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[TWOW spoiler] Justin Massey sigil


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Maybe the Masseys witnessed the pact between earth, fire and ice at the end of the Dawn Age.

Definitely water, fire and grass type pact, and Justin will bring back Pikachu from Braavos.

Yeah I only see mazes to, so maybe a shout out to mazemakers or Deep Ones if those are the same.

Also his hair description is very Valyrian, so maybe one of those unknown branches of Targs married a Massey?

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Hi Guys,

It's just saying that House Massey is an ancient house, hailing from Massey's Hook they were one of the first houses to support Aegon the conquerer, as he summoned them to dragonstone before he sailed for kings landing.

If your looking for foreshadowing, there could be some as House Massey was sworn to the Durrendon's (now Baratheon's) of Storm's End back in 1BC but chose to support the dragon over the stag, maybe it will happen again as Massey raises an army in Braavos

After reading about Aegon's Conquest, again, I'm thinking the same thing.

eta: to add link http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/79020-theories-for-twow-round-2-spoilers/?p=6529414

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