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the north remebers

Jon is a Targeryan

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Jon Targeryan

I believe him to be a Targeryan son of Rhaeger and Lyanna because

1 lyanna was capture be rhaeger and not seen again for a unknown amount of time reason maybe 11 or 12 months (conquering westeros time takes a good amount of time + ned had to ride to the tower of joy in the dorne mountains )

2 lyanna was dying when Ned found her and reason for death was unknown probably giving birth to Jon( why did GRRM keep it unknown instead of saying her throat was cut or just been killed straight after she and rhaeger had sex )

3 she die in her bed of blood (reasonable if Jon cut her stomach opening during birth) where most woman have a baby and why leave half of the kings guard to defend her in tower of joy.

4 Also the day Aegon was born rhaeger said the dragon has three heads and there must be another child

So what do you guys think disagree or agree and if I miss anything please point it out thanks

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This topic is now closed to further replies.