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[SPOILERS] RW: Robb Deserved It.

Pope Killdragon

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Something that also vexes me regarding the Freys. Walder Frey agreed to have a daughter be wife to the Warden of the North, not a queen. Though Robb's slight was extreme Walder Frey could still look forward to having a son squire the king perhaps becoming a member of his Kingsguard (if he formed one), his grandson would marry a princess of the North and two more Freys would be wards of the King and could look forward to significant marriage pacts. He then agreed to having a daughter marry his Liege Lord, an eventual grandson being Liege Lord of the Riverlands. So Walder Frey was going to be one of the strongest bannermen of the Kingdom of the North even after losing a queen daughter. He gave that up for what exactly? Hated by virtually the entire North and Riverlands who know view his house with contempt? He trades one Liege Lord Edmure Tully for another Petyr Baelish? He was a fool.

That's only if Robb won the war, which is very unlikely. Roose Bolton and Walder Frey did what they saw was necessary to save themselves from being destroyed. I don't agree that Robb had to die, but I do think he never would've won the war. Even if he went back to his homeland it's not likely Tywin would've just let him annex the North and be king there. In the end allying with the Lannisters turned out to be a good decision by both of them, Roose was named warden of the north (for a while at least) and the Freys got Riverrun, a much better alternative to getting your armies destroyed and losing your seat

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