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what do we know about the golden company?

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ok so we know they are exiled lords and people from westeros but how much of it is true? are there other people that haven't even been to westeros? besides how do their weapons and armor look like? after being so far away from westeros can we confortably say that the golden company looks like any other Essos Sellsword company or are they the only company that uses Westerosi armor and weapons...which lets not forget seem to be completely different from the Essos continent since they didn't really seem to know much about plate and full body armor.

what do you guys think the Golden company looks like compared to the rest of westeros in terms of military and style and how effective will these guys be compared to the rest of Westerosi armies?

like for example will Gold Company soldiers have sigils on their shields or chests or just a regular undecorated gear and etc...?

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It's true that the GC has a lot of Westerosi influence but they also recruit the best from the best, like elephants and archers of the Summer Isles. I think their Westerosi identity has eroded quite a bit, but that you'll find that their cavalry and infantry is still dominated by Westerosi influence/soldiers.

They're also better than any army in Westeros right now.

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