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How to keep track of Characters?

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I have to confess I had to build an Excel file to keep track of everyone in the books, it got to a point where it took me longer to search the Wiki of the last pages of the books than to read the damn book lol

I finished AdwD not long ago, and now the file helps me not to forget everything during this long and painful wait... :frown5:

Laughter. I did not have a computer or Excel in 1996. I started a card file, on people first. Then dreams. It is pretty large now.

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I'm pretty good at being able to pick up things in the middle of a series. I didn't start watching the series

until season three and like everyone else I was lost. Then I made another mistake and started to look

up who characters were. Big mistake,I got so into it I read more then I should have and read spoilers.

My advise would be to just write down the members of each house with the castle and region.

IE: the north,winterfell,house stark,eddard,catelyn,robb,sansa,arya,bran,rickon,jon snow.

Then you can add other main characters as they come. Like other people have said the appendix

in the back of the books is a big help. And remember if you read the books and watch the show,

they change some of the character names to avoid confusion.

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I am a visual learner - so I used pictures with names, etc. Entertainment Weekly actually printed guides like this every year before the show resumes.

But, you may have to conjure your own visions of what some characters look like. I made my own cast of characters after Season 1 show. As we read, we usually create a mental image of what a character looks like.

My mental image of certain characters was quite unflattering - HBO casts pretty people. I saw Brienne quite differently. And Mance! But I do recall that keeping everyone and everything straight was a challenge!

Before you know it, you will have it all down pat, and you will be an expert!

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