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What is dead may never die

Jon Snow (Spoilers)

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Yeah a lot of that is correct, but don't you think that she was starting to think Jon is AAR, she said every time she looked in the flames since she got to the Wall and searched for AAR, Jon's face keeps popping up instead of Stannis.

So I guess does everyone think that is just because she is supposed to warn him about the stabbing or that he is AAR?

Before Dance came out one could argue that Mel might not believe all that stuff she says, but not anymore, not after being in her head.

Mel believes Stannis is AAR; there are several passages that illustrate this. Here's one, from her PoV in Dance.

“The red priestess closed her eyes and said a prayer, then opened them once more to face the hearthfire. One more time. She had to be certain. Many a priest and priestess before her had been brought down by false visions, by seeing what they wished to see instead of what the Lord of Light had sent. Stannis was marching south into peril, the king who carried the fate of the world upon his shoulders, Azor Ahai reborn. Surely R’hllor would vouchsafe her a glimpse of what awaited him. Show me Stannis, Lord, she prayed. Show me your king, your instrument.”

Also, regarding a previous post about Jon being AAR, he wasn't born in Sunspear but at the Tower of Joy in the Prince's Pass on the Red Mountains.

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Raynald had to have known what was going on as soon as he surrendered. He knew that there was some sort of murdering/coup going on, why else would this have happened? He also had only a tenuous connection to Robb, i doubt he was willing to die so that his wolf might have a chance at living.

Not really - he was outside not in the castle where the betrayal happened - all he would have known initially is that the music from the castle had changed and frey men were demanding he surrender his sword - this could have meant anything from a coup to they didnt trust him personally - and even if he did realise it was a coup Nobles were usually taken hostage not killed but when they went to kill greywind he might have realised what it meant and tried to free the wolf so he could get to robb and protect him, no way raynald could have done that alone and unarmed, after all if (probably) robb did not warg him then this is what must have happened no?

And don't forget when Cat first meets the westerlings she thinks that she doesnt like the mother and uncle (neither does greywind for that matter) but robb appears to have become very close to raynald and his younger brother (robbs new squire) 'as if he is trying to replace what he lost' with bran and rickon 'dead' and greywind liked him - this implies a great level of closeness, as does the fact that raynald is one of the 6 nobles who witnesses robbs will, the others are all high lords(and lady), he is a knight, son of a landed knight, robb could have told him to leave/wait outside but he didnt...

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