't you agree? It's frustrating that, for example, the Starks and Jon, being so loyal towards the Old gods, don't get any guidance or at least a sign? While we as readers constantly see Melisandre (and Stannis) harvesting the fruit of her/their devotion to R'hollor.

I tell you, this is folly.

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Hi, I started a similar thread on this board about this. I think we've seen grains of truth from both the Old Gods religion and the Rh'llor religion. I think we've seen that some people can communicate through heart trees after death (Ned Stark to his daughter) and I think that Bran's and the Reeds' greenseeing and warging and all that is rooted in the Old Gods. There's a fan theory that the Old Gods are actually the spirits of the Children of the Forest. I think they might be on to something.

For Jon, I think Ghost is a definite sign from the Old Gods and his warging ability has to do with that as well.

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